Shocked And Amazed...Muslim World League "Interfaith Conference" Descends Into Jew Bashing Da'wa Fest


July 22, 2008 - San Francisco, CA - - Last week's Muslim World League conference held in Spain, appears to have been a public relations disaster for the Saudi government, which organized the event.

Rather than coming together in an attempt to reconcile the disparate factions of the Islamic world, the affair - chaired by Saudi prince Al-Turki - ended with a UAE official urging Muslim leaders to "avoid the company of Zionists."

In this parlance of course, Zionist translates into "Jews," despite the participant's best attempt at semantic gymastics.

As these writers cautioned in AJC Rabbi Ill Advised To Attend Interfaith Conference With Terror Linked Muslim World League the conference participants, which included prominent American Jews, became nothing more than Saudi stooges.

During the conference, one of Saudi Arabia's most senior religious figures, an imam of the grand mosque in Mecca, Saleh bin Humaid, defended his country's ban on churches and synagogues stating, "from a religious point of view, they can't build a synagogue or a church because it's a sacred place for Muslims."

It has also been revealed that the Saudi's have gone back on their promise to the U.S. State Department, having refused to remove extremist textbooks from the country's schools.

"For example, a textbook for 10th graders on Islamic jurisprudence not only says it is permissible in Islam to murder a homosexual, but recommends the methods for doing so: burning alive, stoning, or throwing one off a high building," [see,]

Providing a fitting end to the event and in total disregard of recent history, the closing statement of the conference - called the Madrid Declaration - disingenuously called terrorism a "universal phenomenon," rather than being something intrinsic to certain interpretations of the Muslim religion.

Above all, there are two important lessons that can be drawn from such events. "Interfaith dialogue" with the Muslim world is a sham, an obviously phony process designed to intentionally mislead and present the Islamic religious institutions who have invested billions to enforce Wahhabist/Salafist religious orthodoxy and crush the forces of moderation, as being reasonable and interested in reformation.

That is why these conferences always result in a one-way conversation, an effort to present a false perception of Islam to a public which is either unsuspecting or self-delusional. This is classic da'wa, religious proselytization.

Unless or until those who should know [fill in the blank here, the U.S. State Department, American Jewish and Christian groups and individuals for example] refuse to participate, these faith spreading exercises will not only continue to increase but serve to preclude the very necessary religious reform that Islam requires.

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