Dutch Government Proposes Teaching Islam In Public Schools


June 26, 2008 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Dutch Minister for Integration and Housing, Ella Vogelaar, who sparked controversy last year when she said she wanted to "help Islam take root in Holland," is supporting the efforts of Muslim district Councilman, Ahmed Marcouch, to teach Islam in the country's public schools.

According to Marcouch who heads a district with a large Muslim population, the children are subject to corporal punishment and anti-Western indoctrination in weekend mosque schools. He has called for an investigation and demanded that Islamic lessons be given in public schools under the ruse that there will be more oversight in that setting.

According to the Trouw newspaper:

"...Critics fear that Marcouch really wants to Islamize public education but he gets support from Vogelaar. Formally the possibility exists. The neutral character of the school won't be compromised. If the parents ask for it then the school must accede to the request, just as is the case with Catholic or Protestant parents with children in public school who make a request. In that case the Islamic studies will get a place within the regular school offerings and would be given lessons by teachers who are paid from the school budget. The school inspectors will monitor the quality of the lessons." [source, http://www.trouw.nl/hetnieuws/nederland/article1022842.ece/Onderzoek_naar_lijfstraffen]

Vogelaar and Marcouch are currently in discussions with the State Secretary for Education, Culture and Science, Sharon Dijksma, as to what type of investigation into the mosque schools is indicated, while seeking to introduce Islamic education into the public school curriculum.

Geert Wilders the head of the Dutch Freedom Party has called Vogelaar "totally crazy."

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