Lafayette Cross Hillside Rededicated By Patriots

March 8, 2007 - Lafayette, CA - - As Move America Forward's "These Colors Don't Run" caravan pulled up next to the now notorious cross-studded hillside across from the Lafayette, California BART station, the air crackled with anticipation, a sense that justice was finally going to be served.

Lafayette's garish anti-war monument has served as a focal point for East Bay leftist sentiment since it was created last Veteran's Day, with [the George Soros funded Stalinist organization which claims to own the Democrat party] having conducted a candle-lit faux vigil in January at the site [see Lost in Lafayette - Night of the Living Dead].

Today's pro-troop display dwarfed all previous demonstrations at the location with over 300 in attendance, serving to metaphorically reclaim the hillside for those who support the war on terror and who want to win in Iraq.

The event was organized by Move America Forward in conjunction with the Lafayette Flag Brigade, a local patriotic group. Today's stop by the "These Colors Don't Run" caravan is the first in a scheduled twenty five city barnstorm across the United States, to be concluded in Washington, DC on March 17 in what is expected to be a huge pro-troop rally.

Parents of heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country were in prominent attendance today with the father of Lance Corporal Brandon Dewey engaging the few counter protesters in vigorous debate. He removed his son's name from one of the crosses and accused Jeff Heaton, one of the anti-war monument's organizers of exploiting the deaths of U.S. servicemen for mere political advantage. LCpl Dewey's father also demanded to know why his son's name was affixed to the cross without his family's permission.

The handful of counter-protesters seemed genuinely unprepared to deal with the pointed challenges made regarding their judgment and patriotism by the large crowd.

It was a wonderful thing to experience.

Move America Forward spokesman Joe Wierzbicki

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