By A.H. Watson

The text will contain words for which you may well be arrested if you should by chance slip up and say in public - in this, the America that has been built around a Constitution of freedom - a document no longer in force.

It will contain language that is far from PC, if for no other reason that it saves words, long descriptive adjectives, and phrases of sweetness and light that would hide the frank horror one can find in many everyday encounters.

For example: Just why should black killers of Korean store owners not be charged with hate crime - if whites are to be charged or fired for saying words that not only dont kill, but may well be the best description of the crime?

Why should a black liar, and known accomplice to murder, be worshiped by the media and given any forum, including FOX News, from which to spray his evil thoughts?

Why are they protected from the most apt description of their persons? ?Niggers" - The very same word other blacks know them to be? and call them without criticism?

So, if your family came to America before 1900, or you graduated from high school before 1975 (similar to a present day Graduate Degree), just return to cleaning your navel.

The shame of our present life may well describe the turmoil and disgust an entire older generation of free men feel for the land we once loved - one fought to maintain.

It is hard to be articulate about those portions of our lives mostly thought of as feelings. It is, however, my reasoned belief much we pass off as feelings, are in truth the fiber of our being, as one with us as breathing, or the sweetness of love, as it was once thought to exist in short, our deepest feelings are the connective tissue that make and hold a society together.

If one is to understand why societies fail, it is of paramount necessity that one understands the needs of a successful society. The glue, that both form and hold a society together, is simple. All long lasting societies are governed by uncomplicated beliefs held by a single majority race.

As the beliefs become diluted or additional complexity is imposed, as is often the case, it becomes harder to maintain a cohesive group. Doubts and factions arise which, unless repressed, may easily lead to the destruction or defeat of the group.

Each amalgam of individual families then groups then Nations (of those groups), live by a set of accepted mores and laws.

Headhunters in Borneo have clear rules by which they govern. The taking of a head here and there, is of little concern - other than to the person donating same. In fact, in the present state of the University, I am sure it is mostly taught as a good thing. Deconstruction of the just society taken to its ultimate and predictable end.

Anatole France was misquoted saying..

"If fifty million people say a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing."

Actually, Somerset Maugham said the above but whom ever. It hints at the glue of any society.

Those things one is brought up to believe govern man. They will follow such rules even should they lead to their own death. It is this one trait ? the willingness to die - that gives strength to the social compact. As such, it also gives some degree of endurance to the society over time.

Obviously, monolithic groups are easier to inculcate with those traits necessary to maintain societal norms. You may see this in the longevity of Japanese or Chinese culture. It may be seen in a somewhat shorter form in the English and American nations - both which were populated and founded exclusively by the white Northern European.

It is further significant to note, that while the Chinese and Japanese have maintained their nationhood to a great extent, America and England have, with the influx of other races and cultures unwilling to adapt to the dominant existing beliefs, changed for the worse. New, especially illegal, arrivals bring to the new lands the very same failed cultural fixations that drove them to illegally or legally invade societies successful in their quest for a better life.

Having lost the will to enforce the rules that raised both countries to a height of freedom and compassion never seen before in the brief history of man; both nations, England and America now race to reach the bottom - the position held by the most recent of several nations immigrants. ie: Mexico, Africa and any of the Muslim states.

One need only look at France, the Low Countries, and England, to see the fruits of neglecting one's basic cultural requirements. Absolute freedom is not the sign of a healthy nation or people, but is rather indices of internal rot - a loss of will.

Nietzsche was not completely wrong.

Earlier in Americas history it was required that anyone allowed the honor of immigration was, by law, asked to learn the language and to some degree of the history and expectations of that the new nation. Early immigrants, for the most part, worked hard. They willingly sacrificed for their children's future. In the new America, one with weakened will and little regard for the future of the nation, nothing is required from immigrants, legal or other wise - no implied demands made only excuses.

If fifty million people believe the same thing and they represent the majority (or power) of that society then foolish or not. To those outside of that society those rules will be enforced and society will struggle forward.

The speed of the societies advancement toward a just and civil life depends heavily upon the groups original beliefs and the willingness to adapt toward freedom not away from it as we see so often on the continent and among the minority immigrants to any free, civil, nation.

It is my belief, from years of living, that freedom of action in a society depends greatly upon the intelligence of the group in large. Intelligent people seldom believe, or are willing to follow, the leadership of those advocating evil and unreasonable rules.

In those cases where sensible people do evil, it is usually accompanied by raw power at the top of the society, be it Germany in the 1930's or the Church in an earlier Century.

