Irvin J. Borowsky Takes On New Role As Board Member Of Saudi Think-Tank

December 29, 2006 - San Francisco, CA - - Irvin J. Borowsky, a Philadelphia based Jewish philanthropist has struck another blow for Wahhabist diversity, helping to fund and legitimize the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy [CSID] as its first Jewish board member, fundraiser and interfaith guru.

Dr. Daniel Pipes described the CSID as "part of the Militant Islamist lobby…It is well disguised and has brought in all the Islamist trends - giving them…respectability."

The CSID is a subsidiary of the International Institute of Islamic Thought [IIIT], "whose offices were raided in 2002 as part of Operation Greenquest... IIIT has received money and sponsorship from the government of Saudi Arabia, and according to the affidavit has sponsored Basheer Nafi, "an active directing member of the [Palestinian Islamic Jihad] front organizations in the United States." [source]

Among the CSID board members with connections to the IIIT is Taha Jaber Al-Alwani:

"who was publicly identified in an affidavit by U.S. customs special agent David Kane…as a director of the "Safa Group of companies including the International Institute of Islamic Thought…The Safa group of companies also known as SAAR is the "golden chain… of interlocking entitities forming the early support for Al Qaeda". [source]

As a new CSID board member, Borowsky immediately demonstrated his usefulness as cash cow by hosting a fundraiser for his new allies at his National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia.

The cover provided by Borowsky's involvement is not lost on the CSID who hyped their December 9 militant Islamist fundraiser as an exercise in patriotism, billing it as:

"Muslims join the Liberty Trail, How to build Religious Harmony and Understanding in America and the World" at the National Liberty Museum..." "Enjoy great discussions and wonderful hors d'oeuvres while helping to support the CSID..." "By supporting the CSID, you:Educate and inform non-Muslim Americans about Islam..."

Borowsky's role as CSID dhimmi fundraiser earned him an oily web bio which compares him to George Washington:

"Irvin J. Borowsky is the distinquished Founder/Chairman of both the American Interfaith Institute and the National Liberty Museum. He founded the Tent of Abraham in the spirit of the first President in the United States. Mr. Borowsky's work reflects his commitment and unique efforts on behalf of world peace…his philanthropic outreach is a reflection of his interests, resolve and influence…He has inspired, served and supported key programs and projects throughout the nation and abroad that include the Salvation Army, the National Bible Association , Jewish Federation of Charities, Creative Glass Center of America, Police Athletic League, Univesity of the Arts, and more…" [source]

In a recent article "How The West Could Lose" Dr. Daniel Pipes wrote that "Should Islamists get smart and avoid mass destruction, but instead stick to the lawful-political and non-violent route, and should their movement remain vital, it is difficult to see what will stop them," and the CSID, by bringing Irvin J. Borowsky on board seems to be employing that very strategy.

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