UK's Shari'a Court System Metastasizing At Exponential Rate


June 30, 2009 - San Francisco, CA - - As we reported last October [see,, UK Defeated By Muslim Stealth Jihad, Capitulates To Shari'a] Britain's embrace of the predatory doctrine of multiculturalism, has led to the establishment of a dual tiered system of jurisprudence comprised of traditional secular civil courts which coexist with a rapidly emerging system of Shari'a tribunals, whose decisions in most cases carry the full weight of the law.

Whereas it was believed by some that this alternative legal system of Islamic religious courts would grow slowly, the green flag provided by, among others, the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams, the head of the Anglican Church, seems to have caused the movement to explode in a very short time, with at least 85 Shari'a courts now operating within the British Isles.

Calling attention to this phenomenon is the Institute for the Study of Civil Society [CIVITAS] a UK based think tank which yesterday issued a blistering attack on the Shari'a court system.

"The underlying problem is that sharia law reflects male-dominated Asian and Arabic cultures. It cannot therefore be accepted as a legally valid basis even for settling private disagreements in a country like ours, where our law embodies the equal legal status of everyone, regardless of race, gender or religion. Our system is based on moral and legal equality or it is nothing. Moreover, further encouragement of sharia law, far from helping integration, will undermine the efforts of British Muslims struggling to evolve a version of Islam consistent with a tolerant and pluralistic society." [source,]

The study concludes with the following observation of the non-compatibility of secular courts and Shari'a tribunals, "The introduction of sharia law into this country is a recipe for a dichotomous legal system that holds Muslims and non-Muslims to different standards. This is not a matter of eating halal meat or seeking God's blessing on one's marriage. It is a challenge to what we believe to be the rights and freedoms of the individual, to our concept of a legal system based on what parliament enacts, and to the right of all of us to live in a society as free as possible from ethnic-religious division or communal claims to superiority and a special status that puts them in some respects above the law to which we are all bound." [source, ibid]

It is difficult to view Britain's headlong pursuit of an intentionally factious, Balkanized multicultural society with anything but extreme concern.

As these author's noted in the above referenced piece, "It [the new deference to Shari'a] represents a wholesale surrender by the country which served as the cradle of American democracy, to an expansionistic totalitarian ideology whose disciples can't help but see it as total victory."

With that in mind it's difficult to imagine that if this is not the end game for Europe, it's close enough to be seen from here.

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