Will Of Faith - Christian Academy Fights Back Against Muslim Extremism

Editor's Note: We have assembled the following five documents to more fully flesh out the issues concerning Kissimmee Christian Academy's lawsuit.

By William A. Mayer - Editor & Publisher, PipeLineNews.org

October 29, 2004 - Osceola County, Florida - PipeLineNews - The great 18th-century conservative political philosopher Edmund Burke said, "Evil triumphs when good men do nothing."

Yet, as we pass the anniversary of our third year of war against radical Islamic terrorism, thoughtful observers might be struck with daily examples of such moral lassitude - failure to confront evil.

We see it in the political sphere, where cheap advantage is sought with the hopes of defeating a political party. In the media, where all pretense of objectivity seems to have been cast aside. In education, where the preaching of diversity-based moral equivalency has already, in large measure, established the de-facto state religion of secular humanism.

We even see it in traditional institutions of faith, where heretofore established orthodoxy is overthrown in the name of inclusiveness.

So it comes as a relief when one happens upon someone who takes the Burkean charge to heart.

One such individual is Lee Wasson.

Mr. Wasson is pastor of an evangelical Christian congregation in Osceola County, Florida called Celebration Worship.

Over a period of years he and his staff built and operated a church and parochial school - the Kissimmee Christian Academy - which at its peak educated about 140 students. The instruction these children received was exemplary, featuring one of the highest percentages of "graduates-to-college rates in the county " - 100% last year - and a promotion rate that is also among the highest.

Celebration Worship had been located on a 6 acre parcel of a larger, 31 acre piece of property which had been owned by David Peoples.

Mr. Peoples ran a rather well developed travel and cooking school on the property. Unfortunately, Peoples’ school failed and he was forced to file for bankruptcy.

Up to that time, Celebration Worship had been operating under the existing contract with Peoples. Celebration had been complying with all of the terms of the lease, including making payments on a timely basis as well as making substantial improvements to the property.

All that changed for the worse on October 1, 2003.

Super Stop Petroleum, a corporation owned by a Pakistani, Denise Qureshi, purchased Mr. Peoples’ parcel of land in bankruptcy proceedings, thus subsuming Wasson’s lease.

Shortly after the purchase of the property, Super Stop allowed a Muslim consortium to take possession of the part not leased by Wasson’s church/school complex. This included all of the buildings that Mr. Peoples’ enterprise had occupied.

The Muslim group was headed by a known Islamist – Zulfiqar Ali Shah – and was allowed by Super Stop to act as its agent, essentially becoming Celebration’s landlord.

Mr. Shah and his minions incorporated the group as a 501c3 tax-exempt organization, naming it the Universal Heritage Foundation [UHF.]

Shah and other individuals associated with UHF have professed adherence to radical religious beliefs and have a long history of making, sometimes shockingly, intemperate remarks:

“Either the best Muslim will get power, or the worst Kaffir ["worst infidel" - etymology – North African word, essentially the same as nigger, not so surprising given the North African Arabs' track record with regard to the slave trade]. Allah has created us as the Khaleefah [leaders] and we do not know Biology, Chemistry, Geology, when the Muslims knew those sciences they rules those lands and controlled them. We need to learn these sciences then we know how to control this earth. Rasool (S) struggled for 13 years, he was tortured abused, made sacrifices, even lost his uncle. Victory will not come sitting down. We need to prepare ourselves in all aspects." - Zulfiqar Ali Shah from remarks on the "History of Islam" prepared for the consumption of young Muslims.

UHF’s stated purpose was to further the religious and educational training of Muslims and to present to the community in general, the peaceful side of Islam.

UHF, as part of its marketing plan organized an inaugural event – “Islam for Humanity" – showcased to be touchy-feely and Christian friendly.

As the event neared it became clear that the speakers chosen for it represented some of the worst examples of Islamist theology:

“We want to awaken the conscience of America: because if you remain on the side of injustice, the wrath of God will come," he told the crowd. “Please all Americans, do remember that, that Allah is watching everyone. If you continue doing injustice, and tolerating injustice, the wrath of God will come." - Muzammil H. Siddiqui, PhD., the former president of Islamic Society of North America, Imam of the Islamic Society of Orange County in California.

“In a similar vein, CAIR board member Imam Siraj Wahaj calls for replacing the American government with a caliphate, and warns that America will crumble unless it "accepts the Islamic agenda." Wahaj, it should be noted, served as a character witness for Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, the Muslim cleric convicted for his role in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing." Front Page Magazine March 5, 2003.

