Claimed Terror Links Support Hogan In Florida Free Speech Controversy

November 10, 2006 - San Francisco, CA - -, an important counter-terrorism resource has through its director Beila Rabinowitz, issued the following press release, "The Council on American Islamic Relations, CAIR [a Saudi funded front group for Hamas, and a defendant in a 9/11 terrorism lawsuit [source,] has demanded that Florida governor Jeb Bush force Hernando City Commissioner Tom Hogan to resign, after Hogan's wife wrote a letter to a local newspaper protesting the use of taxpayer funding and resources to help with Ramadan celebration at a mosque on Barclay Avenue in Hernando.

The manufactured outrage over the Hogan's critique of Islam is reminiscent of the Koran flush hoax and the orgy of "infidel bashing" which followed.

Eclipsed in this matter is the fact that the group which called for Mr. Hogan to resign, as well as the local mosque at the center of this controversy are both tied to terrorism [source,]

The facts of this case are:

1. The Mosque at 6307 Barclay Avenue in Hernando is owned by the North American Islamic Trust, a Wahhabist institution which advocates the implementation of Shari 'a law in the United States. Another local NAIT employee, who ran a mosque and the Islamic Academy elementary school in Tampa was Sami Al Arian, who is in jail awaiting deportation on terrorism charges,

2. One of the founders and prayer leaders of the Barclay mosque is Imad Tarabishy, who is also a board member and trustee of NAIT.

3. Imad Tarabishy is listed as a director of the Islamic Foundation of the Tampa Area, along with two other directors, both based in Saudi Arabia.

4. According to testimony presented by The Investigative Project at a government hearing, Imad Tarabishy has given $76,000 to Benevolence International Foundation [BIF] a group directly tied to bin-Laden and the Global Relief Foundation a subsidiary of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

5. Imad Tarabishy is also the registered agent in Florida for Bright International Ltd. a "foreign non profit." BIL's director Assadullah Farahmand, heads The Afghanistan Information and Rehabilitation Bureau (Masjid) in Don Mills Ontario, Canada which is connected to Benevolence International and al-Qaeda.

According to the McKenzie Institute, a terror information clearinghouse:

"The Benevolence International Fund was active in raising funds in Canada (from its offices in Ottawa, Waterloo, and Mississauga, Ontario) to send to its representatives in the war zones in Bosnia, Chechnya, the Kashmir and to Israel and the West Bank - all areas where Muslim fundamentalists are active…director, Enaam Arnaout (aka A. Mahmoud and A. Samia) was arrested in April 2002 and charged with perjury and supporting terrorists."

We therefore call upon Governor Jeb Bush, Mayor Charlie Crist and Congressman Jim Davis to uphold the Hogan's right to free speech and support a thorough investigation of the terror ties of the Barclay Avenue mosque and the Council on American Islamic Relations."

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