Berkeley Code Pink Out Of Business, Shuts Their Local Office

October 26, 2008 - San Francisco, CA - - Seems like a major Bay Area leftist institution is going out of business. Yes Code Pink the anti-troop, Marxist front group will be forever closing the doors of their Solano Avenue, Albany headquarters.

Instrumental in defeating the Pinkies has been Move America Forward?s [America?s largest grassroots pro-troop support group] pit-bull Melanie Morgan.


About the development Ms. Morgan stated, ?We hate to gloat, but?Code Pink, the leftist anti-American hippies who dress in Pepto-Bismol pink and who tried to run the Marines out of Berkeley, have retreated. We at Move America Forward lead the charge against them when they attacked our Marines. Now Code Pink is having a ?going out of business sale."

Mournfully the Pinkies have declared, ?all the office furniture, display cabinets, tschotkes, and all the wonderful outdoor furniture and fixings as well - not to mention CodePINK memorabilia and merchandise," must go.

Morgan led a series of large demonstrations in support of Berkeley?s Marine Recruiting Center, dwarfing the Code Pink counter-protesters.

This is a job well done and a testament to the good that committed conservatives can do if they work together and refuse to submit to the intimidation of the leftist thugs.

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