Former FBI Informant Reveals Truth About Bill Ayers & Weather Underground's Campaign Of Political Murder

Claims Ayers' Wife Bernardine Dohrn Instrumental In S.F. Bombing That Killed Officer


January 21, 2009 - San Francisco, CA - - Almost from its inception, the Weather Underground [WU] was viewed with great concern by the FBI. As a result, the decision was made to place a high level informant within the group to help keeps tabs on its members' activities.

That person was Larry Grathwohl, a Vietnam veteran and the only publicly identified FBI informant who succeeded in penetrating the Weather Underground, serving in that capacity from August 1969 until April 1970. contacted Mr. Grathwohl yesterday so that he might be able to provide further insight into Ayers' real history, devoid of revisionism.

Though Ayers is currently touring the country pushing a newly authored manual on "social justice" and speaking at American colleges [including the Moraga, California campus of St. Mary's] his past suggests a far more sinister devotion.

For example, during an interview late last year and broadcast on Fox, Mr. Grathwohl made the following statement:

"I was in meetings with him when we were planning to put bombs at the Detroit Police Association building and the 13th precinct and he specified that the bomb should contain fence [heavy] staples in order to have an anti personnel effect."

When asked to provide additional detail about the Detroit bombings, Grathwold said:

"Bill likes to present himself as an anti war protestor and justify his participation in so called "property" bombings as a reaction to the violence of the Vietnam War. He states that he never participated in a bombing that resulted in an injury or death. Absolutely untrue! The instructions he gave to me regarding the bombings in Detroit were specific; the bombs should contain anti personal materials and should be placed when the greatest number of people were present for the maximum affect. When I pointed out the Red Barn restaurant next to the DPOA building would most likely sustain the greatest damage resulting in people being killed Bill responded, 'innocent people have to die in a revolution.'"

As part of the Fox segment Mr. Grathwohl described a meeting which involved Ayers, a "criticism" session, held in Buffalo, New York during which Ayers, one of the group's founders, lamented that the West Coast cell of the Weathermen had failed to live up to his expectations regarding revolutionary zeal and was not carrying out enough terrorist bombings.

Ayers' heightened his critique, stating that it was a "sad situation," that the cell's leader Bernardine Dohrn [Ayers' current wife] had to with little assistance design, build and then place the bomb which was detonated on February 16, 1970 at San Francisco's Park Police station. Police officer Brian V. McDonnell died in that explosion, a victim of blast and shrapnel wounds.

As S.F Police officer Irene Michaud writes about the incident:

"For the officers of Park Station, the night of February 16, 1970 seemed like a normal routine watch...At approximately 2244 hours, a pipe bomb exploded rocking the stillness of the night in the Park District. The force of the bomb's explosion was strong enough that the switchboard at the Hall of Justice was busy receiving calls from frightened residents of the Sunset and Richmond districts...Officers Martin and Arnaud, who were standing several feet from the window ledge, were knocked to the ground and sustained injuries from the flying glass. The blast, which at the time was described by police officials, as the "loudest and deadliest" detonated in San Francisco in recent memory caused Officers Doherty and Buckner to suffer hearing impairment and shock. Sergeant Kotta was knocked to the floor of the assembly room unconscious. Officer Fogarty had suffered multiple severe wounds on his face, cheek and legs from the flying fragments and glass.

OfficersO'Sullivan and Rath were also injured by the flying pieces of debris. Sergeant McDonnell caught the full force of the flying shrapnel, which consisted of heavy metal staples and lead bullets. As other officers tried rendering aid to the fallen sergeant, they could see that he sustained a severed neck artery wound and severe wounds to his eyes and neck. He was transported to San Francisco General Hospital, where doctors attempted valiantly to save his life. Two days later, Sergeant Brian V. McDonnell succumbed to his injuries and died on February 18, 1970." [source,]

Officer Fogarty mentioned above, who recently died, retired a year after the explosion due to permanently disabling injuries suffered in the blast.

The device used in the Park Police attack was eerily similar to the one that Ayers described in Larry Grathwohl's presence, designed to be used against the Detroit POA; covered with heavy metal staples, augmented in that particular case by lead bullets to increase the weapon's anti-personnel effect.

Grathwohl detailed the WU's command structure:

"The leadership of the Weather Underground (WU) was the Central Committee which included, Bernadine Dohrn, Bill Ayers, Jeff Jones Mark Rudd and Linda Evans. These individuals, among others, were the leaders of the WU and were aware of all activities. Bernadine was the recognized leader of the Central Committee and thus the WU and Bill's criticism of the group I was with in Buffalo was more significant due to this fact."

This information has been available for a long time, selectively aired but receiving little in the way of the serious attention that might be attendant a topic of this import in the current political environment. It has unfortunately so far been deemed insufficient evidence to derail Ayers' rehabilitation at the hands of American academia and its cohorts in the leftist media.

In his few public statements since the election of his protégé Barack Obama, Ayers has been allowed to reinvent himself during his book tour as just another "peace" protester, a simple opponent of the war in Vietnam.

Perhaps what is so troubling about this matter, which is now being brought home to the San Francisco Bay Area, is the media's steadfast unwillingness to broach Ayers' unquestioned involvement at a high organizational level, in a series of terrorist acts which resulted in needless death and suffering.

Who knows what the carnage might have been if the Weather Underground hadn't been infiltrated by the FBI and most pointedly, had not the large dynamite bomb studded with shards of metal, that Ayers' then girlfriend Diana Oughton [pictured left] and her two accomplices were assembling in a New York townhouse, not prematurely detonated due to a malfunction. That bomb was going to be used to kill American soldiers at a Ft. Dix, New Jersey officer's club dance, so the death toll could have been enormous.

About that event Grathwohl stated, "Besides Ft. Dix, Columbia University's library was to be bombed. These bombs were using roofing nails for shrapnel."

Given Ayers' level of detailed knowledge regarding what was going on in individual Weatherman cells and his close intimate relationship with Oughton, it's really inconceivable that he was not thoroughly aware of the plot in minute detail.

The fourth estate's indifference in this matter is matched by what now seems to be the overwhelming inertia of academia which has adopted the position that domestic terrorism is a legitimate pathway to scholarship, perhaps as in Ayers' case, an actual enhancement to one's curriculum vitae.

Asked what lessons can be drawn by the time he spent undercover with the Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground, Grathwohl is not reticent:

"The bombs from Detroit, New York and the Park Police Station prove that Bill Ayers is attempting to rewrite history so as to make the WU, and himself, heroes of an anti war movement. Bill never placed a bomb, he instructed others to do so. Like Charles Manson, Bill instructed others to commit the acts he wasn't capable of doing and now he's an accredited professor on a book tour? I know this person and he isn't what he wants you to think he is. Bill Ayers believes himself above the law and his victims expendable. He doesn't even feel regrets about the death of Diane Oughton who was then his girlfriend. Bill's response was to move on to Bernadine, who is now his wife."

It is St. Mary's role in Ayers' current self-promotion tour which is so inexplicable. At an existential level it lends itself to visions of some Through the Looking Glass counter-reality in which Ayers is proffered by a Catholic college as an authority on social justice. In saner times, that would be an odd mental juxtaposition, in this case it is in fact a sad reality.

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