Hezbollah Victim - Michael Levine, A Hero For All - 1984-2006

By Beila Rabinowitz

August 2, 2006 - Philadelphia, PA - PipeLineNews.org - Michael Levine a 21 year old originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania cut short his vacation with his family in order to rejoin his army unit on the front lines of the Lebanese conflict and was killed by Hezbollah terrorists several days later later.

Michael immigrated to Israel at age 18 and joined the army, although he did not have to enlist. His story of patriotism and heroism is in sharp contrast to the news coverage of the Lebanese Americans [many of whom are Shi'ia Hezbollah supporters] who were repatriated to the United States only to use their experience to bash both America and Israel, while falsely portraying themselves as victims.

The bitter irony is that while young men like Mr. Levine are giving their lives to defend Israel against Hezbollah terrorists many U.S. Muslims were only recently living amongst those very people.

One of Michael's friends recalled a phone conversation he had with him about a week ago, "I'm not worried about dying. I'm worried about what it would do to my family."

Upon entry into the army Levine was at first given duties on the home front, but he fought the decision, wanting action on the front lines.

Levine's saga is one of idealism which prompted him to leave the comfort and safety of his family home to defend his ancestral homeland. In large part stories like Michael’s are ignored by the mainstream media, which would rather feature an endless parade of Muslims portrayed as victims while insinuating that Israel is a criminal aggressor based upon the false mathematics of body counts.

As Douglas Murray the author of "Neoconservatism – Why We Need It" stated upon his recent return from Israel:

"We must emphasize that parity does not exist when there is a war between a democratic state and a terror organization. This is something that large swathes of the media - and the UN - simply cannot understand. Such a conflict is not a 50/50 event. And the scales do not tip against Israel because Israel has suffered fewer casualties to date. You do not decide who is right by affecting a body-count. Germany lost more troops than Great Britain in the last World War, but it didn't make Germany right. Would those who talk so idiotically of disproportionate response against Hezbollah be happier if more Katyushas were making direct hits on Israeli citizens?

Israel's war is our war, and we should be proud that at least one of our allies is successfully fighting this war for us as well as for themselves. Victory for Israel against Hezbollah will be a victory for all free peoples, not least the people of Lebanon." - Front Page Magazine

Michael Levine is a hero for us all.

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