Move America Forward Counter Demonstration Crushes Code Pink In Berkeley

October 17, 2007 - Berkeley, CA - - Sick and tired of Code Pink's constant harassment of the Marine recruiting center on Berkeley's Shattuck Avenue, today Move America Forward landed on the beaches and simply overwhelmed the Pink Panty Waists.

The "Progressives" aka Commies, are not only unaccustomed to being challenged on their home turf, they come unglued when confronted by superior numbers. We felt, and tremendously enjoyed their pain.

Real Patriots Wear Red, White And Blue

The source of Code Pink's angst

Peace through superior firepower...boooyaaah

Pained media types, forced to report the truth for once, that their buds are in the minority

Can we go home now?

Anti-jihad MC iron

Move America Forward spokesman Joe Wierzbicki explains why the lefties are on the run and why's "Betrayus" ad campaign was such a disaster for them

Despite his loss, this Gold Star dad stands proud

Panty Waist Traitors Wear Pink

Who could blame this guy for hiding his face?

Proof that the intellectually dead can walk

Pumpkin version of leftist chic?

Hawking "Revolution, voice of the revolutionary communist party, usa"

Beauty is only skin deep

The Stalinists drive the anti-war left

Code Pinkies relaxing after a tough day on the streets

The hard left and the Islamists march in lock-step

"The world can't wait to remove Bush from office"Nice to know that the Code Pinkies have a rudimentary understanding of Espanol.

Lest we judge these poor fools too harshly, remember this is Berkeley

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Progressive discourse

George Walker Bush has become so integral to the hard left's psychosis, that they would have to invent him if he did not exist.

Code Pink Halloween party costume contestant #1

Code Pink Halloween party costume contestant #2

Protest signs going begging, how embarrassing. Where were the lefties?

How to make even a Martin guitar sound awful

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Tell it to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

Berkeley's phony patriots flying the flag upside down

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