U.S. State Department Delusional If It Sees Bhutto As The Answer

By William Mayer and Beila Rabinowitz

November 14, 2007 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Why the U.S. diplomatic establishment views the re-injection of Benazir Bhutto into Pakistani politics as anything but alarming is hard to fathom.

In the current crisis, which finds Pak military strong-man/president Musharraf attempting to manage his country's seemingly headlong rush towards Islamist madness, Bhutto's presence is anything but helpful.

Fact - The Bhutto family is the poster child for Pakistani corruption, so it's hardly surprising that Benazir Bhutto was in exile because of massive evidence of her participation in money laundering schemes [a charge which sent her husband Asif Ali Zardani to jail for 8 years] before the U.S. State Dept. started its campaign of ill-advised meddling, which resulted in her return.

Not only is Ms. Bhutto corrupt but she comes from a long line of corrupt "public servants," notably her father Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, who in addition to that failing and general thuggery, was executed in 1979 on charges that he participated in a conspiracy to murder a political rival. It must also be remembered that Mr. Bhutto is responsible for putting Pakistan on the nuclear map.

Despite this, in many ways Benazir Bhutto's history is even more troubling.

She is the leader of Pakistan's PPP party, a fact constantly referred to in media reports. However what is not so widely reported [if at all] is that PPP is a hard left political entity. Its motto is "Islam is our faith; democracy is our politics; socialism is our economy; all power to the people."

One does not have to ponder long the Islamist conception of democracy, or the impediments that "power to the people" type leftism presents to the prospects of secular rule in Pakistan to understand that nothing about Ms. Bhutto augurs well as a possible solution for the country's deepening instability.

Fact - Bhutto can't escape her past support of the Taliban in Afghanistan. Her level of support was critical and complete, even to the extent of sending Pakistani troops, after having been elected prime minister in 1988, to aid the establishment of that bloody terrorist regime.

Thus it is comical to observe Bhutto's calculated deceptions broadcast by CNN, "... I can tell you that if General Musharraf stays, al- Qaeda or Taliban people taking over the country will become a reality," which in lapdog media fashion, CNN apparently saw fit not to challenge.

Bhutto's goal in the current crisis is to depose Musharraf, despite his election in October 2007, sensing that manipulated world opinion might support her effort.

In this quest she has found allies in the worst of Pakistan's Islamist rabble, including Pir Sabir Shah a power in the tribal areas who is directly in league with the Taliban and al-Qaeda, who has decried U.S. airstrikes in Afghanistan on the grounds that, "the Taliban are being killed...due to ruthless bombing by the allied forces," [source http://www.dawn.com/2001/11/29/local22.htm]

Before his arrest on Tuesday, Imran Khan, the UK cricketeer turned politician, was slated to join Bhutto's campaign, another sign of Bhutto's Islamism. Khan is the head of the Pakistan Tehrek -e- Insaaf (PTI) party and supports the Taliban. Last year Khan met with the pro al-Qaeda Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal [MMA] and agreed to an alliance with the Jamaat e Islami.

According to a report in the Daily Times:

"The meeting was held at the initiative of Imran Khan, PTI chairman, and was attended by Qazi Hussain Ahmed, MMA president and amir Jamaat-e-Islami, and Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan of the PML-N. Akbar S Babar, PTI central information secretary, was also present in the meeting." [source, http://www.dailytimes.com.pk:80/default.asp?page=story_17-2-2005_pg7_26]

The MMA is led by Fazlur Rahman probably best known in the United States as having run the al-Qaeda camp where a California man Hamid Hayat received terror training for nearly a year, re-entering this country with the intent of carrying out jihad.

In September of this year Hamid was sentenced to serve 24 years in prison.

Hamid's father, Umar [Umer] was also charged in the case and pled guilty to a lesser charge.

From a report by Huma Aamir Malik in the Arab News, "ISLAMABAD, 12 June 2005 - The arrest of two suspected Al-Qaeda agents in California raises new concerns about the existence of Al-Qaeda training camps inside Pakistan, according to a special report for the US and Pakistan. Citing an FBI affidavit, the report showed in a news channel accused opposition Muttaheda Majlis-e-Amal (MMA) leader Fazlur Rehman of running an Al-Qaeda camp near Rawalpindi. It said that Rehman is a fundamentalist, and is known for his close ties to Afghanistan's ousted Taleban regime."

Below from a 2003 interview with Rehman conducted by Pakistan Newsline, in which he serves as a Taliban apologist while clearly indicating that the imposition of Sharia is his goal:

Q: Liberal forces feared that religious extremism would increase with Islamic parties coming to power in the Frontier province. Do you think this is happening?

A: If they cannot tolerate the Shariah Bill, which has been passed unanimously by all the elected members of the Frontier assembly, then the popular sentiment that America and other western countries are against Islam is right. The whole world should understand the realities and respect the mandate given to the MMA by the people of Pakistan. Actually, this is a campaign against Pakistan's Islamic forces, to brand them as Taliban.

Q: People generally believe that the Islamic parties idealise the Taliban and they have recently adopted a Taliban-style system of governance.

A: The Taliban were misrepresented. Their system was an ideal Islamic system, but they were trying to implement it by force. Here, in Pakistan, we are trying to bring about an Islamic revolution in accordance with the wishes of the people who voted for us." [source http://www.newsline.com.pk/newsJuly2003/cover3july2003.htm]

Make no mistake about it, no matter how flawed Pervez Musharraf's governance has been, his actions including the dismissal of Supreme Court Chief Justice Chaudry, his declaration of martial law and program of detentions and house arrests [including those of Ms. Bhutto] are entirely appropriate and designed to prevent the only Muslim country with nuclear weapons from falling into the hands of al-Qaeda.

Unfortunately, at this juncture the United States has no realistic option aside from backing Musharraf to the hilt. It had therefore better adopt a realistic assessment of the threat posed by a nuclear Taliban while resisting the influence of the State Department dolts [whose policies dealing with the Muslim world are fundamentally in error] who believe against all available evidence that a "free" election in Pakistan would not quickly devolve into a radical Islamist takeover followed by a rogue government with its finger on the triggers of as many as 80 nuclear weapons.

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