New York Set To Open A "Public" Jihad School

By Beila Rabinowitz

March 9, 2007 - San Francisco, CA - - One might have hoped that the 9/11 attacks would have constituted an "education by murder" for Americans, an example of radical Islam in its most lethal form; so why has the New York City Department of Education decided to open an Islamist public school whose curriculum shares the same ideology as the September 11 terrorists?

Slated to be the school's principal, Dhabah [aka "Debbie"] Almontaser was presented an award by the Council on American Islamic Relations [CAIR, the Saudi funded front group for Hamas and a co-defendant in a 9/11 terrorism lawsuit] and more importantly, the curriculum of her school has been designed by the radical American Arab Anti Discrimination Committee [ADC].

The ADC's funder [and recipient of the ADC's "Global Achievement Award"] Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal's 10 million dollar donation to the 9/11 victims charity was rejected by then NY Mayor Giuliani because of Talal's claim that American policy towards Israel was the reason for the terrorist outrage. Talal has also raised money to reward the family's of suicide bombers.

The ADC is also in the forefront of filing discrimination lawsuits and legal challenges aimed at obstructing the FBI, JTTF and Homeland Security from investigating Arab and Muslims who pose potential terrorism threats. [source]

Six years after the attacks and still no memorial at Ground Zero, instead 2007 will see the opening of the taxpayer funded Brooklyn based madrassah aka "The Khalil Gibran International Academy for Arabic and Islamic Culture."

The KGIA was described by principal Almontaser as a place where Arab American students can learn Arabic, "and have a better understanding of where their ancestors came from."

Moustafa Bayoumi the author of a book about Arab youth after 9/11 aptly titled, "How Does It Feel To Be A Problem?" inadvertently revealed the Islamist agenda of the school when he stated that it should be, "seen as a foothold."

In this sense foothold really translates into ground gained in Islamism's cultural jihad.

In a lame attempt to pre-empt a public outcry, New York City Department of Education spokesman David Cantor asserted that the KGIA, "would not be a vehicle for political ideology."

Cantor's claim is both deceptive and dangerous; the planners and administrators of the school all have documentable links to individuals and institutions with radical Islamist agendas.

Dhabah Almontaser, who is slated to become the KGIA principal is currently the Coordinator of External Programs for Brooklyn Public Schools. During her 15 year stint as a NY school administrator Almontaser [a Yemeni born Muslim] has used her position to promote Islamic propagation projects [da'wa] under the guise of educational programs. [source]

At a 2005 fundraiser for The Council on American Islamic Relations [CAIR] Almontaser received an award together with Ghazi Khankan. [source]

During a political rally Khankan shouted to the crowd "I bring you salaams and greetings from the Mujahideen of CAIR!"[source]

The Arab American Family Support Center [AAFSC] and it's director Lena Al Husseini are also on the KGIA planning committee. Al Husseini intentionally made the misrepresentation that the school is "going to be exactly like all the schools in the city - same curriculum."

However, the links on the AAFSC's website tell a different story.

Under the heading "Islam" a link to the Council on Islamic Education [CIE] opens to a downloadable syllabus for a course titled "Hirabah-Not Jihad" that begins:

"The purpose of this activity is to acquaint students with the concept of jihad. The lesson discusses the distinction between jihad as a principle of social justice, and as a military institution entrusted to authorities in society. Students learn about the categories of illegitimate violence in society, namely rebellion and terrorism, brigandage and other forms of mayhem against the public. Students should be able to:
  • define jihad in its literal and applied meanings, as a principle and as an institution
  • describe legitimate conduct of war according to Islamic law
  • differentiate between rebellion, (baghy), and terrorism, (hirabah), according to Muslim jurists
  • explain how Muslim jurists characterize hirabah, and describe the basis for their judgment that it is a serious, punishable criminal act ."
  • Americans and NYC taxpayers will no doubt be reassured to know that one of their new public schools will be instructing Arab and Muslim students in the nuances of jihad and under what circumstances it can be justified and practiced. [source]

    Other radical Islamist links on the AAFSC website include:

  • The Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPAC) is an ally of CAIR and aims at implementing shari'a via legal Islamism by promoting election of Muslims to public office and governmental positions.
  • The Council for the Study of Islam and Democracy [CSID] is a Saudi funded faux moderate group who have had board members named in government indictments for Al Qaeda funding.
  • The CSID is a stealth Islamist group which claims that the shari'a and the caliphate are compatible with democracy.

    Among the guests at a 2004 AAFSC gala banquet in honor of Queen Noor [a virulent anti-Semite] was Ghazi Khankan, at the time the head of CAIR NYC, Ramsey Clark [Saddam Hussein's defense lawyer] and James Zogby, the director of the Arab American Institute [AAI]. [source]

    The planning committee for the Khalil Gibran International Academy and the school's Arab supremacist agenda promotes radicalization and represents a threat to national security.

    Middle East expert Dr. Daniel Pipes who is "opposed" to the opening of the school highlighted the problem:

    "For the heavy ideological freight that Arabic instruction carries, see "Does Learning Arabic Prevent Moral Decay?" where one learns that some Muslims believe "Knowledge of Arabic can then help the Western countries recover from the present moral decay." (This is not as surprising as it sounds, for Muslims commonly assume that a non-Muslim who learns Arabic is en route to conversion to Islam; I experienced this many times during my Cairo years.)

    Therefore, such an Arabic-language school needs to be established under special scrutiny." [source]

    It would be a disaster to allow New York's multicultural educational elite to join with a group of Islamists in establishing a publicly funded madrassah.

    The resulting school would serve as an institution of indoctrination, with its staff and curriculum mirroring the same ideology as the 9/11 hijackers and given support by Saudis such as Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal [via the ADC] who believe that Americans, not radical Islamists deserve the blame for 9/11.

    Concerned Americans and NYC taxpayers should voice their concern to the New York City Department of Education by contacting Joel Klein at the Office of the Chancellor, 212-374-0200. His email address is

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