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Columbia University Trustee Blasts Khalil Gibran International Academy

By William A. Mayer and Beila Rabinowitz

August 8, 2007 - San Francisco, CA - - Jeffrey S. Wiesenfeld a long time member of City University of New York's Board of Trustees, who also spent four years serving in the FBI's foreign counter-intelligence division, today blasted both the Khalil Gibran International Academy and its Yemeni born principal designate, Dhabah Almontaser.

This represents somewhat of an epiphany for Mr. Wiesenfeld who had previously accepted assurances that the proposed institution - which is scheduled to open in a few weeks - would not become problematic, as critics have been charging.

In an interview with, he stated:

"...based on what I had heard from other people and the Chancellor's public assurance that any polemics or infections if you will that would be a potential for this school would be exorcised or avoided, I was willing to give the benefit of the doubt, despite all my skepticism."

However all of this changed with it becoming public knowledge that at a recent Arab street fair, an organization closely allied to Almontaser - the Arab Women Active in Arts and Media [AWAAM] - was spotted selling t-shirts with "Intifada NYC" and "Future Palestinian Activist" emblazoned on them.

Brooklyn's Khalil Gibran Madrassah Will Function As Jihad Recruitment Center

By William Mayer and Beila Rabinowitz

August 7, 2007 - San Francisco, CA - - It is now clear why the New York Department of Education has been dodging requests by concerned citizens who have been trying to determine what type of institution the proposed Khalil Gibran International Academy will be.

Charges leveled against KGIA by these writers - that it will in essence function as a madrassah, a center for indoctrination not education - are proven by the school's own executive summary [Access KGIA Executive Summary Here], a document recently released under threat of a lawsuit by the Stop The Madrassah Coalition.

The summary is actually a manual for creating an Islamist vocational school, one in which every activity is planned around creating social activists with an Arab supremacist mindset, in the mold of KGIA's activist/principal Dhabah Almontaser.

Despite the New York Dept. of Education Chancellor's assertions to the contrary, KGIA will even bow to shari'a in its cafeteria, where halal food will be served. This is a clear incursion of Islamic religious principles into the public sector, a reason recently cited by Mr. Klein as justification for shutting the institution down.

With a pedagogy wrapped around social activism, the student will be strongly urged to get involved with the surrounding Arab community, within which a radical Islamist sentiment figures prominently...

Principal Of Khalil Gibran International Academy, Dhabah Almontaser Slammed In Expose

By William Mayer and Beila Rabinowitz

July 30, 2007 - San Francisco, CA - - A five minute video [Access Video Here] just released casts grave doubt as to the suitability of Dhabah Almontaser to serve as the principal at the embattled Khalil Gibran International Academy, a proposed Arab-centric public school scheduled to open in September.

The charges directed against Almontaser go to the heart of the debate over the school, which has parents, national security researchers, Middle East experts and advocates of church-state separation uniting in their opposition to the school's opening in Brooklyn.

Almontaser has served in the New York's Department of Education since 911 doing what is essentially dawa work, wearing a hijab so she can act as a "role model for young women throughout the city"- seemingly a clear case of the type of religious proselytizing which is expressly denied in the First Amendment's "establishment clause" - while denying in classroom settings that the September 11 attackers were either Muslim or Arab.

"I don't recognize the people who committed the attacks as either Arabs or Muslims." - Dhabah Almontaser [source]

Almontaser's public school work mandate to spread what is clearly Islamist revisionism has been granted by New York's multicultural educrats because of the undocumented canard - loudly spread by faux Muslim civil rights groups - that there has been huge increase in anti-Muslim hostility since the September attacks.

The proposal to create a public school pushing an Arabist agenda and carrying out much of its instruction in Arabic highlights the absurdity of rewarding a noisy minority group well versed in using the system against itself, in this case to cravenly recycle the 911 attacks, using them once again against the society which has already been forced to endure them...

Hamas Sympathizers Tied To Khalil Gibran International Academy?