One need think of stoning ones sister to death for not wearing her burka, or sending one's youngest to the market with TNT wired to their frail body to see the flagrant differences in how man has evolved on this planet.

One need only drive through (walking would very well lead to death!) any ghetto in America or any nation in Africa to see the pathology of the ignorant and low cast of ANY nation. America supplies several hundred thousand dollars for each under class person in the nation. Yet, only a very few use the money to advantage their children's education. Hell, we send free cars to pick them up and the parents, if known, will not even make them attend school.

Every dollar given is spent on drugs, liquor, and gold jewelry. With nothing to do for days stretching end on end, the trash builds in the halls, kitchens and baths of every free house in the ghetto. With men young and old standing around the corner all day and night not one piece of trash is EVER picked up or put in the container standing but a foot away.

And yet, nightly, we are assaulted by TV ads and mass mail demanding more for the poor and needy. Politicians stump from station to station, from stump to stump promising if elected the poor will be taken care of as a first priority EVEN IF IT MEANS RAISING TAXES ON THE RICH.

There is little doubt that man reached his - evidently limited potential - late in the twentieth Century. He reached it - in America after the final boost of the Protestant Reformation. This is simply not an arguable point, unless, one does so for the hopes of throwing sufficient shit upon the wall as a smoke screen - much as is being done daily concerning Equality, Justice, fairness, and all those other many phrases used to iron flat the natural ripples from the fabric of society.

The journey of man, from the mud, to its highest point - that being those remarkable documents, The Articles of Confederation, and later, The Bill of Rights, were the culmination of twelve thousand years of living under various tyrants, and million of lives lost to the continuation of such power.

All of man's attempts at building a working society had been predicated upon his fears and superstitions that led to the complete disregard for human rights to favor instead, those ever changing rights of some dark deity.

The last of such blind fear had been the burning of innocent young girls in Massachusetts by the elders of the 'oh so' PC present day crowd. Then, just recently, these dark unfounded fears and superstitions arose again in these same people. A whole family and their employees were jailed on the testimony of several children that only after a full year of being lied to by state employees changed their mind. The several hundred charges against the group on its very face proved the farce of the whole affair. Yet, even today one of those convicted remains in jail and has been offered release - ONLY if he promised not to sue the state. We have come full circle, and now descend into the bowels of our own dark age - to be ruled by fear and our own, once conquered, weaknesses.

Though Jesus was not the first singular god, his offer of salvation through love, rather than fear, was to make his pitch to the public much easier than say - that of Thor or other Gods of retribution. Even the original manufacturers, the Jews, fell behind the curve for the lack of the ever-popular salvation thru life eternal.

The Mother Church had - for all its good - the one fatal flaw found in earlier Pagan gods. The Transcendental nature of the Pope to God; Believing, not so much that he spoke for god but had become a god.

It did not take Dante or the Medici's to point out the danger of man assuming both the robes, and power, of his God The Inquisition - for those with a tin eye offered ample proof.

Man's move toward organized 'good', rather than burdensome fears, was the unexpected result of the confluence of several actions. Actions that, while culminating in the betterment of society, were intended solely for the benefit of those holding special niches in the hierarchy of man.

Gutenberg's Press made the world, if not a Pope, a full-blown order of bible thumpers, chock full of knowledge and their own ideas concerning God and his relationship to man on earth.

Luther and Henry ll & VIII, settling old scores, drove the stake deep into the Church Universal. Luther by posting the first post'em notes to the church door.

The Two Henrys were of a different cut, Each wanted something from the Church: the land and coin drained by the church from the English countryside, or to keep some Italian faggot from telling him he must keep his wife. Further, they believed the Pope wished the Monarchy to fail. in that a Royal family (say Spanish or French) more subservient to the Pope & church would be then installed. The Pope eventually learned that It is difficult to fight against either religious fervor (Luther) or the stirrings of a Kings loins.

It was this hundred years of religious strife and war; the persecution of the new protestant that stopped only briefly, when, from time to time, the same groups would take to whipping up on the Jews forgetting about the Prots for a year or so. This conflict ground and mixed together the eventual mortar that made possible the best society or government achieved in the history of man upon earth.

To this point in history man had been beset with constraints of power wielded by individuals - be they Pope, King, or Feudal Lord. To question or not obey was death ? swift, vicious, a destroyer of the total family ? no stray genes of protest to fester into seeds of insurrection.

A new society, one with a different view of man's relation ship, not only to his God but also to other free men, could have never developed in Europe; too much water - and far too few bridges.

