Questions Arise About Haditha Doctor - Wahid al-Obeidi - Central Figure In "Massacre" Case

June 2, 2006 - San Francisco, CA - - As the original story in Time Magazine reveals, a central figure in this case is Dr. Wahid/Walid al-Obeidi:

Dr. Wahid, director of the local hospital in Haditha, who asked that his family name be withheld because, he says, he fears reprisals by U.S. troops, says the Marines brought 24 bodies to his hospital around midnight on Nov. 19. Wahid says the Marines claimed the victims had been killed by shrapnel from the roadside bomb. "But it was obvious to us that there were no organs slashed by shrapnel," Wahid says. "The bullet wounds were very apparent. Most of the victims were shot in the chest and the head--from close range." - One Morning In Haditha

Dr. Wahid is associated with the pro-terrorist Brussels Tribunal, a European-based anti-American group which counts among its members Saddam's favorite film maker Scott Ritter and Saddam's defense attorney Ramsey Clark.

Wahid claims to have been arrested and tortured by American soldiers - charges which if taken at face value - make his testimony in the Haditha controversy questionable at best.

Dr. Walid said “they arrested me in my house in front of my family, covered my eyes, and tied my hands to the back on Oct 5 2005 morning, during the last attack on Haditha (360 kilometers west of Baghdad). They occupied the hospital for 8 days and made it their office. The first day they beat me on my eyes, nose, back, hands, legs... My face was covered with blood .When they removed the tie I could not see. They investigated me until the afternoon. I realized later that I was arrested in the hospital store. Then they tied my hands to the front, and left me for two days. I was moved then to the pharmacy department. They accused me of treating terrorists, and asked for their names."Iraqi Doctors Beaten and Arrested in Haditha Hospital

Further questions abound. In CNN's transcript of an interview by two children who were alleged eyewitnesses of the event Eman Walid indicates that she expected to bomb to go off:

But there is an intriguing variation in Eman's account the third time she tells it. She says she was expecting the bomb.

EMAN WALID (through translator): I was planning to go to school. I was about to get out of bed. I knew the bomb would explode, so I covered my ears. The bomb exploded. The bomb struck an armored vehicle. I don't know if it was a Humvee or an armored vehicle. When the bomb exploded, they came straight to our house.

CHILCOTE: The question is, was her expectation of the explosion a premonition, a fear based on the sound of the passing convoy? Or was it based on some knowledge?" - CNN

This could very well confirm the statement made in an interview granted to KING 5 Television by Lance Cpl. James Crossan who rode in the Humvee struck by the IED [next to its driver Lance Cpl. Miguel Terrazas who was killed in the incident] that children in Haditha often acted on behalf of the terrorists:

Cpl Crossan - We used to go out on patrols and have the little kids count the patrols...we couldn’t really do anything except grab them and throw them inside their houses…

KING TV - Why would you do that? Because you were afraid that the kids were scouting for the insurgents or you thought they were in danger?

Cpl Crossan - There are little kids that scout for ‘em..."

Corporal Crossan also confirmed the fact that immediately after the IED explosion that a firefight ensued:

Then we got hit by an IED and the cops sent out a squad of Marines, and the insurgents just started attacking then, just right off the bat and we just foiled it."

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