BREAKING - Michael Steele Will Chair RNC Chair Says California GOP Insider Shawn Steel

By Shawn Steel, CA Committeeman, To RNC

January 27, 2009 - San Francisco, CA - - Michael Steele, former Benedictine Monk, county Republican chair, state chair, elected Lt Governor of very blue Maryland has won the overwhelming support of members of the California Republican Party.

The RNC chair's race takes place this Friday. Only 168 people get to vote. After months of campaigning, with some rough campaigning RNC delegates are beginning to make public their choices. It is expected that to get a majority of votes several ballots will be necessary. A delegate pledged to a candidate, can change their minds in the next ballot.

Current chairman Mike Duncan of Kentucky, enjoys the support of Sen. Mitch McConnell and Karl Rove. Rove arranged for Duncan's position two years ago. After the stunning electoral rejection last November many RNC members are ready for a complete break with the establishment.

Of the six candidates Californians favor the two African American candidates by over 80%. Ken Blackwell former Ohio Secretary of State and Michael Steele both strong and enthusiastic followings.

Here are the results of the weekend straw poll.

Michael Steele 73%

Ken Blackwell 15%

Chip Saltsman 3%

Saul Anuzis 2%

Katon Dawson 2%

Mike Duncan 0%

Don't know 5%

I worked with Michael Steele since we served on the RNC together from 2001 to 2003. We were both state chairmen. He decided to run for Lt Governor and I helped initiate the Recall against Gov. Davis. Michael ran for US Senate in 2006, in a tough Republican year and earned 44% of the vote. Ken Blackwell also ran, for Ohio Governor. He didn't have much luck either.

After that election Michael turned his talents to articulating the conservative cause on FOX TV and taking over a languid and broke GOPAC. After working hard for a couple of years GOPAC raised over 8 million dollars and worked to help local candidates to build a national farm team. In December, Bill Bennett announced that Michael Steele will take over his Morning In America talk show every Friday.

Michael Steele debates the toughest leftists and never backs down. If elected he will electrify our national party. His speeches are foot-stompers and will immediately energize our activists and allies. He has the charisma.

With the support of members of the California Republican Party I am proud to endorse and work toward Michael Steele's election as RNC Chairman.

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