McCain Team Savages Sarah Palin In Desperate Attempt To Crush Party Conservatives

November 6, 2008 - San Francisco, CA - - Borne on the unlikely lips of Fox's Carl Cameron, the McCain dead-enders have launched an unprecedented attack on former VP nominee Sarah Palin, in violation of Ronald Reagan's 11th commandment, "speak not ill of thy fellow Republican."

The substance of the charges were expressly designed to play into the MSM's narrative, that Palin is a knuckle dragging bumpkin, a right-wing Christian zealot who is totally unqualified to hold any political office.

As is usually the case with such third party smear jobs, Cameron's "sources," were unnamed, though he gave the indication that the information came from McCain campaign insiders.

Similar charges surfaced a few weeks ago, handed off probably in a similar manner to the usual suspects. Of special concern at that time was the price of Palin's wardrobe, quickly poo-pooed by McCain, his campaign still being in full swing.

Now that debacle is over and there has been no similar tamping down of the allegations against her. This is especially instructive, given the rapid and sanctimonious manner in which he castigated the North Carolina GOP for having the temerity to even mention the reverend of hate, Jeremiah Wright in a campaign commercial.

The best defense that Palin has against these charges, of course is reality, the manner in which she campaigned. Her laudable performance in debate against Joe Biden, where she demonstrated an obviously knowledgeable articulateness delivered with an attractively feminine but still combative style serves as a major counterpoint to Fox's allegations.

In our opinion Fox's willingness to take a lead role in this nasty internecine battle goes far to diminish the network's increasingly spurious claim of being "fair and balanced."

The backstory to this dustup is as follows. McCain must rightly be chagrined by the amateur league campaign he just ran, highlighted by an incoherent message and his performance - a fossilized stiff of a candidate who at times seemed as if he was auditioning for a part in Night of the Living Dead rather than running for the highest office in the free world.

Now that his dream of replacing Bush is el muerte - and demonstrative of McCain's pettiness - he apparently wishes to be kingmaker, mounting a bid to retain nominal control of the GOP agenda, obviously egged on by his RINO buddies - please note here that historically McCain's party ideal has included schmoes like Mike DeWine, Lincoln Chafee, Olympia Snowe and John Warner, legislators who have distinguished themselves for being far more hostile to the party's conservative wing [those that walk the precincts, contribute the money and in turn win elections] than they ever were to the lefty Democrats who now run the show.

All the evidence points to McCain as the culprit in this controversy. His use of what he must have imagined to be a doomsday device against Palin, rather than serving to sully her rising star, is simply another demonstration of what people have been saying about him for years, that he is a toxic, backstabbing personality, out of touch and desperate for some kind of legacy.

If, after this election anyone needed more proof that the liberal wing of the GOP is bereft of ideas, morally corrupt and self-destructive, this episode should serve nicely.

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