Dutch Government Falls In Wake Of Hirsi Ali Imbroglio

June 30, 2006 - Washington, DC - PipeLineNews.org - In a development which should serve as a warning to the sage heads at the American Enterprise Institute, Hirsi Magan aka Ayan Hirsi Ali's wake of destruction is now complete with the announcement by the Dutch Prime Minister that he will depart office over the affair.

Yesterday PM Jan Peter Balkenende announced his intention to tender his resignation.

The ruling VVD coalition Immigration Minister Rita Verdonk has also been seriously wounded politically in the Ali affair over a series of flip-flops over the Somali born activists citizenship, leaving the party in shambles.

Verdonk's decision to reverse her previous decision - now allowing Ali to retain both her Dutch citizenship and her legal Dutch name - has injected additional questions relating to the ability of the party to govern.

Signs that the Dutch social order has been breaking down have been evident since the assassination of Dutch MP Pym Fortuyn [and culminating with the assassination of film maker Theo Van Gogh in November of 2004 by Islamist Mohammed Bouyeri] by leftist radical animal rights thug Volkert van der Graaf on May 6, 2002 which had the effect of catapulting Fortuyn's LPF party into a three-way coalition with the Christian Democrats and VVD Liberals.

With the incineration of the Dutch government complete, Ali now sets her sights on much larger game - the American conservative movement.


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