Palestinian Authority TV Using Disney Symbols To Sell Mass Murder To Children

September 9, 2008 - San Francisco, CA - - Palestinian Media Watch [PMW] is reporting that Palestinian Authority [Fatah] television is continuing to use child friendly Disney characters and symbols in an effort to justify and romanticize suicide bombing.

"...In a new official PA TV studio built for a Ramadan children's program, the smiling images of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Pooh and Piglet are the backdrop for a TV quiz that this week venerated a notorious terrorist...."

Earlier this year PA TV came under intense international criticism for similar practices.

The controversial television programming is part of a larger plan promulgated by the PA, headed by Mahmoud Abbas, intended to stoke Islamic fundamentalism and promote hatred of Jews and other non-Muslims.

In a February 2007 study undertaken by PMW, Palestinian textbooks have been shown to deny the existence of Israel, foster religious bigotry and spread the ideology of jihad.

..."Theteachings repeatedly reject Israel's right to exist, present the conflict as a religious battle for Islam, teach Israel's founding as imperialism, and actively portray a picture of the Middle East, both verbally and visually, in which Israel does not exist at all. [the] Palestinian schoolbooks...[portray]...Israel's founding as a "catastrophe unprecedented in history," "a theft perpetrated by "Zionist gangs," together with numerous other hateful descriptions of Israel as "colonial imperialist" and "racist", compounded by the presentation of theconflict as a religious war, leaves no latitude for students to have positive or even neutral attitudes about Israel..."[source,]

To view an example of Palestinian television?s programming watch the following video.

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