Top Dutch Justice Minister In Denial Over Moroccan Muslim Jihad


October 6, 2008 - San Francisco, CA - - The Netherland?s top justice official, Hirsch Ballin today denied that the increasingly violent jihad mounted against Dutch citizens by Moroccan Muslim immigrants is taking place and that it constitutes a major threat to the country's stability.

In remarks directed against MPs in Holland's Lower House - particularly Freedom party leader Geert Wilders - Ballin stated, "The alarming tone of the House members is not justified by any real threat," and added, "It is bewildering to see how the new political movements in the parliament, unhindered by any form of argumentation, continually declare that Holland is going under; and how for this reason they submit motions of no confidence."

The minister's head-in-the-sand approach stands in bitter contrast to the reality of an ongoing, at least 4 year old insurrection by the country's Muslim Moroccans who have mounted countless vicious attacks against native Dutch citizens in many of the Netherland's major cities, including the recent knifing of a policeman in the city of Gouda. [see, Dutch City Terrorized By Muslim Jihadis, Police And Government Officials Cowed Into Dhimmitude,]

Perhaps the seminal event in the increasing campaign of violence was the assassination of Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh on November 4, 2004, at the hands of Mohammed Bouyeri, the son of Moroccan immigrants, over van Gogh's perceived slandering of Islam. Since then the attacks have become common.

Ballin's remarks by no means represent an isolated sentiment, as European officials have similarly attempted to ignore the rise of Islamic radicalism, to the extent that some critics have taken to renaming the continent Eurabia.

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