The Depravity Of Iraq's Islamists

Woman Confesses In Widespread Rape/Suicide Bombing Scheme


February 5, 2009 - San Francisco, CA - - Samira Ahmed Jassim, a 51 year old Iraqi woman has been arrested, a suspect in a complex al-Qaeda plot in which young Iraqi women often were raped and then shamed into the supposedly redemptive act of suicide bombing.

Jassim's confession has already been broadcast widely on Iraqi television.

Female suicide bombers have been a mainstay of al-Qaeda tactics recently due to the perception that women are less likely to be involved in terrorist activities as well, their manner of dress with heavy robes lends itself to concealing weapons. Islamic taboos also prevent even cursory searches of women by what are almost exclusively male security personnel.

In all, Jassim is believed to have been involved in the recruitment and brainwashing of over 80 victims, playing off strict Islamic codes of chastity which apply unequally between the genders and which serve as a major force in the degradation of women throughout the Muslim world.

Nicknamed "the mother of all believers" Jassim was especially active in Iraq's Diyala province where the number of suicide bombings threatened social stability.

Quoted in the London Times, Qassim al-Moussawi a Major General and spokesman for Baghdad's security operations stated that the suspect's capture was a major breakthrough, "It definitely has an effect [on the wider security situation] if the person in charge or the recruiter is killed or arrested...Al-Qaeda is like a pyramid, so if you remove the head of that pyramid, the rest of it will start to fall apart." [source,]

According to al-Moussawi, Jassim is a member of the al-Qaeda associated group Ansar al-Sunna, "Our intelligence information and tips from residents showed she directly supervised training of more than 80 female terrorists in Baghdad and Diyala." [source, ibid]

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