Hundreds Turn Out For Pleasanton, CA Tea Party Protest Of Jerry McNerney

August 22, 2009 - Pleasanton, CA - - Even temperatures approaching the century mark failed to dampen the spirit of a large and rambunctious crowd of anti-Obamacare protesters as they gathered outside the district office of Jerry McNerney [D, CA 11] this afternoon.

Though Pleasanton is the focal point of McNerney's district, he is nowhere to be seen, steadfastly refusing to meet his angry constituents face to face. When his office staff was questioned regarding why he was hiding from the people who elected him, they asked that our cameras be removed.

This is the Democrat approach to Constitutional rights, they have and deserve don't.

The participants in the event gave many reasons for being there.

Jane from Contra Costa County said, "What brought me out here today, and what has brought me out here on many Friday nights, is out of control spending and the growth of government...I don't want the government involved in my health any more than it already is."

Dwayne came to the rally because, "I'm going to voice my opinion against what' s going on with the healthcare issue and the administration in general, and I think that what they're doing, by cramming healthcare down our throats; it's a, unconstitutional and b, immoral."

Lori offered her reason for attendance, "I decided to take a stand against what's going on in Washington. I realized that I never fought for my country, I reaped all the benefits of years of others fighting for my country, so this is my way of fighting for my country."

While team Obama meets in a recess war council in the rarefied air of Martha's Vineyard, patriots are claiming the high ground all over the country, turning out in record numbers as the Tea Party phenomenon continues to grow. These people are not organized in any formal manner and they get no help from the GOP; they are simply citizens, both Democrats and Republicans who are refusing to let what Ronald Reagan called the "Shining City on the Hill" be extinguished by Obama's thuggish socialism.

Some still images of the event:

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