By Beila Rabinowitz and William Mayer

July 17, 2007 - San Francisco, CA - - In previous articles the writers have documented why Dhabah aka "Debbie" Almontaser, the Yemeni born principal designate of the Khalil Gibran International Academy, does not belong in the public school system.

She promotes an Islamist agenda, operates in an environment populated by radical Muslim organizations and individuals, holds extreme leftist political views and aims to use the KGIA as a tool of indoctrination. [see Khalil Gibran Jihad School - Indoctrination Not Education]

Almontaser has a close working relationship with Linda Sarsour, a radical Islamist activist with a power base in Brooklyn's Bay Ridge district. Sarsour is the director of the Arab American Association of New York, a provider of social services including immigration assistance and legal aid to Arab community. She along with Almontaser are board member of the AAA's Dialogue Project and Sarsour is the Co-Chair of the Dialogue Project's Interfaith Events program.

Sarsour's association with Almontaser provides an alarming insight into the forces that will drive KGIA if the school becomes a reality in September.

This relationship poses a serious challenge to those who blindly maintain that KGIA is just another New York City charter school, because Linda Sarsour is tied to the terrorist organization Hamas as well as other radical causes. Deepening the concern, the community from which Sarsour operates shares her views as well as her support for Islamism.

In a 2004 piece by Sarmad S. Ali, "Kerry Drew Disenchanted Arabs in Bay Ridge" published in the Columbia Journalism Review, Linda Sarsour matter-of-factly documents her family's ties to Hamas as depicted in the Arab language terrorist newspaper that she is reading while being interviewed:

"As the presidential election grew near, Linda Sarsour sat in her small office at the Arab-American Association in , Brooklyn, looking at the photos of two thickly bearded young Arabs on the front page of an Arabic-language newspaper.

The paper carried fervent slogans calling on young people to become martyrs in the conflict with Israel...."

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KGIA Facts

1. NYC Dept of Education Chancellor Joel Klien stated he would shut down KGIA if it became a "religious school."

In response to mounting evidence that the proposed Khalil Gibran International Academy [KGIA] will become a madrassah, Joel Klein, Chancellor of the New York Department of Education made the following statement at a press conference held early last week:

"If any school became a religious school, as some people say Khalil Gibran would be, or it became a national school, in the sense that it really wasn't an American public school, I would shut it down," said Klein. "I promise you that." [source]

Spokeswoman Melanie Meyer echoed her boss' comments:

"This school is not a tool for political or religious ideology...and we'll close it if it shows any indication that that's what it will become." [source]

[PLN source, Khalil Gibran - Joel Klein Must Keep Promise And Shut Down Religious School,]

2. Dhabah Almontaser is an Islamist and her views make her unacceptable as a principal in any New York public school.

A. She has been honored by CAIR, recently named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation Hamas funding prosecution.

?At a 2005 fundraiser for The Council on American Islamic Relations [CAIR] Almontaser received an award together with Ghazi Khankan [former director of NY CAIR]. [source]

During a political rally Khankan shouted to the crowd "I bring you salaams and greetings from the Mujahideen of CAIR!"

Perhaps Mr. Khankan's record of pro-Islamist statements might provide enlightenment on that question: [PLN source, C.W. Post Caves To CAIR, Hit With Multi-Million Dollar Discrimination Lawsuit, [PLN source,]

"Khankan has declared that "?Jihad? is known in the West as waging holy war, which is utter nonsense." Yet, at an anti-war rally held in Washington, D.C., where a previous speaker "called for the overthrow of the U.S. government," Khankan addressed the protesters by stating, "I bring you salaams and greetings from the Mujahadeen at CAIR." In Yossef Bodansky?s book, BIN LADEN: THE MAN WHO DECLARED WAR ON AMERICA, Mujahadeen is defined as "Those who wage the jihad; Islam?s holy warriors." At another anti-war rally, Khankan was a featured speaker along with Sami Al Arian?After 9/11 he told ABC News that the attacks were America?s own fault stating: "I believe that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Look what our government has done overseas to other countries." [source]"

B. Almontaser is a 9/11 denier:

?The Yemeni born Almontaser wears a hijab - a conspicuous outward sign of devotion to Islam - and has spent years acting as a Muslim apologist in the public schools. She began doing this immediately after 9/11 because she believes that Muslims were the real casualties of those attacks and have since suffered inordinate discrimination and fear because of it.

