Sorry, Baby...But You Gotta Go


December 22, 2009 - San Francisco, CA - - The headline of this piece was duplicates that of the of a page 3 article in the 12/20/2009 edition of the San Francisco Bay Area's Contra Costa Times newspaper.

It was about culling trees unworthy of life from a grove of more desirableand stately oaks. It could have been a metaphor referring to what is arguably the most despicable piece of legislation since Roe v Wade - Democrat "Health Care."

In holding out till the last for maximum leverage, Senator Ben Nelson betrayed his pro-life supporters and all babies waiting to be born, choosing instead special monetary perks for his state with the same cavalier manner as the tree cutters culling certain trees - sorry, baby... you gotta go.

ObamaCare is about a lot of things other than abortion, it's true, but whereas, TARP and the ARRA have been used to bolster the banks and auto industry, health care money will underwrite the abortion industry - Planned Parenthood - already awash in state and federal funds, not to mention the blood of millions of unborn human babies.

Will this be enough for the population controllers?

Apparently not. No sooner was there an announcement about Ben Nelson's cave-in than Debra Ness, Director of National Partners for Women and Families issued a statement declaring: "[a]greement reached in the Senate today on abortion services would be a huge step backward." Further, "[it] creates anunworkable impediment to women's ability to access reproductive healthcoverage."

The abortion industry will never be satisfied until they control every aspectof human reproduction. Margaret Sanger and her original Birth Controller'sgroup set themselves up to be the ones to determine which human lives getculled from the ranks of the more stately humans and they didn't care howthey did it. The current crop of legislators also don't seem to care how theywrest control of human lives away from individuals and gather it tothemselves. They promise health care for all but the result is universalcontrol of all.

But, make no mistake, this health care legislation is not just about cleansingthe population of so-called undesirables horrible as that is. The legislatorswant to clean up and reform those humans allowed to live.

Over the years many pieces of legislation that have started out as beneficenthave become instead a means of control. The 1960's Elementary andSecondary Education Act has given us sex education in the schools and allthat that created. Title X of the Social Security Act has brought abortionfunding and now Workforce Development which places control of jobs andbusinesses in the hands of government.

The Bush inspired No Child Left Behind Act [NCLB], though a well-meaning attempt to ensure that no child was deprived of a good education, has turned into a further means of government control, government advisory bodies, centralization of education and is now planned as a means of drawing homeless children into the noose of ObamaCare.

Something called the McKinney/Vento Act was added to the NCLBproviding a definition of what constitutes a homeless child for the purposeof ensuring that homeless children received an education equal with that ofany other child. Now Congress is seeking to expand that definition ofhomelessness into the arena of health care which means placing them in thehands of Planned Parenthood for their Responsible Reproductiveactivities co-authored by Sen. Hillary Clinton and Barbara Boxer. Sort of aCivil Rights Act for children.

For the purpose of McKinney/Vento, a homeless child is one who: shareshousing with other people, experiences economic hardships, living inmotels, hotels, trailer parks, emergency shelters or was abandoned inhospitals, etc. and includes migratory children as defined by the ESEA of1965.

HR 4173 by Barney Frank is yet another omnibus human control piece oflegislation. It seeks to reform Wall Street by claiming that it will be theConsumer Protection Act of 2009. This is another 2000 page plus bill,beginning with numbered section 1000 and ending with section 8004.The U.S. Senate with Harry Reid leading the charge has been debating HR3590 a 2000 page guide to controlling the population, but Reid also has 66bills of his own, of which, at least 12 directly affect various aspects of dailyhuman life. And he isn't the only legislator carrying such bills. All these billshave been sitting in committee, most of them since January 6, 2009, justwaiting for passage of this omnibus Universal Care (control) bill.

These egregious bills are coming so quickly that they have now become a torrent...

HR 3253, Carl Levin (D-Mi) Advance Directives Promotion Act of 2009.

Provides funds to states to advertise and expand the use of advancedirectives in end of life planning by amending Titles XVlll and XVlX of theSocial Security Act. It will create hot lines for decision making counseling,promote decision making educational programs for the general public.Lifelong learning may become life shortening learning.

S. 1 Harry Reid, Economic Growth.

This proposes to create jobs, restore economic growth, strengthen American's middle class, modernize the nation's infrastructure, enhance American's energy independence, expand educational oppo0rtunitieus (this is career technical education - school to work) improve affordable health care, provide tax relief and protectthose in great need.

