World Assembly of Muslim Youth - WAMY - Operation Fits New UK Terror Model

By Beila Rabinowitz - Director & William A. Mayer - E&P

October 20, 2006 - San Francisco, CA - - Indicating the more serious nature of America's approach to Islamist terror, WAMY's U.S. operations - as opposed to those centered in the UK - have been shut down.

As a result, Britain is now facing the consequences of enabling Islamists.

In 2004 the offices of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth in Virginia were raided by 50 agents from the FBI and affiliated law enforcement agencies. WAMY's Falls Church Virginia offices had been incorporated in 1992 by Osama bin-Laden's nephew Abdullah.

When the branch moved to Alexandria, VA, Abdullah bin-Laden was listed as president and was so through 2002. Bin-Laden's name continued to appear on WAMY's tax forms until 1998.

WAMY publications have singled out for admiration, terrorists who attacked Israelis. One in particular lists a man who drove 14 bus passengers off a cliff as a member of the "Heroes from Palestine."

According to a Washington Post June 2, 2004 article, a federal affidavit alleges that WAMY has ties to Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist group.

After the raid WAMY issued a statement cynically comparing themselves to the YMCA, saying their focus was on "youth education, youth development and serving the Muslim community."

This is exactly the model that has alarmingly been employed in the UK, as detailed in our piece UK In Mortal Danger As Al-Qaeda Sleeper Cells Proliferate, which finds that al-Qaeda has seized upon a "youth group" model that seeks to identify and inculcate into the terror process impressionable young people.

The shutting down of WAMY's Virginia operations as a terror enterprise, has not hindered its proliferation overseas, according to their website:

"WAMY is the first 'International Islamic Organisation' dealing specially with youth affairs embracing over 450 Islamic youth/ students organization in the five continents."

Though funded by the Wahhabists and based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia WAMY is flourishing in the UK where it still legally operates. Its London offices are located in the heart of the city where they pursue an "Islamic [read Islamist] Future." also the name of their monthly magazine.

Regarding the July 7, 2005 London terror bombing plot, the UK's counter terrorism establishment views Mohammed Siddique Khan as the dominant senior planner.

Khan a Pakistani, was employed as a primary school teacher for four years in a London suburb [Beeston] and using the newly discovered and above referenced "youth model" template, he identified, mentored and cultivated the three younger men in his terror cell. He also served as a go-between, providing liaison services between the UK and al-Qaeda operatives in Pakistan.

Khan therefore used his father figure status among the disenfranchised to seek, identify, radicalize and ultimately manipulate susceptible Muslim youth with the purpose of building the terrorist network which resulted in the death of 56 and the wounding of over 700 Londoners.

Given WAMY's proven ties to al-Qaeda [a direct link to bin-Laden's nephew], its Islamist philosophy and long history of supporting violence and "martyrdom," one must view as extremely suspect its entire youth based facade.

We see WAMY as a clear and present danger to the West and therefore recommend shutting it down immediately. At the same time its ties to the international Islamist terror network must be pursued and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

©1999-2006 Beila Rabinowitz, William A. Mayer/, all rights reserved.