The advent of new means of navigation, coupled with everlasting human greed, led to the discovery and popularization of both Americas, South and North. How could they turn out so completely different? Such that even today, some 250 years later, the southern half still has little, if any, true democracy.

Into the face of Political Correctness, and the continual demand these days, to minimize obvious differences in both method and results ?be it the Pathology of the criminal waste, laziness and utter worthlessness of the entire city of New Orleans; be it their refusal to work, or even accept a free education; their maddening willingness to sit on their sorry ass and whine continually, yet, never lift a finger to clean up their own yard or take a job. The continual election of the sorriest group of humans ever to hold office out side of Washington, DC - chills the soul in its likeness to our southern neighbors or the distant Dark Continent.

Could the difference be the people that first populated the two lands? I believe so. New Orleans and South America have more in common that either has with the people that came to America and populated the eastern seaboard.

After the partial dilution of one man rule and the development of navigation, the people that came to our shores were, for the most part, people persecuted by the various European powers for bad religious form; Second Sons or other nobility of lesser expectations; or rank adventurers. Each, in turn, brought with them one similar attribute; the disgust and hate of living under the thumb of any man?. especially those as deeply flawed as found in 17th century Europe.

It took a hundred years for this country to reach a sufficient mass of people and, even then, due to landed relations - Kings Grants and the early need for local business to import many items from England (as they intended), many new Americans were only partially convinced that the new land should be free and independent from outside pressure.

Each American should read about the makeup and nature of the few men that influenced and in the end designed and pushed through what became the most fair and liberating document in the history of the world.

In fulfilling that quest remember - that today men could never make a Constitution that America would take up and defend unto death. Most of the signers were intelligent and successful men that lost ALL by standing in revolution. Most died broke and never fully appreciated by those that received the most benefit?. but then what's new about that?

They were a better people.

It also took the vastness of new land, free for the taking and holding. Streams and ocean that ran clear; Waters unpolluted, brimming with fish and crab. This could have never taken place in Europe of the 17th and 18th century - too many debts monetary as well as emotional, and no unclaimed land ? or at least, land defended by little more than small stone arrows and too large a degree of trust.

How many men and their families today can you imagine loading only a few items of necessity in a wagon, knowing that only half of the group leaving Pittsburgh would arrive alive; Knowing, that if you did arrive, you would live in a house made of grass and mud, and for the next thirty years fight Indians, weather, starvation, and lonely death from some simple cut or virus.

I came of age, in 1955, in my 15th year. Yes, young men and women matured earlier in that distant time?they were given serious responsibility early, and much was expected.

While there were many times we were allowed to be young and foolish, there were many areas of life in which we were expected to shoulder the demands of adulthood. We were not expected to lie about serious issues. We were expected to act with civility toward friend and stranger alike; with courtesy and protection toward all women. There were simply no situations where lack of such could or would be acceptable.

Many graduated from a high school where cheating was not allowed by the teachers - or fellow students. Cheating happened, of course, but it was rare - to the extent I can remember only two cases ? both resulted in suspension for a period of time.

From high school I matriculated to Davidson College, one of a handful of schools, which nurtured active student run and enforced Honor Systems. Those schools included UVA, The Citadel, both Service Academies, Texas A&M and a few others. Other Schools had honor systems but many were most often found in the breach - honored in word not deed.

Sad - but later Virginia was to give up the Honor System for a better basketball team (had a player with a fetish for other students stereo systems); Navy & West Point gave them up for the quota system and female cadets. Both Academies were soon to wade deep in murder, car thieves, and just plain cheats.

The new American version of an ?Officer and a Gentleperson."

In the America of the fifties the major differences between the rich and the poor was money. Think, before you laugh. Money was simply a question of hard work, education and some luck, as both the rich and the poor operated with, for the most part, the same moral code. Those on both sides of the coin, while perhaps not adhering to the stringencies of honor, truth, and compassion,?at the minimum KNEW what they were, and that which society demanded from those that wished to be a part of it.

It may well be a truth that the poor demanded even more from both themselves (in sacrifice), and their children. (in striving to complete their education.

Blacks working in the homes of the wealthy, emulated much of what they saw - in their own homes. The black family wished for their children the very same wished by the white ? a crime free environment, freedom to worship their god, and a future for their children that accepted the responsibility of education and adulthood.

The black community was vibrant - alive with black businessmen and succeeding businesses ? at least in the South. Upper class blacks were fully as discriminating against lower class blacks and whites?as was found in the white community. Even today blacks calling other blacks ?Niggers" is a remnant of that very same condition.

Nobody knows ?niggers" and ?white trash" as well as a black, particularly successful blacks, living closer to both than they would care to be.

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