Walk For Life 2008, San Francisco

January 19, 2008 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - The San Francisco Bay Area pro-life community turned out in a big way today for this, the fourth annual, "Walk For Life." Each year since its inception, this event has grown larger, more organized and more confident. Today's crowd was estimated to be in excess of 25,000, an astounding turnout especially given the venue, San Francisco, arguably the most liberal city in America , sometimes referred to as the, "Belly of the Beast" of the pro-abortion movement.

Relocated this year to an expanded area adjacent to Justin Herman Plaza, the venue overflowed with a colorful, multi-ethnic mixture of good-will, leavened with a not insignificant spirit of resolve and determination.

Faith communities up and down the West coast were represented, at what has come to be a much anticipated day of bearing public witness to the sanctity of life.

Recitation of the rosary filled the air and the refrains of "Hail Mary" and "Glory be to the Father" were everywhere.

There were few signs of counter protest today; those who did turn out were largely self- identified, hard core leftists whose presence was so anachronistic as to be more amusing than threatening.

Totally gone from the march were the few, but nasty displays of public indecency and mindless civil disobedience that had sporadically plagued previous outings. Perhaps the pro-abortion crowed has finally gotten the message that they have lost this argument, with today's poor turnout a tacit admission that the pro-life movement is in ascendance and on the road to victory.

A view from the stage

Catholic media, EWTN was there interviewing participants

The Most Reverend, Bishop Allen H. Vigneron of the Oakland Diocese was one of many Bishops and other clergy present

The hard face of the socialist opposition was evident in a small counter demonstration.

No dearth of takers even here, to this proposition

How will these folks cope with the loss of their object of rage when he leaves office next January?

The future

We are all equal in the eyes of God

Good band, bad karma

Commie agitator doing what commie agitators usually do, an anachronism unaware of his comedic appearance

The American Association of Dry Cleaners was well represented

Protesters unclear on the concept

So much rage...so little time

Pro abortion divas

You can't escape us, we are EVERYWHERE!

Such an unpopular sentiment, even in San Francisco, that the protester decided to travel incognito

Both of the East Bay atheists showed up

Tens of thousand trampled on these sentiments today

The crowd has departed, but the spirit remains

The city stands in mute testimony, never again to be the same.

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