Keith Ellison's Congressional Resolution Implementing A "Global Marshall Plan" Supported By Radical Imam


October 28, 2008 - San Francisco, CA - LLC - On April 3, 2008 Representative Keith Ellison [D, MN] the nation's first Muslim Congressman, introduced Resolution 1078 to the House Foreign Affairs Committee. [These writers have published extensively about Keith Ellison's Islamist ties see for example, Keith Ellison, The Wahhabist Choice for Congress,]

The resolution calls for the implementation of a Global Marshall Plan which will "demonstrate the commitment of the United States to peace and prosperity," stating that it, "must operate within the ethical framework of generosity and magnanimity, not merely of instrumentality, and to be successful and must be perceived as more than a new attempt to extend influence into the world." [source,]

Rather than originating domestically, it is rather a German led initiative funded by companies and individuals, who describe their mission as, "The state of the poor, the gap between north and south, cultural conflicts, security and environmental issues; these are all the problems which ask for an improved and binding global framework that brings the global economy into harmony with environment, society and culture..." [source,]

This plan is also, "the centerpiece of the foreign policy vision" of The Network of Spiritual Progressives headed by Michael Lerner, a leftist, "rabbi" who publishes Tikkun magazine. According to Lerner's website, NSP, "was founded based on three basic tenets":

"Changing the Bottom Line in America, Challenging the Misuse of Religion, God and Spirit by the Religious Right, Challenging the Many Anti-Religious and Anti-Spiritual Assumptions and Behaviors That Have Increasingly Become Part of the Liberal Culture." [source,]

The NSP "version" of the Global Marshall Plan advises:

"It's the best way to get out of Iraq and empower the progressive forces all over the world -- by adopting a strategy of Generosity to secure homeland security, in place of the current strategy of Domination that has led us and others into endless wars and into the fantasy of a war on terrorism that will keep justifying every future war dreamt up by the fearful and the militarists."

This extreme template has been endorsed by radical Imam Zaid Shakir the author of, "Jihad or Terrorism?" [source,]

In an imaginary presidential stump speech authored by Shakir, he said he would use money trimmed from the military budget, "to finance a Global Marshall Plan."[source,]

Keith Ellison's introduction of this ill-considered resolution is only the latest proof that he is stealth jihadi, partnering with the radical left and Islamist forces to subvert the United States from within, in this case attacking U.S. sovereignty.

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