Dave Gaubatz Files Complaint With FBI Over Expulsion From 2009 ISNA Convention And Reveals Hate Literature Distributed At Group's 2008 Event


July 6, 2009 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Dave Gaubatz, a former USAF investigator who is now applying that expertise to ferret out radical American Islamic centers and mosques, was detained without explanation and then expelled this past weekend from the Islamic Society of North America's [ISNA, an ally of Egypt's terrorist Muslim Brotherhood] convention held in DC.

It seems that the Council on American Islamic Relations [CAIR] a known Hamas affiliate, objected to Gaubatz' presence at the jihad-fest and maliciously provided a series of doctored photos to the DC Metro Police Department which depicted him as a heavily armed neo-Nazi.

In the below examples, the first picture, taken in Iraq shows Mr. Gaubatz with a sheep herder. In the second picture, similar to the one presented to the police, the image has been cropped to remove the herder and the context, making it appear that Mr. Gaubatz was in possession of body armor and an M-16 rifle, engaging in some type of militia training.

Faced with what seemed like another possibly deranged Holocaust Memorial type shooter, the DC Police briefly detained and questioned Gaubatz outside the convention hall and it was only his cool professionalism that averted the very real possibility of him being mistakenly shot.

Two of the four DC Metro PD units which intercepted Mr. Gaubatz

Mr. Gaubatz has filed a formal complaint with the FBI, demanding a full investigation.

This was not Gaubatz' first ISNA convention, having also attended the group's 2008 event where Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood support information was widely available:

"In 2008 ISNA had several booths with anti-American slogans on shirts, along with pro-Hamas, pro-Palestinian, and anti-Israel garments...It was easy to find DVDs, books, manuals, and pamphlets calling America a terrorist organization and for the destruction of our country and Israel. It was very easy to find material calling for killing innocent men, women, and children in American who did not belief in an Islamic Ummah (Nation) worldwide and under Sharia law...If you wanted Muslim Brotherhood material, this was the location to obtain the intelligence you desired. These type materials were in abundance." [source, http://www.americanthinker.com/2009/07/the_isna_conference.html]

A small sample of the radical Islamic hate literature available at the 2008 ISNA convention held in Columbus, Ohio.

The Book of Jihad

Muslim Brotherhood literature from the group's founder

Anti-FBI hate literature

Anti-Semitic, pro Hamas cartoon

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