The Tools of Ignorance

By A.H. Watson

The good Henny, Sam, and the Judge have crashed and burned. I thought I might end the Journal with a brief observation of the posters at PipeLineNews.

It is often said, (wrongly I believe) - that a sign of real intelligence is the ability of a human to hold two diametrically opposite views at the same time.

Such a statement is little more than glibness carried to the point of sloppy thinking. Such thinking is more a sign of a lazy mind rather than that of the first rate.

One has only to envision standing at the ramparts of any given cause - then turning and firing upon your supporters - to see the utter stupidity of such an explanation.

A first rate mind is molded from language, well taught; a reasonable amount of school education, travel, experience, inquisitiveness - and finally? humor & age. All are not necessary, but each contributes to quality of one's intelligence, and indeed, to the very quality of one's life.

The Pipe, by its very existence, acts as a positive filter in screening out the most dull. Longevity on the site adds to the pot, as those here are able to hear, see and examine views from their counterparts, over a long period.

These attributes allow different opinions to be voiced, studied, accepted or rejected without blind recrimatory discordant raucousness.

There is simply not an 'unintelligent' person on the Pipe. Even my friend Erika, while having some closets not completely full, is intelligent in full measure. I sometimes envision her not unlike a vestal virgin behind the gates of Rome?just before the Goths and Huns played "Knock-Knock."

You see it was the Roman Press most likely that excused the Huns by writing:

"Sin?has been made not only ugly, but passť. People are no longer sinful, they are only immature or underprivileged or frightened or, more particularly, sick. - Phyllis McGinley, Poet 1905-1978

But an even better mind seems to have taken the more foreboding path and saw society for what it was to become.

"Hell hath no limits, nor is circumscribed in one self place; for where we are is hell, and where hell is, must we ever be."Now hast thou but one bare hour to live, and then thou must be damned perpetually."

This last, of course, is Marlowe (no Feral, not Philip? the older one!)

Life gives all a choice of which muse to follow. The rich and the poor; the deep or the shallow; the bright or the liberal, each have their own choices to make. Their genes, their education, their life experiences will govern each. Even ones own desire for attention? (i.e. The Flat Earth Society or the belief that the "Late unpleasantness" is over) can create a throng of unpleasant people.

Because the number of the truly ignorant, the evil, the lazy or the clueless, far outnumber intelligent folk, it is possible to spend a full day in public and never meet or greet a single person of your own ability or perception.

Each day becomes longer. It eventually extends into one's own family? when a nine year old cousin, of some lineage, comes in your home, never speaks, and spends an hour with his nose in some electronic toy, pushing buttons and groaning as it beeps away.

My father told me the day he sent me to military school that I should remember, "A good fifty- percent of intelligence consist of knowing one's own self." "Never fool yourself Son, life is too short, and too mean to those that try."

The high value I place on each of you here on the Pipe comes from years of meeting you - in person or on this magic carpet each day. The inconsistencies, the bumps or potholes encountered each day, if you will, are filled effortlessly with the large reservoir of past experience with each of you?all held in storage for those needed times.

Yesterday I was claimed a racist during an encounter at the grocery store. The strength to smile it off was given me by each of you. When I laughed and told those involved that if truth was racist ? they could color me such.

At the food emporium there were two trashy blacks in front of me it the checkout line. I pointed out that both of them were healthy males in their younger years and they were cashing food stamps. Stamps that other working people in the line were providing through taxes on their own hard work.

Good God? you would have thought I had yelled, "Nigger on Fire!" The store clerk jumped like she had caught a tit in the register. She was black, of course. The two guys, not having their posse with them figured my mouth and I outnumbered them. They all but broke out in a break dance.

The woman behind me refused to address me face on, but rather spoke to the woman behind her (both white). In general she said she didn't understand why whites were so hurtful and racist when dealing with poor blacks?it was so unbecoming and was the reason race relations would never "heal."

So help me, that was what she said.

Never wishing to quit a good thing (by now the Manager was hove up near my aisle), I turned to my black check out clerk. "Do you believe the truth should be considered racist, after all you are the so called victim of my outburst, not those two uncaring gang bangers?"

"Nah?them boys don't care bout nothing, and it makes me mad as well, to see the waste of it all."

"Well," looking over my shoulder, "Tell that to the loud, ignorant, bitch behind me." Then staring down the Manager, just hoping he would say something, I took my grapefruit and left.

I told this only to point out that it is getting crazy out there. Truth has absolutely nothing to do with "functioning" in America. You need look only as far as the Clinton's or the coming political years. Not only has truth become relative, it's best not brought up?even if you are being stolen blind by minorities and politicians. But see, you know all of this. It is the unwashed uncaring public at large that is clueless beyond redemption.

Just yesterday, General Clark spent hours on the various media outlets claiming McCain's war experience means nothing. That such experience is no better that some years spent as a Muslim, Communist, suck up, machine politician in Chicago. Everyone knows this is nothing but an attack trying to neutralize McCain strength - in the face of one of many Hussein voids.

