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Many a times going through the day we forget to recognize the efforts of our brothers, sisters, and even children who spend their time fighting a daily battle just to survive the onslaught of deseases in the most poorest of living conditions. HRCP is here to help - When a handout is just simply not enough!

President: Lamyaa Hashim
Email-Address: president@hrcp.org

Vice President: Sofian A Zakkout
Email-Address: vicepres@hrcp.org

Secretary/Treasurer: Syed Ahmad
Email-Address: sec@hrcp.org

NE-US Representative: Position Open
NW-US Representative: Position Open
International Rep. in Amman, Jordan: Muhammad Awad
Financial Advisor: Professor Khurshid Ahmad


Health Resource Center for Palestine is a publicly supported Not-for-Profit US based organization exempt under IRS Section 501(c)(3). HRCP is dedicated to the improvement of healthcare in Palestine and among Palestinian refugees in Lebanon  via charitable means.

HRCP was formed in response to the inability of the Palestinian Ministry of Health to sufficiently meet the medical needs of Palestinians on its own due to its bankrupcy in the summer of 1998. HRCP, therefore strives to help Palestinians achieve control over their own healthcare system in order to decrease dependency on outside intervention. We do this by supporting and funding local clinics and hospitals and serving as a resource for their individual needs. Until such time as the healthcare system is functioning at a sustainable level, HRCP will also be involved in the sponsoring of individual patients in severe need - in particular those suffering from chronic conditions requiring continuous treatment. Emergent situations are also dealt with as they arise.

None of this can be done without public support, (and that means YOU) so we ask that you give generously. Keep in mind that your contributions are tax-deductible (in the United States).

To send funds to us, follow the link for Bank Info. for information you would need.

Feel free to contact us to find out how becoming a Corporate Sponsor could be beneficial to your company.

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Organizations/Institutes that HRCP is dedicated to assisting:

  • Thalasemia Patients Friendship Society - West Bank
  • Palestine Hemophilia Association
  • Ramallah Hospital
  • Sanabel Asthma Allergy Clinic
  • Lajnat Zakat Gaza
  • National Institution of Social Care and Vocational Training (Bait Atfal Essumoud)
  • Palestine Red Crescent
  • Middle East Eye Restoration Project - Lebanon Eye Camp (in cooperation with Rigpe Dorje)
  • MAP - UK (via Promotion of their Medical Scholarship Programs

Mailing Address: 1313 S. Military Trail, # 283,
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442, USA
Tel: 1+(954) 941- HRCP, or 1+(954) 941-4727, Fax: (954) 725- 4504

Sending Letters
Send your suggestions & comments to the following email address(es) Insha Allah
e-mail: hrcp@hrcp.org, or hrcpal@hotmail.com

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