Shocked And Amazed - LA Times' Writer Agonizes Over 20 Year Afghani Islamic Blasphemy Sentence

October 22, 2008 - San Francisco, CA - - In an October 22 piece [see, Afghan student gets 20 years instead of death for blasphemy,,0,7466691.story] LA Times' reporter Laura King is seemingly outraged over a 20 year sentence pronounced by an Afghani appeals court on Parwez Kambakhsh involving "blasphemy."

Kambakhsh apparently downloaded and distributed a tract from the internet regarding Islam which was critical of the religion's treatment of women.

Parsing Ms. King's words we offer a few speculations regarding the slant that MSM reporters bring to such subject matter.

First, King uses the word conservative with regard to the Afghani court's interpretation of Shari'a when it is probably far more correct to use the term fundamentalist, as in Islamic fundamentalist. It seems that if the use of the term religious fundamentalism is the appropriate descriptor for those who literally interpret Christianity, then equity demands the same treatment across the breadth of all faiths.

Second, it seems odd that a MSM reporter would decry the Afghani court's harsh [by Wester standards at least] sentencing of Mr. Kambakhsh, since the liberal demi-god of diversity stipulates that we not judge other cultures out of context and by our standards.

Third, since many might view this article as an attempt to cast the U.S. role in Afganistan in a negative light, what might be Ms. West's prescription for the type of justice that was meted out to Mr. Kambakhsh? Should we impose our own Judeo-Christian viewpoint on them? If so, isn't that pretty much what our invasion of the country and smashing of the Taliban all about?

If not, then what the hell is the problem? Mr. Kambakhsh was spared the death penalty, the indicated sentence prescribed by Shari'a in case of blasphemy. Is this not merciful? Does not this indicate progress?

Suggestion, Mr. King and her editors might well consider the ridiculous nature of such articles before they are written, rather than discovering that after the fact.

Perhaps this is why the old media is slipping away before our very eyes, they just can't help themselves from writing in such a transparently pedantic manner that the result is apparent to nearly everyone.

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