Guess Who's Coming to Dinner - CAIR Using Free Meals To Lure Homeless Into Conversion

By Beila Rabinowitz

August 7, 2006 - San Francisco, CA - - "Why did you invite a bigot to speak at your August 2nd meeting?"

Thus began the belligerent email from Samir Kakli to Florida's Broward County Young Republicans.

Kakli was referring to Reverend O'Neil Dozier, head of the Worldwide Christian Center, who had galvanized local residents into protesting the building of a mosque in their predominantly black Christian neighborhood, alleging that they "will try to convert our youth" and hoping "to make such a fuss that the Muslims pack up."

Kakli along with Altaf Ali - director of the Florida chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations - were furious at having their plan to create yet another "area for Allah" in South Florida challenged. However, their mini-jihad of personal vilification against Reverend Dozier bore fruit when Florida's clueless governor Jeb Bush forced him to resign from a state judicial selection commission.

This da'wa campaign is not limited to building mosques and Islamic centers, as CAIR's "Faith in Action" program is partnering with Kakli's "Project Downtown" creating what they are calling "altruism for Allah," designed to bring the words of the "prophet" to the homeless, hungry and downtrodden - luring them with food and recycled clothing and of course free copies of the Quran.

The spoon-fed nature of the propaganda offered to the homeless is transparent.

At a 2004 homeless feed-in organized by CAIR, Imam Rafiq Mahdi hectored the potential converts to "stand up when they hear blanket condemnation of tell people that Muslims helped to feed them," adding "we want you to know that Muslims are not your enemy...Muslims are not out to hurt you...Muslims are not out to blow you up."

That Mahdi felt the need to make the bizarre assertion that the diners were "not being fattened up for the kill" suggests exactly the opposite, if only metaphorically.

Last month CAIR received $50 million from the UAE to be used as seed money to "improve the image of Islam." Flowing directly from this Wahhabist stipend, CAIR's efforts at Muslim volunteerism is a brazen ploy to gain access to society's most vulnerable and then leveraging that opportunity into a full court press for conversion.

Additionally, Kakli and CAIR are also turning to the Miami Dade taxpayers, in the hopes of augmenting the already generous contributions of their Saudi and UAE masters.

The American Asian Advisory Board [AAAB] - part of Florida's Dade County Community Relations program and headed by Mohamed Shakir - is also being looked to as a source for funding for these same Muslim programs, so what might at first glance seem to be laudable humanitarian efforts such as feeding and clothing of the homeless are in actuality cloaks for the Muslim conversion agenda.

Shakir also sits on the board of several Florida based Islamist organizations and institutions which are linked to individuals and groups with terrorist ties and his willingness to involve the AAAB with CAIR and Kakli's projects warrants further scrutiny.

Shakir and fellow board member Asad Ishoof are also on the board of directors of the radical Islamist Nur Ul Islam Academy.

A gentleman by the name of Raed Awad also sat on this board.

Awad is the former Imam of Masjid Al Imam who fled Florida after being accused of fundraising for both the Benevolence Foundation as well as the Holyland Foundation - phony charities which channeled funds to Hamas and al-Qaeda.

Raed Awad is a rather notorious fellow as he is believed to be the Imam who converted dirty bomber wannabe Jose Padilla and then conducted fundraising efforts in his mosque to pay for Padilla's journey to Egypt where he hooked up with al-Qaeda.

The direct linking of a questionable religious institution intent upon promoting an Islamist agenda with the Miami Dade Asian American Advisory Board - a governmental institution, screams not only conflict of interest but raises important First Amendment considerations. The shadowy alliance between Shakir, Ishoof, AAAB and CAIR reads more like a conspiracy than a chance occurrence, smacking of influence peddling and abuse of power.

We strongly believe that these actions are in no way supportive of AAAB's charter, which is to "serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of County Commissioners, the County Administration, the community and all agencies and persons in Miami Dade County, Florida...with respect to matters pertaining to the Asian community of Miami - Dade County."

Moreover AAAB now appears to have been used as a front for radical Islamists, with the taxpayers footing the bill.

We urge that Shakir and Ishoof be removed from the AAAB pending a thorough and immediate investigation into this apparent and serious ethical breach.

1999-2006 Beila Rabinowitz,, all rights reserved.