IAEA & New York Times Hook Up Again On Pre-Election Caper

November 3, 2006 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - Like clockwork, the UN's meddlesome International Atomic Energy Agency [IAEA] led by the blatantly political Egyptian, Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei has once again entered the American electoral process working not so covertly behind the scenes to create a non-controversy which nonetheless sounds scary enough to be exploitable by the New York Times.

That the lefty American media is once again working with and at the behest of ElBaradei to effect U.S. elections is nothing new.

Consider mid-October 2004 - two weeks ahead of a presidential election - when the IAEA floated the specious story of Iraqi nuke technology possibly making its way into the hands of terrorists.

One of the hundreds of newspapers to cover the allegation was the Christian Science Monitor whose October 13, 2004 headline read, "Missing Iraq technology raises alarm - The UN's nuclear watchdog says key equipment has disappeared, heightening concern about proliferation."

Called upon in the CS piece to certify the "seriousness" of this supposed security breach was Jon Wolfsthal, a lefty working unsurprisingly as a "proliferation expert" at the lefty Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

"It's very troubling that any of this stuff should be unprotected, let alone go missing," says Mr. Wolfsthal. "If one of these things went missing in the US, there would be a massive criminal investigation ... and people going to jail."

Yes Wolfie, it was very troubling except for the small complication that this incident never happened. There was never a "there" to this story, never the establishment of a manifest of equipment and or materials having been provably present at location "A" then mysteriously disappearing under the watch of the Coalition.

Ten days after the above experiment in journalistic sleight-of-hand and nearly on the eve of the election another IAEA leaked story, "Huge Cache of Explosives Vanished From Site in Iraq," by James Glanz, William J. Broad and David E. Sanger surfaced, on October 25, 2004.

Promoted via the ad-hoc troika of evil - New York Times, CBS News's 60 Minutes and of course the Kerry campaign - this hoax centers on nearly 400 tons of high explosive material HMX and RDX which "disappeared" from storage in Iraq after the fall of Saddam.

Like the similar tall tale cast 10 days previously, at no time line was it ever established if the alleged cache of explosives ever existed as a distinct entity or whether the Coalition ever even came into contact with them. There was no time line suggesting a chain of possession, nothing that would indicate that the Times' expose was anything but fevered speculation liberally seasoned with electoral mischief.

Nothing, nada, zip, just enough in the way of titillation to give a lefty a wet dream, nothing more nothing less.

And on to today's example of IAEA-Mohammed ElBaradei/MSM electioneering, this one even authored by one of the writers of the now discredited 10/25/04 "missing RDX" piece, Willian J. Broad and again floated by the New York Times.

Entitled "Web Archive Is Said to Reveal a Nuclear Primer" another fallacious fable in which Mr. Broad, the Times and of course the irrepressible Mohammed Elbaradei conspire to create the impression that the administration's posting some of the documents relating to Saddam's nuclear weapons program - yes boys and girls, Saddam's NUCLEAR WEAPONS program - on the Internet has given Hakim and his two brothers the ability to construct A-bombs during late night sessions in their Baghdad garage.

Curiously, the Times piece darkly refers to what must come as news to those who have attacked the President over the WMD issue, claiming that Saddam's nuke program was so advanced that in the early nineties that, "Experts say that at the time, Mr. Hussein's scientists were on the verge of building an atom bomb, as little as a year away."

It's common knowledge to anyone who has taken the time to understand what Saddam's regime was all about, that the dictator's nuke program was very advanced - hence the logic of stopping him once and for all, before he produced a weapon.


This realization that Hussein meant business did not just appear like an apparition before those at the Times, it's genesis at this point in time merely demonstrates how easily they shift reality to align with the demands of an over-riding political agenda.

As of this day in November it is advantageous for them to reject the belief that Saddam's nuclear program was at best a bad joke [Bush lied people died] and instead claim that the dictator's nuclear blueprints were so detailed, workable and exquisitely wrought as to constitute a threat to world peace by their mere mention.

The self canceling nature of these two incompatible positions makes the Times' weighing in on this issue - as viewed against their past history of simply concocting lies, especially before elections - is such a visible affront to common sense that this story should simply be rejected as ludicrous.

Back in the real world the facts are pretty clear.

Most nuclear scientists who have studied this matter fully understand that Saddam's nuclear program was sophisticated, far more so than anyone knew at the time [including Mohammed ElBaradei who was a constant proponent of a go-slow approach to curtail Saddam's bomb making efforts, and remains so vis a vis Iran] to the degree that it was pursuing a dual strategy to guarantee that it had enough fissionable material to construct a weapon by the early 1990s.

"After the Osiraq bombing [by the Israelis in 1981] Iraq simultaneously pursued several means of producing highly enriched uranium. Postwar revelations of Iraq's most developed enrichment route, based on archaic calutron electromagnetic separation technology, startled the world. Western intelligence agencies had been fully aware that Iraq was attempting to develop the means to enrich uranium, but had focussed on the gas centrifuge effort ? which matched current approaches used in several developed nations ? and missed the calutron effort completely" - link http://nuclearweaponarchive.org/Iraq/andre/ISRI-95-03.pdf

What we are seeing displayed today on the front pages of the nation's newspapers is just the latest evidence of ElBaradei and the IAEA's open political war against the Bush administration, aided and abetted by the same media assassins they have worked with in the past.

Baradei's gamesmanship became such common knowledge during the last go around that even the normally staid Colin Powel [no friend of George W. Bush] warned the IAEA chairman on October 29, 2004 to stay out of American politics, "Powell Warns Baradei to Avoid Politics at U.N. November 1, 2004 New York Sun.

Seen in such a light, today's "revelation" by the NY Times must be considered revelatory, but not in the way they probably intended. What is transpiring here is so abundantly transparent that there is really no need to further embellish it.

The story is one of a once proud media source now, under the mismanagement of Arthur Sulzberger, Jr and Bill Keller, having become a cheap crack-whore, turning tricks to satisfy the base electoral ambitions of the DNC.

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