Hamas Terror Government Blames Israel For Passover Bombing

April 18, 2006 - Washington, DC - PipeLineNews.org - The terrorist Hamas PA government defended yesterday's suicide bombing of a Tel Aviv restaurant, blaming Israel for the attack which was in their view the, "natural result of the continued Israeli crimes against our people," adding, "The Israeli occupation bears responsibility for the continuation of its aggression. Our people are in a state of self-defense and they have every right to use all means to defend themselves."

The official death toll for the bombing is nine, eight of whose identities have so far been released by Israeli forensic experts.

  • Binyamin Hafuta, 47

  • Victor Erez, 60

  • David Shaulov, 29

  • Phillip Balahsan, 45

  • Lily Yonas, 43

  • Ariel Darhi, 31

  • Boda Firushka, 50

  • Roselia Basanya, 48
  • Islamic Jihad and the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade jointly took credit for the explosion, telling Reuters that the motivation was for, "Israeli massacres committed against our people in Gaza".

    Both the Israeli and American governments immediately condemned the attack with White House press secretary Scott McClellan stating, "It is a despicable act of terror for which there is no excuse or justification."

    In the wake of the bombing, the IDF set-up emergency roadblocks and increased security at public places to remain in effect through the end of Passover.

    In the West Bank, Israeli security forces arrested 27 including the terrorist bomber's father.

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