London's Islamist Assistant Police Commissioner Forced To Take Leave


September 10, 2008 - San Francisco, CA - - London's embattled assistant police commissioner, Tarique Ghaffur has been taken off active duty after his boss Sir Ian Blair, commissioner of the Metropolitan Police decided that his continued presence as an active member of the force was harming its effectiveness. While on leave he will continue to be paid his full salary; 180,000 pounds which equates to $316,000 U.S.

Ghaffur, a Muslim activist, has been pursuing a very public legal battle with Blair, alleging discrimination.

As we wrote in an earlier piece, Ghaffur's actions are looked at by many as emblematic of how Islamists craftily use the myriad of questionable, but legal, methods available to those in the West to attack institutions from the inside, with even Ghaffur's ex-wife questioning his motives:

"That's what I can't understand about the way Tarique is behaving. He owes an eternal debt of gratitude to Britain for allowing him to come here, to save him from persecution, and tolerating his race and religion. Yet this is how he repays such kindness. You cannot take all the opportunities that have been given to you, all the promotions, and then not accept that one day perhaps you will not rise any further." [source,]

London’s new mayor, Boris Johnson is supporting Blair’s move, calling it necessary for the maintenance of the police department’s effectiveness.

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