To The Barricades

November 5, 2008 - San Francisco, CA - - Let's get this out of the way first, we will not be congratulating Barack Obama. His campaign was based on deceptions and lies abetted by a media which has become indistinguishable from that of the Stalin era.

Obama is contemptible and we predict his presidency will be a disastrous amateur hour spent in league with his party, each trying to outdo the other in seeing who can more efficiently hobble the greatest force for good the modern world has seen.

America's enemies can be heard sharpening their knives.

Senator McCain's just completed concession speech and promise to help Obama, "in every way I can," was contemptible in its own way, a travesty and precisely the reason why his brand of Republicanism had either better die or we should save ourselves the bother of running every four years and give up the idea of ever again winning a national contest.

About John McCain, there is much fear and loathing among the rank and file this evening as this is being written, who overcame their disgust or at least held their noses campaigning for him, who only a few years previous had entered into discussions about jumping to the Democrat party, who relished the opportunity to embarrass the party of Lincoln at every opportunity, working behind the scenes to engage in goodness only knows what kind of treachery, so that his beloved media would shine him on.

You had your chance John, we supported you and you let us down?again. Shut up and go away, while you are at it take Lindsay Graham and the rest of your pathetic gang of losers with you.

Because of your selfishness and incompetency a neo-Socialist thug with close ties to terrorists and an oversize appetite for power, will now occupy the presidency.

A special dose of shame should be meted out to the self-appointed beltway GOP spokesmen in this affair, people of the ilk of William Kristol.

In a New York Times piece written on January 31, 2008 Kristol waxed approvingly in, "Thoroughly Unmodern McCain."

"?But his allusion to its coda [referring to his quoting a line from the poem Invictus, by William Ernest Henley] reminds us of what's so distinctive about McCain as a contemporary political figure: He's not thoroughly modern. But John McCain is a not-so-modern type. One might call him a neo-Victorian - rigid, self-righteous and moralizing, but (or rather and) manly, courageous and principled. Maybe a dose of this type of neo-Victorianism is what the 21st century needs. A fair number of Republican and independent voters seem to think so, if one can infer as much from their support of McCain at the polls. But, amazingly, a neo-Victorian straightforwardness might also turn out to be strategically smart."[source, ]

Well Kristol doesn't look particularly clever tonight, his toothy little fox like smile notwithstanding.

In January McCain is the cure for the ails of a new and dangerous century, however nine months later, on October 12, 2008 again in the New York Times - is there a pattern here? - Kristol jumped ship, declaring, "It's time for John McCain to fire his campaign?He has nothing to lose?If the race continues over the next three weeks to be a conventional one, McCain is doomed." [source,]

Treachery, undisguised. Thanks William, push this cretinous bumbler on the party - your dream since 2000 - and then publicly disembowel him from your perch at the traitorous New York Times.

Swell, Kristol surveys the carnage, absolves himself of any responsibility and then ambles back to his office at the Weekly Standard where he settles in, content to write his meanderingly elegant but meaningless prose.

Where is the outrage? It's nonexistent.

Beltwaythink- It's they that lose, we remain in the know, in the loop, still connected, still sucking the teat of power.

Across the GOP political class there are almost no consequences for failure. McCain loses an abysmal campaign, no problem, he goes back to the Senate, ready to once again stab his party in the back, eager to help Obama.

How might he demonstrate his bipartisanship in the 111th Congress, his fealty to the new order?

He has probably already given thought to ways in which he can work with his fellow Democrat Senators on legislation granting amnesty for illegal Mexicans, providing cover for the Democrats so that South-of-the-border Albatross can't be hung around their necks.

Mighty sporty of you John, oh and thanks for supporting our new Supreme Court nominee, that was grand, he was getting so bored serving as lead counsel for Soros' Open Society Institute.

If this is what you want in a party count us out, its over.

We are going to war, get out of the way or you are going to get hurt.

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