The left media, of course, covers the attack. Then, right on schedule, Hussein comes out and REPEATS the attack ending by saying, of course, he would never say such a thing or approve it being said by those in his camp.

And everyone ACCEPTS this hooey and bullshit - as delivered truth, never pointing out the lie and utter vicious plan behind such statements.

There is much wrong with McCain but "ball'ability" is not one. That is Metro-pussy's problem. Yet, by being allowed to lie without call or challenge, he has been raised to a status above his betters? while tagging them with his own undeniable failures.

Millions of illegal aliens (many more than just Mexicans) flood this country and lay waste to our welfare, medical, and retirement accounts. Unchallenged they have changed the very nature of the nation. They have destroyed cities and are in the process of destroying whole states before this decade is over.

Our only answer?much like the problems with oil on another level? is to state over and over that "such change is the very nature of our country ?just look at our ancestors and the influx of northern Europeans at the turn of the century." It is a lie. Lies each of us KNOW to be such!

Those ancestors came with no guaranteed soft landing, no back up of health or welfare? other that that provided by private means such as church and individuals.

No one paid their college tuition or gave them a new kidney or sex change on the house. They came for the freedom TO work ?not freedom FROM work.

But now, soon - within this decade - Muslim law will govern at least two cities. Federal funds will supply education that contains the demand that all Christians and Jews be killed. We shall do nothing - why nothing? Because whites being killed by Negroes and the coming Muslim hoard is considered P.C. It must be - we have allowed it for years. It simply would not be polite to challenge their "right" to practice their "religion"? even if it means you or yours dying.

Oh I know we say we will gather our guns and fight back. But we won't. You see we will be isolated and opposed by local law, the courts, and even the military? if required. Remember that the "New" America is for the group, not the individual. Some water must be spilled? is how Stalin put it.But worry not - for like the lobster? we will soon be red enough ourselves.

I am prone to melancholy and a darkened view of life - marriage will do that to a man. But here on the Pipe I see some few streaks of hope. Some bright light in a world that grows blacker by the moment.

I read Steady, Crew, Flaps, Big'uns and the clear thinking Wells and there seems some small ray of hope for this belabored nation. But are there sufficient people in the land like them? Can a new Conservative movement be launched and grow?

I think of Wells, and his continual surroundings of nothing but leftist ignorance at the faculty level. Of his incessant attempt to mine gold from the muddy waters of a student body running at flood stage. One filled with the self-satisfaction and self-evolvement. (Kill that man before he "ad jer tizes" again!)

There is Pill walking the halls of the pipe constantly attempting to level the bricks, turning on the lights before we arrive? arranging a meeting between Hitler and Churchill so they, "can talk it out."

And Erika?I have come to the belief that she may well be a artificial intelligence computer program sent to bug the Pipettes. By taking our talking points and turning them into questions she is never required to give an answer - just broil the broth of truth until it is lost in confusion. (Jesus! I am sorry about that last one !)

Charlie: "Lucy see the blue sky up there?"

Erika: "What blue sky?"

Charlie: "THAT blue sky!"

Erika: "What makes you think that is? UP? No scientist would call that 'up.'

Charlie: "Never Mind."

We allow the left to do that daily and never answer back on the News TV, the media print, or even in our political adds.

Last week we all read about the poor Russian model killing herself (If the Russian mob didn't?and I have my suspicions).

Words of her own leapt out at me when reading:

"Do not confuse love and desire,". Love is the sun, desire - only flash. Desire dazzles, and the sun gives life."

"I'm a witch. I don't care what you say!!! I know what it is. I know why my other relationships didn't work out, 'cause I'm unpredictable. Why are you afraid of it?"

"I'm so lost. Will I ever find myself?"

What is the belief, that models are somewhat stupid and ditsy? This one missed her calling. Perhaps it is what killed her. She was a thinking ? intelligent ? caring- woman. She was a woman with the soul of a Russian poet.

Had she found the Pipe do you wonder if she would still be alive today? Before you answer, remember life turns on small things - not large. The TIME you left for work ? where you were at "exactly" ? (a certain day, with whom, or emotionally)

As some metro pussy Episcopal Priest said to me just before I walked for good?. "God is good to all of us ? Just in different ways" (i.e.?Your child is dead? BUT as a featured bonus - "Today Only", You will be awarded five extra years of life and with it? a week of your choice at some failing resort in the Caribbean; " ? "COME ON DOWN!"

Eventually you tire of thrice-watered drinks and fifth-rate comics that could not make it in a strip club in the states, and grow up.

So you put away childish things such as Henny and friends. You stop the incessant smart-assed remarks on the threads of others. You actually try to see through the smoky glass darkly ? give up ? and go back to bed.

I care for all of you. And I know what you have done for me?. Some of you have gone unmentioned Akela, Feral, Noonie and Tom. But then I have always tried to keep it clean here on the Pipe. (Heh, Heh, Heh)

To my Jewish arm man I leave all the upper armpits in Brooklyn and the Summer Catskills.

To the chief Troll - I send my ardent thanks and the burning question?. "What do you do on the other pages?"

Heh Heh Heh

©2008 A.H. Watson, all rights reserved.

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