Almontaser's statements post 9/11 reflect a Muslim-centric viewpoint of victimhood and resentment which will be the sentiment that will be the operative ethic of the Khalil Gibran school.

Through her da'wa outreach work in the NY school system Almontaser has functioned as a 9/11 denier, having taken advantage of her created position as an authority figure to engage in a campaign of disinformation.

Speaking to a group of impressionable sixth grade children in Brooklyn's PS 51 Almontaser stated, "I don't recognize the people who committed the attacks as either Arabs or Muslims." [source]

The least one can expect from a professional educator is an approximation of truth and to allege that those who carried out and planned 9/11 were not Muslim Arabs is spectacularly untrue."

[PLN source, Khalil Gibran School - A Jihad Grows in Brooklyn,]

C. Almontaser blames the United States for 9/11 and likens the political atmosphere in the U.S. to that of a Soviet gulag where a lawless FBI has invaded neighborhoods, using Arab speaking informants to facilitate the carting off of innocent Muslims.

Almontaser?s mindset is confrontational and preaches a cult of Arab/Muslim victimhood, all of which will be reflected in KGIA. She is also opposed to the use of Arab speaking informants to stop potential domestic terror plots before they happen, hence the Arabic speakers that KGIA might graduate will not be available, because of Almontaser's philosophical predisposition - for legitimate national security operations.

?Adding further to Almontaser's leftist credentials is the above referenced, below excerpted interview published by the Norwegian branch of Amnesty International on October 10, 2002. Her statements in this interview are shockingly extreme, having more in common with the ideology of the 9/11 hijackers than not.

The complete interview may be viewed at [].

?President Bush is trying to destroy the United States that I love and of which I am a result. He has abandoned our forefather's ideals of a society of freedom; democracy and pluralism build by immigrants. He is a nightmare."

?We are in favor of combating terror, but that cannot be done by violating fundamental human rights, says Debbie Almontaser (37). - After the terror attacks last year our government has put aside our civil rights and it is particularly Muslim, Arab-American and South Asian families that suffer under this."

?I would love to see a peace-loving country as Norway calling the USA to the carpet, telling that enough is enough. I would like to see Norway taking the risk demanding that USA stops the killings, spreading suffering, emergency and fear in countries as Afghanistan, Iraq, Venezuela and Sudan, she says. - I would like to see Norway show its guts in the Security Council and protest against unfair and racist policies. Stop the sanctions against Iraq; can?t you see that it is the civil population that suffers?"

?This is my South Asian neighborhood; Debbie says proud and continues in a more serious manner. - About 80 people were arrested here just after September 11 last year, no one knows why. And they still observe us, a little while ago the FBI infiltrated our community, people speaking Arabic were spying on us. That has lead to new detentions."

?The harassment has decreased. - The tendency in New York is that people embrace their Muslim and Arab neighbors. However, the same cannot be said about the American government?s policy, that fuels up under prejudice and mistrust towards every person with origin in the Middle East or Southeast Asia, Debbie thinks."

?Earlier you could be arrested for being black and driving a car, now it has become a crime to fly when you are brown. I believe a lot of Arab Americans have realized that we are in the same boat as the black Americans; we must learn from their experiences and struggle against racism. I have realized that our foreign policy is racist; in the "war against terror" people of color are the target."

Why do you think terrorists attacked the USA?

?A year ago I could not answer such a question. To me it was just impossible to comprehend how someone could do such terrible, totally sick atrocities. Many said they were not surprised that terrorists attacked the US. That hurt me deeply. Today I believe that the terrorist attacks can have been triggered by the way the USA breaks its promises with countries across the world, especially in the Middle East and the fact that it has not been a fair mediator with its foreign policy. It is not true that the people in the Middle East and Southeast Asia hate our lifestyle, our freedom and our democracy. What disturbs them is that we in order to secure our own well being, deprive them of the possibility of achieving the same high living standard and freedom of choice that we have in the western world. Terror is the last resource of a desperate and oppressed people, but that does not mean that it is acceptable. People who do terrorist acts have lost the sense of right and wrong, each individual committing such acts should be punished with the maximum extent of the law. Only Allah is entitled to take lives.