S.2, Harry Reid, Middle Class Opportunity Act.

This bill is what is called a "sense of Congress" bill. It urges the President tosign legislation to improve the lives of middle class families and providethem with greater opportunity to achieve the American dream, meetretirement needs, help families acquire education and training, promotechild and elder care, and freedom to unionize which is further referredto in the bill as providing "fair pay for all workers." In other words one willnot be paid for the work done or how much effort was put into preparing forthe job but what the government wants you to have.

S.3 Harry Reid, Homeowners and Consumers.

Reduces foreclosures, ensures availability of credit for homeowners, business and consumers and reforming the financial regulatory system.

This falls in line with Barney Frank's Wall Street reform bill. Governmentbureaucrats will determine who gets to open businesses, who gets loans,who works at those jobs and who lives where.

In regard to who lives where we refer you to all the Smart Growth,Sustainable Development legislation that seeks to reconstruct communitiesaccording to government elitists ideas of the most efficient means ofproviding affordable housing to everyone, placing like groups of people,economically and age wise together. Senior citizens are already being urgedto move into cluster type housing and surrender their homes to thosewhom the government has declared need them more. I think the clusteringof seniors is more for the advantage of all the community service providerswho won't have to drive very far to "service" all the so-called needs of theaging boomers.S. 4, Harry Reid, Health Coverage. Another sense of the Congress toguarantee affordable, quality health coverage for all Americans.S. 5, Harry Reid, Economy and Security of United States. This will beprovided by reducing the dependence of the US from unsustainable energysources and the risk of global warming. S. 6 is about providing nationalsecurity. This, like most of these are basically spot bills. They are brief, saylittle and can be used at the last minute for amending into other bills orexpanding to include other bills.

S. 7, Harry Reid, Educational Opportunities.

Early children education andafter school programs, advancing reform in elementary and secondaryeducation, strengthening math, science and making education moreaffordable. This is the true dumbing down of America. Affordable doesn'tmean financially. It means sending all students through 16 years ofschooling to insure that the behavior modification stays firmly rooted.S. 21, Harry Reid, Women's Health Care. This 26 page bill is a rehash of amultitude of abortion funding bills over the years. It amends Title X of thePublic Health Service Act to create an education program entitled"Responsibility about Life Act." Even if abortion funding had been removedfrom Obama Care, this bill would get pushed through thereby providing thefunding for abortion. Guess what non-profit radical feminist group wouldbe charged with developing this curriculum and training the teachers?One would not have to legitimize prostitution, all young people wouldbecome volunteer prostitutes doing their duty for their country. Can youimagine your beautiful little girl receiving outcome based education to be aprostitute?

Don't laugh.

S. 968-IS, Harry Reid, Secondary School Innovation Fund Act. According to this bill: "The nation has failed to educate enough students to meetworkforce demands."

Did you understand all these decades that this was the job of education?Was education always meant to be little more than a sausage factoryspewing out pliable, compliant bodies ready for work? I surely didn'trealize this. This is how Harry Reid and others see our precious children,merely widgets in the gristmill of capitalism.

HR 4072, Walt Clifford Minnick, (D-ID-01).

Federal Job Training and Career Education Programs. Requires certain federal job training and career education programs give priority to programs that provide a national industry-recognized and portable credential.

This is a direct attack on home schooled children. If the graduating studentdoes not have the government mandated required mind set for becoming amember of the workforce in a position that the government has determinedis needed, then that student might as well forget about working.

When man attempts to practice the corporal works of mercy but withoutconsideration for the spiritual needs of man; when legislators perceive thatthey can govern men's lives through science and touchy feely psychologyproducing the perfect society but without a consideration of God's plan forman's eternal salvation this is the result. Many countries have lived behindthe Iron Curtain of Communism. We, in America, may well end up livingwithin the padded cells of smothering nannyism.

This is the Christmas Season. This is the time to recall that God haspromised to always be with us. He cannot take his eyes off of us, Hisbeloved created beings. We must always hold precious the understandingthat all, each and every, human being is precious in God's eyes and that weare called upon to be a messenger of that love and compassion to all our neighbors no matter what the government mandates.

© 2009 Camille Giglio. All rights reserved.