Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid?s Offices Attacked By Surrender Monkeys

May 17, 2007 - San Francisco, CA - - At 10:30 AM today, America?s largest grassroots pro-troop support group brought a bit of street theater to bear on the Democrat leadership.

Outside Nancy Pelosi's office in San Francisco and Harry Reid?s offices in Las Vegas and Carson City, Nevada, living, breathing "Surrender Monkeys" led crowds of patriots in a protest over efforts by the House and Senate leadership to de-fund the war and hand al-Qaeda a victory in Iraq.

The monkeys appeared to be having a good time, but made clear in a statement released before the event that they took a bit of umbrage at being compared to the likes of Reid and Pelosi.

The crowd, led by KSFO AM firebrand Melanie Morgan and Gold-Star moms and dads enthusiastically gave their support to the troops and the war on Islamist terror.

"The anti-war movement and their leaders in Congress have gotten too far ahead of themselves and they are now going to experience the backlash from the American people. If these anti-war advocates won't stand behind our troops then maybe they should stand in front of them on the frontlines in Iraq and Afghanistan," said Melanie Morgan, Chairman of Move America Forward.

Move America Forward will soon be debuting a new ad that will confront Reid and Pelosi for their "war is lost" attitude and divisive politics, said Morgan, "We're not going to sit back any longer and allow politicians and anti-war groups like to undercut our troops, we?re starting to fight back."

Melanie Morgan KSFO

Iraq Vet Maj. Eric Egland, director

John Ubaldi, Move America Forward

Gold Star Mom & Dad. Debra Bastian in foreground, Joseph Williams in background.

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