VA Congressman Wolf Again Calls For Halt To Repatriation Of Yemeni GITMO Detainees

December 30, 2009 - San Francisco, CA - - Virginia Congressman Frank Wolf yesterday, again called upon the Obama administration to immediately halt all further transfer of Yemeni detainees being housed at GITMO back to their native country of Yemen.

About the matter, Mr. Wolf stated, "I implore you again to immediately halt these releases and answer the questions of the American people about your policies and who you are releasing. They deserve to know...It is inconceivable that you would release terrorist detainees to Yemen and Afghanistan at the same time you are launching missiles at terrorist targets. Please stop these releases."

The Congressman is the ranking GOP member of the House Appropriations subcommittee responsible for funding the DOJ. Earlier this year he offered legislation mandating notification regarding impending detainee releases which was defeated in committee on a party-line vote.

This is the sixth time that Mr. Wolf has requested that detainee Yemenis not be repatriated back to their country of origin. The question of what to do with these detainees looms even larger now with the recent terrorist attack on Northwest flight #253, seemingly with the perpetrator having obtained the explosive device from an al-Qaeda cell in Yemen.

Mr. Wolf has also repeatedly requested that the administration publicly release the contents of the updated Defense Intelligence Agency report on terrorist recidivism.

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