Protest Forming Around Ayers' Speech At St. Mary's College, California


January 16, 2009 - Moraga, CA - - Calling the event Simple Justice?Not Social Justice, local conservative and traditionalist groups will be joining together in what is looming as a sizable protest against the presence of Weather Underground founder Bill Ayers on the St. Mary's Moraga, California college campus.

Ayers is scheduled to speak at 7:30pm on January 28 at the Soda Center but will be present on the campus throughout the day where he will be given an opportunity to spread his radical message.

We were told by leaders of the Simple Justice?Not Social Justice Coalition that it will, "engage in a day-long educative action/protest on January 28, speaking out against the presence of Bill Ayers on the St. Mary's College campus. We will counter Ayers' hateful ideology. The event will culminate in a march to the Soda Center, where Ayers is scheduled to speak at 7:30pm. At that location we will conduct a vigil with additional speakers."

Ayers, activity as a founder of the Weather Underground included bombing U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon and a New York City police station.

Of particular note, on March 6, 1970 Ayers' then girlfriend Diana Oughton along with two accomplices were killed when the bomb which they were building prematurely detonated. That bomb was designed as an anti-personnel weapon, dynamite covered with pieces of metal and nails and was intended to be used to kill American soldiers at Ft. Dix, New Jersey in an attack against the officers' club.

Given ample opportunity to reject his past radicalism, Ayers remains completely unapologetic and has been variously quoted as saying he wished he had "done more."

It is the position of the Simple Justice?Not Social Justice Coalition that Ayers is being mistakenly represented by St. Mary's as an exponent of "social justice," and that his refusal to apologize for his actions disqualifies him from consideration as anything but an unrepentant domestic terrorist. Event organizers maintain that Ayers' ideology is not only outside the traditions of America but is thoroughly inconsistent with Catholic theology, especially the high degree of value it places on the sanctity of human life.

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