Ayaan Hirsi Ali, 24 x 7

May 22, 2004 - San Francisco, CA - PipeLineNews.org - What is it about Ayah Hirsi Ali that makes terror experts, conservatives and secular Jews lose their grasp on reality?

Ali came to general public attention outside of the Netherlands on November 2, 2004 the day Theo van Gogh was slaughtered by Islamist Mohammed Bouyeri.

Bouyeri killed van Gogh because of the perceived anti-Muslim nature of his controversial film "Submission," scripted by Hirsi Ali who received 18,000 Euros for her efforts.

Since then it has been non-stop self promotion on the part of Ali, who fled Holland in the wake of the van Gogh murder only to return in hip new duds and sporting a movie star coif to pursue further self-aggrandizement.

Apparently Ms. Ali's ego driven, delusional nature knows no bounds, having claimed that she "would like, for example...to write philosophical pieces like Karl Popper."

Karl Popper, actually Sir Karl Popper was certainly one of the seminal thinkers of the twentieth century, having been called the most important philosopher of science since Francis Bacon. Having Hirsi Ali even place her name in the same geographical region as Popper's is such a monstrous demonstration of self-possession that in more normal times it would merely have produced howls of laughter instead of job offers.

As Beila Rabinowitz, Director of Militant Islam Monitor observes:

The Muslim goddess has feet of clay, but supporters of Ali have rallied around her in a manner bordering on mass hysteria, the idolization which could aptly be referred to as a Mor'ali'relativism' movement.

Although touted as a poster girl for Muslim integration, Ali is a case study is failed affirmative action.

Ali demands and feels that she deserves special privileges based on her minority status. She exploits her ethnicity and religion to point out to the native Dutch all that is wrong in the Islamic world, but charging them with correcting it.

While receiving media attention as the champion of downtrodden and oppressed Muslims, Ali provokes them by expressing her contempt for Islam and its believers, taunting them under the guise of "education, emancipation and enlightenment".

Ironically the atheist/moral relativist Ali is working on a book called "A Short Path to Enlightment," in this case an exercise in the blind leading those blinded by rage.

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