Jordanian Court Proceeds With Action Against Europeans, Charging Blasphemy And Insulting The Prophet


September 10, 2008 - San Francisco, CA - - A court in Aman, Jordan is going ahead with plans to prosecute 12 Europeans who allegedly "defamed" Mohammed and engaged in "blasphemy."

The unusual action targets such critics of Islam as the Dutch cartoonist who in 2005 caused an international stir - and attending riots in the Muslim world which killed dozens - with a series of drawings perceived to be defamatory to Muslims. Also in the court's crosshairs is Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders, a vocal critic of Islamic fundamentalism.

Though the alleged offenses were not committed in Jordan and are unlikely to result in the extradition of the parties named, it is less clear what might take place should those charged travel to countries which don't have the West's tradition of free speech.

Jordan's actions are not isolated however, with NGOs such as the United Nations moving in essentially the same direction, attempting to ban speech critical of particular religions, all of these efforts must be interpreted as part of a master strategy, advanced by Islamists worldwide, to criminalize any criticism of Islam.

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