Culture War Shocker - Mall Shame, As Spencer Gifts Markets Sexually Charged Material To California Pre-Teens

By Tom Fredriksen, special to

May 18, 2008 - Eureka, CA - - Hot on the heels of the CA Supreme Court's sanctioning of gay marriage, Spencer Gifts, a nationwide mall retailer, is blatantly marketing sexually provocative material to pre-teens in full public view in at least one Northern California town.

The item?

A black and white T-shirt emblazoned with, ?Overworked and Underfucked." The shirt was positioned on a clothing rack placed placed in front of the entrance of Spencer?s store in the Bayshore Mall located in Eureka, California. The complex is owned by General Growth Properties.

Though this reporter brought the existence of the item to the attention of one of the firm?s employees, she refused to remove it, though the item was in full view of children. The size of the shirt was listed as ?small," and one would have a difficult time believing that it was not being marketed to the numerous 10-12 year olds who were in the area at the time of this writing.

Approximately three hours later, two females under direction of Old Glory Radio were sent into the store as a follow up to this story. The shirt was still available and purchased. During the purchase the clerk was cheerful, offering to enroll the purchaser in the Spencer's, "Underground Program."

It is unknown how many similar items are being made available in this program.

Spencer Gifts has a long history of offering offensive sexually explicit material, selling such items as penis shaped lollypops. General Growth Properties, the owner and operator of the Bayshore Mall, is one of the nation's leading mall management companies.

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