[PLN source, The Dangerous Leftism Of Dhabah Almontaser,]

3. Almontaser opposes use of Arabic speaking informants in domestice terror cases.

As head of KGIA Ms. Almontaser will oppose using the Arabic language skill acquired there to inform on and break up domestic terror plots and staff key national security institutions.

"a little while ago the FBI infiltrated our community, people speaking Arabic were spying on us. That has lead to new detentions."

Ms. Almontaser decried the prosecution and conviction of domestic terrorist Shahawar Matin Siraj in a plot to bomb the 34th Street Subway station in New York, on the grounds of it reeking of "FBI tactics," her code phrase for using Arabic speaking undercover agents. [PLN source,]"

4. Organizations and individuals sponsoring KGIA such as the AAFSC harbor extremist views, as do Almontaser?s associates.

A. AAFSCThe Arab American Family Support Center is the key non-academic player in the push to establish KGIA, "AAFSC plays an important role in the school." [source AAFSC website,]

?The Arab American Family Support Center [AAFSC] and it's director Lena Al Husseini are also on the KGIA planning committee. Al Husseini intentionally made the misrepresentation that the school is "going to be exactly like all the schools in the city - same curriculum."

However, the links on the AAFSC's [] website tell a different story.

Under the heading "Islam" a link to the Council on Islamic Education [CIE] opens to a downloadable syllabus for a course titled "Hirabah-Not Jihad" that begins:

"The purpose of this activity is to acquaint students with the concept of jihad. The lesson discusses the distinction between jihad as a principle of social justice, and as a military institution entrusted to authorities in society. Students learn about the categories of illegitimate violence in society, namely rebellion and terrorism, brigandage and other forms of mayhem against the public. Students should be able to:

  • define jihad in its literal and applied meanings, as a principle and as an institution

  • describe legitimate conduct of war according to Islamic law

  • differentiate between rebellion, (baghy), and terrorism, (hirabah), according to Muslim jurists

  • explain how Muslim jurists characterize hirabah, and describe the basis for their judgment that it is a serious, punishable criminal act " [source]
  • Americans and NYC taxpayers will no doubt be reassured to know that one of their new public schools will be instructing Arab and Muslim students in the nuances of jihad and under what circumstances it can be justified and practiced.

    B. Shamsi [Syamsi] Ali

    Imam Shamsi [Syamsi] Ali is member of the KGIA advisory board?Ali's idea of good intentions involves promoting jihad by groups like the al-Qaeda linked Islamic Circle of North America [ICNA] at whose conferences and youth camps [referred to, pre-9/11 as "jihad camps"] he lectures.

    In 2006 Ali was one of the speakers at a Muslim Youth camp near Philadelphia together with

    Mazen Mokhtar of the masjid Al-Huda of New Brunswick, New Jersey.

    Mokhtar, was accused of helping British al-Qaeda operative Babar Ahmad to create backup copies of the jihadist website. Court papers stated that the administrators of that website aimed to "solicit funds for blocked organizations, namely the Taliban and the Chechen Mujahideen, in an effort to support their goals."

    C. ADC

    The KGIA is tied to the American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee [ADC] a radical Islamist organization, through Ahmad Jaber, M.D. Jaber is a senior attending physician at the Lutheran Medical Center which is one of the collaborating partners of the AAFSC. He implemented a halal program and opened a mosque there. He sits on the board of two mosques.

    About the ADC, Dr. Daniel Pipes observed in a March 10 entry in his weblog:

    "the school [KGIA] was designed in part by the American-Arab Anti Discrimination Committee (ADC). Need one say more?...ADC includes a motley collection of leftist and Islamist extremists?this?confirms my worries about it." [source]

    - 30 -

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