Hirsi Ali Climbs Over Corpse Of Theo Van Gogh, Lands Gig At American Enterprise Institute

May 15, 2006 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - As our associate Beila Rabinowitz, Director of MilitantIslamMonitor.org notes - Muslim Dutch politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali is jumping ship after finding herself at the center of storm that revealed her to have lied about her background [claiming that she was fleeing an arranged marriage] in order to falsely obtain asylum in Holland, under the very rules she as a member of the Dutch parliament is charged with enforcing.

After exploiting Holland's tolerance and goodwill for personal gain, Ms. Ali is deserting the Netherlands, announcing she will be starting a new life with the help of gullible supporters in the United States who are hailing her as the new Muslima Messiah.

This despite Ali's own admission that she, "has done more harm then good" in Holland.

The former leader of the political party to which Ali is a member - Hans Wiegel - states that he is "not sorry to see her go." Wiegel has accused the Somali immigrant of neglecting her duties in parliament.

Not surprisingly Ali has decided that since she is leaving Holland anyway, she might as well take advantage of her parliamentary salary and perks while promoting her book in the United States.

Ali's celebrity came as a result of the November 2004 murder of Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh - at the hands of Mohammed Bouyeri. She had collaborated with the incendiary filmmaker, providing the script - for which she was paid 18,000 Euros by Van Gogh - for the movie "Submission," which depicted battered Muslim women with Quranic verses painted on their naked bodies.

The outrage in Muslim circles generated by the film eventually resulted in Van Gogh's ritual murder and near decapitation by Mohammed Bouyeri, the son of Moroccan immigrants.

Ali, unlike Van Gogh has little to fear since she has been under the protection of Dutch bodyguards since 2002 when she received threats after calling Mohammed a pedophile and referring to Islam as a backward religion.

Though few would be talking about Ayaan Hirsi Ali today absent her association with Van Gogh, in the wake of his assassination Ali didn't even attend his funeral, choosing instead to flee the Netherlands to be feted in New York.

Not one to share the spotlight, Ali never refers to Theo van Gogh and has done nothing to see that his film, "Submission" will once again made publicly available, though she has in fact garnered publicity by claiming that she was planning to make a sequel which never materialized.

Journalist Ebru Umar - a close friend of Theo van Gogh and who took over his column in the newspaper Metro after his murder wrote, "who has benefited from Ali's involvement in Dutch society?"

That question was answered by Ali herself who recently told a Dutch paper, "I have done more harm than good. My message has come across to the public wrong."

In a letter written a month after the death of Theo van Gogh, Ebru Umar shows that Ali's message was not simply 'misconstrued' by the public, but that Ali was herself responsible, hiding her lack of substance under a blizzard of media hype.

"You sit in the Lower House because you want to serve yourself. You are surely not the only house member with that mentality , Ayaan, but you are the only one who has gotten all the freedom from your party, rightly or wrongly, to wage your own private war. What have you ever done in your capacity as House member...Ayaan?" - Ebru Umar

One can only hope that the American Enterprise Institute will be asking similar questions. In the light of Ali's still-unravelling facade it would be wise for the AEI to reconsider taking on someone whose only political legacy is the damage to her party's credibility. Her machinations continue to divert attention and resources away from the war on the Islamists and towards her own personal agenda.

Researcher Peter van Ham of the Clingendael Institute said Ayaan Hirsi Ali will be out of place at the American Enterprise Institute, "You would sooner expect Geert Wilders to be there than Hirsi Ali...It is definitely not a liberal bastion."

Ali's confrontational methods might very well be incompatible with the corporate culture of the AEI. Her need to generate controversy - such as a planned film about the sex life of Muhammed - could harm the reputation of the AEI and even endanger its staff.

Because Ayaan Hirsi Ali has demonstrably done more harm than good in Holland, and is crawling over Van Gogh's corpse in a relentless drive to promote herself, the American Enterprise Institute should take heed before it's too late.

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