Irvin Borowsky And the Center For The Study Of Islam And Democracy, Part II

January 3, 2007 - San Francisco, CA - - In a previous article - Irvin J. Borowsky Takes On New Role As Board Member Of Saudi Think-Tank - we explored how the Islamists at the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy [CSID] cloak themselves in the mantel of patriotism, using the terms democracy and civil rights for effect while pursuing the radical ideal of the Khalifate [world dominion by Muslims] and shari'a [Islamic law].

Last year they added Jewish board member Irvin J. Borowsky in an effort to boast their legitimacy, and increase their operational and fundraising scope among non-Muslims.

The CSID is one of several Saudi funded think tanks operating under the aegis of the International Institute of Islamic Thought [IIIT] whose stated goal is to "Islamise thought" as a means of undermining Western democracies, employing shari'a as their primary tool. The CSID calls this process the forging of "a modern Islamic political discourse."

In an interview conducted by Insight magazine, Dr. Daniel Pipes stated that the CSID is "part of the militant Islamist lobby?It is well disguised and has brought all the Islamist trends giving them a patent of respectability."

This explains why the CSID is using the mantle of diversity, tolerance, civil rights and interfaith as a means of weaving shari'a into American social, political, and religious life

Interfaith is perhaps the most disingenuous of all Islamist tactics, relying on non-Muslim's almost complete ignorance of the tenets of the religion. Most basic is that to Muslims "faith sharing" is a one way proposition, a means of recruiting converts - jihad through da'wa. In this view all non-Muslims are seen as potential Muslims. Further complicating the offering of interfaith sharing as a panacea is that the rejection of Islam is a grave offense - apostasy - and the prescribed penalty is death - converts take note.

The sprit of obfuscation is also alive in the preposterous assertion that Islam is one of the "Abrahamic faiths," thus creating a false sense of kinship and moral equivalency with Judaism and Christianity.

The CSID's push to Islamize America is being carried out beneath the façade of moderation, patriotism and promoting the oxymoronic concept of "Islamic democracy."

A December 9, 2006 fundraiser held at Borowsky's Philadelphia based Liberty Museum is a case in point, billed as "Muslims join the Liberty Trail, How to Build Religious Harmony and Understanding in America and the World."

"Enjoy great discussions and hors' d'oueuvres while helping to support the CSID. By supporting CSID you...Educate and inform non-Muslim Americans about Islam." [source]

The five speakers included:

1. Irvin J. Borowsky: Liberty Museum/American Interfaith Foundation director and CSID board member. He organized the CSID fundraiser and is proving to be an invaluable asset to their Wahhabist backers' da'wa efforts.

In a paper submitted at a 2004 CSID conference entitled "Exploring Shared Values" Borowsky gushed that his museum had brought "groups of students from Muslim and Jewish schools together," who were subjected to day-long sessions where they were taught about "similarities in culture."

2. Genieve Abdo: Journalist for the Chicago Tribune and fellow at Georgetown's Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim Christian Understanding, an offshoot of the Saudi funded IIIT network - former CSID director John Esposito now heads the PABT center.

Abdo is a frequent speaker at the Bridgeview Mosque Foundation whose Imam, Jamal Said was described by Steven Emerson in his 1996 Senate Testimony as:

"the principal leader of Hamas in the United States...who has activated operatives like [Mohammed] Salah."

The BMF spokesman is Rafiq Jaber, also the former head of the Islamic Association of Palestine [IAP] the U.S. wing of Hamas.

"The IAP distributes Hamas communiqués which urge "the killing of Jews...the bloodsuckers...and killers of Prophets..." [source Emerson Senate Testimony]

Both the IAP and Bridgeview Mosque Foundation member Mohammed Salah were found liable for $156 million dollars in the drive by terrorist shooting of American student David Boim [the IAP became defunct in 2005, a year after the Boim verdict].

Abdo is also a staunch supporter of Tariq Ramadan, a Muslim professor who was refused entry into the United States because he was designated a security risk due to his terrorist ties.

3. Abdullah Idris: The former head of the Islamic Society of North America [ISNA] a group whose plans for America are reflected in it's name.

According the most recent issue of Q News - a glossy British Muslim publication - it was Idris who "groomed the new convert president Ingid Mattson to become the head of ISNA."

Lest one get the impression that this was done out of any commitment to female equality:

"It was Abdallah Idris who brought Mattson into the loving embrace of ISNA in the late 1980's and it was he who could not stop himself from exploiting her gender to tug at the purse strings of generous women in order to meet ISNA's ever ambitious fund-raising targets." [source "From the Pulpit" Qnews]

According to Steven Emerson: "ISNA is a radical group hiding under the veneer of moderation" and "convenes conferences where Islamist militants have been given a platform to incite violence and promote hatred."

4. Asma Asafruddin: CSID board member. In a recent article entitled "Of Caliphs and The Caliphate - Setting the Record Straight," she wrote that mainstream Muslims should aim to bring about the return of the Caliphate, rhetorically asking "Should mainstream Muslims today want a return of the Caliphate?...They should..." [source Militant Islam Monitor]

5. Radwan Masmoudi: The Executive Director of CSID blames terrorism on poverty and a lack of anger management skills:

"The loss of "Islam's position as a dominant culture a century ago...anger over such failures has driven some Arabs to terrorism." [source Voice of America]
Also of note, CSID's webmaster [Jani Syed aka Jani Hussain] has terrorism ties. According to a U Wire, a college press release service Syed:

"...was working closely with Sami Al-Arian to complete three research papers. Those papers were to be published in technical journals before Syed, graduate student studying computer engineering, could take a qualifying exam and be accepted into the Ph.D. program at the University of South Florida. But when Al-Arian was removed from the university, Syed said his studies and life were both greatly interrupted." [source]

Al-Arian was the head of Palestinian Islamic Jihad in the U.S. He was jailed in 2003 on terrorism charges and is awaiting deportation. Syed is based in Missouri and also runs several Arabic Libyan websites.

Borowsky claims that his Liberty Museum "...honors...the fire fighters that lost their lives on September 11, 2001."

However, far from honoring the victims of 911, Irvin Borowsky's association with the militant Islamist CSID empowers an organization which shares the same philosophical goals as al-Qaeda.

We urge that donors to the National Liberty Museum and the American Interfaith Institute to immediately sever their relationship with those groups, call Mr. Borowsky to account and demand to know if any of their money has gone to the CSID.

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