Islamic Networks Group - Dialogue As Da'wa

By Beila Rabinowitz and William Mayer

April 10, 2008 - San Francisco, CA - - Islamic speakers bureaus are proliferating in the United States. They represent the vanguard of a new paradigm in jihad being waged by Islamists under the guise of "dialogue."

This emphasis on "legal" Islamism, the stealth jihad has been dictated in part by circumstances on the ground, where many of the most violent Islamists have been either killed, captured or forced to go into hiding, proving that aggression has been counter-productive.

Among the largest Islamic speaker's bureau - with international reach - is the Islamic Networks Group [ING] which claims to promote:

"...religious literacy and mutual respect through on-site presentations and interfaith dialogues to schools, community agencies, and other institutions. With our affiliates, ING's outreach spans the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom...Through the Islamic Speakers Bureau, certified Muslim speakers deliver a variety of presentations to K-12 schools, universities, corporations, health and law enforcement agencies, as well as other organizations..." [source,]

Notwithstanding such high minded claims, in reality ING is nothing more than a da'wa "proselytizing" organization which promotes an Islamist agenda. For example the group was a participant on an "Islamophobia" panel which portrayed Muslims as perpetual victims of religious and ethnic hostility:

"...the so-called, War on Terror has opened the door to the demonization of an entire population, with all too often negative consequences in terms of deteriorating civil rights and other abuses...." [source,]

These sentiments serve to indict the West and are the staple that binds similar organizations and individuals together. The use of the term "Islamophobia" is a misnomer and bears no relation to the meaning of "phobia," a morbid fear or aversion. Its use is a familiar tactic used by militant Muslims who attempt to silence their critics by branding them bigots.

Perhaps the most troubling aspect of these Muslim speaker's bureaus is that the often simplistically biased and historically incorrect representation of Islam they present is done in an environment in which it is unchallenged.

Thus law enforcement agencies, public schools as well as political and private institutions which open themselves for such a one-sided dialogue end up being indoctrinated rather than educated.

Since credibility and legitimacy are in short supply among Islamists, their organizations are constantly searching out authority figures in the non-Muslim community ? especially military or law enforcement officials - to serve as ceremonial figureheads, recruited for the expressed purpose of providing often undeserved imprimatur for the message being spread.

For example ING touts among its board of trustees, San Jose Police Chief Rob Davis and Randy Pond, Executive Vice President, Operations, Processes, and Systems, Cisco Systems Incorporated.

ING's founder, president & chief executive is Maha ElGenaidi. She has forged alliances with the Council on American Islamic Relations and the Islamic Society of North America, both unindicted co-conspirators in America's largest federal terror prosecution.

ElGenaidi recently participated in a Muslim Students Association [an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood] event together with several radical Islamists including Siraj Wahhaj [an unindicted co conspirator in the 1993 WTC bombings] and Ingrid Mattson the president of the above noted ISNA [and on ING's Board of Advisors], the largest Wahhabi funded da'wa enterprise on the continent. [source,]

The Islamic Networks Group is clearly participating in stealth jihad. Its programs offer indoctrination under the guise of education and function as da'wa, Islamic conversion efforts and ING founder, Maha AlGenaidi's associations with groups founded by the Muslim Brotherhood and with individuals with ties to terrorism betray the group's media friendly guise.

Organizations such as this are a dangerous and potent weapon in the ideological jihad because they are not what they claim to be. As such organizations like the ING should be denied access to the educational system and all public and civic institutions.

We call on Rob Davis, the Chief of Police of San Jose, to stop lending the ING the undeserved legitimacy that his presence on the Board of Trustees is providing and immediately sever his relationship with the group.

1999-2008 LLC, Beila Rabinowitz, William Mayer, all rights reserved.