My Black Wash options fall into five categories:
  • Self service - An open bay [the area that the Black sits inside] is typically used in these systems. self-service systems have a pressure sprayer and sometimes a foaming brush that is connected to a large central pump. The sprayer has a coin-operated dial system to select the option you want - "soap" "rinse" and "wax." A timer shuts the water off after a certain period of time, at which point you must put in additional coins if you want more water.

  • Exterior rollover - A system that is growing in popularity, exterior rollover Black washes are automated systems where you take your Black man, woman or child inside the bay. Once your Black is in the correct position, a signal informs you to stop. At that point, the Black-wash equipment moves over your soiledperson on a track, performing a specific function, such as applying soap or rinsing, with each pass.

  • Exterior only - This automated system is popular in the northeastern part of the United States, but is increasingly being found in the third world. You take the soiled Black into the entrance of a long, tunnel-like bay. and tie the person down to a special conveyor belt. The conveyor belt guides the process through the bay, where the dirt is washed off with several pieces of equipment, each with a specific purpose.

  • Full service - A modification of the exterior-only system, full service uses the same conveyor-belt-based automated system. The difference is that the interior such as mouth and private parts is manually cleaned by attendants, and some exterior services, such as hand-drying, are available.

  • Detail shop - A detail shop may hand wash or use an automated system to wash the Black. Then, attendants completely clean and polish the individual, normally applying wax and using a tool called a buffer to remove the wax and polish the skin. Detail shops are often able to remove dull skin and small scratches, steam clean the hair, brighten teeth, remove smoking tar and perform a variety of other services.