The firestorm that erupted when the list of participants became public knowledge forced UHF to remove Wahaj from the speaker’s list. Not so surprisingly, Siddiqui not only remained part of the event but he currently sits on UHF’s board of directors.

Because of the controversy, the event had to be relocated and eventually concluded with a disastrous amount of almost universally negative press.

Belying its loftily stated goals of accommodation, UHF immediately upon being given de-facto status as Wasson’s landlord, instituted a program of harassment against Celebration Worship.

UHF violated the existing lease, cut off water and power and also undertook a campaign of psychological terror that resulted in Celebration being denied its right to enjoy the use of its facility.

Super Stop engaged in similar tactics, which in short course led to Celebration Worship being constructively evicted from the property.

Wasson has since obtained other facilities and is once again providing a place of Christian worship and education for his parishioners.

To his credit Wasson is fighting back against those who drove his small flock from its previous location.

The law firm of Brown, Garganese, Weiss & D’Agresta, PA. was retained by Wasson and they have just filed a 4 count complaint, naming Super Stop Petroleum as defendant.

The complaint will allege that:

“…under the totality of circumstances, including the affiliation of the operators of the private fundamentalist school with persons associated with past public statements hostile to Christians, Jews and Israel, the posting of Counter-Plaintiffs’ identity on Islamic websites, and the termination of utilities for unnecessary reasons and excessive periods of time, without adequate reason or notice, the Counter-Plaintiffs became reasonably and justifiably afraid for their safety and the well-being and safety of the students attending Counter-Plaintiffs’ school" [that] “Wasson and Celebration have encountered hostility and discriminatory treatment against them based upon their status as Christians and the conduct of their activities on the premises as a private Christian school and church…"

The suit states that Super Stop granted UHF permission to act as its agent with regard to Celebration and that UHF then violated the existing lease in numerous ways.

Super Stop's de-facto granting to UHF the authority to act as its agent, makes Super Stop responsible for actions taken - in that regard - by UHF:

1. Failure to pro-rate the utility bills.
2. Cutting off or interrupting utility services necessary for Celebration to carry on its business.
3. Raising the amount of the lease.
4. Acting in a manner that denied Celebration the peaceful enjoyment of the premises.
5. Organized an event which featured anti-Christian, inflammatory & pro-Islamist speakers.
6. Retaliated against Celebration’s opposing the "Islam for Humanity" event by placing pictures of his school on pro-Islamist websites with the intent of intimidation.

The firm will also claim that for their part, Super Stop Petroleum:

1. Renovated buildings surrounding Celebration in a manner injurious to the tenant’s business.
2. Denied Celebration the right of first refusal to purchase the property occupied by UHF.
3. Failed to return tenant’s security deposit.
4. Acted in a manner that constructively evicted Celebration as a tenant this caused it to suffer great financial loss.

Celebration is asking compensation for all recoverable compensatory as well as consequential damages, which could amount to a judgment of several million dollars against Super Stop. Celebration also seeks declaratory relief, stating exactly what their rights were under the lease.

Lawsuit aside, Wasson has moved on, now seemingly stronger than ever - buoyed by his decision to fight back against an institution whose public persona screams peaceful Islam but whose private actions have placed the dark side of the religion on trial, literally.

Celebration Worship's Christian Academy though down in registration has retained new facilities and is once again growing, now devoid of the Universal Heritage Foundation's harassing tactics and malevolent presence.

In many ways Lee Wasson's struggle mimics America's actions post 911. He didn't seek this test of wills, but he is by no means running from it, instead meeting it head-on with determination and more than a bit of resolve.

Toward that end, he has established a legal defense fund to help his organization to help defray the daunting legal costs entailed in such an undertaking. If you are interested in contacting Pastor Wasson, offering your support and possibly making a tax-exempt [funds so raised go ONLY to defray the legal costs entailed in defending against UHF's predation] contribution, he can be reached at:

 Kissimee Christian Academy Legal Defense Fund



Christian School Fights Back, Files Suit Against Radical Islamic Group

To: Assignment Desk, Daybook Editors

Contact: Lee Wasson, Pastor Kissimmee Christian Academy [407-847-3155], Larry Brown, Sr. Partner - Brown, Garganese, Weiss & D'Agresta, P.A., of Orlando, FLA – [407-425 9566] or William A. Mayer, Editor & Publisher – PipeLineNews.org [925-689-9492]

News Advisory

WHAT: Press Conference

WHEN: 10:00 AM EST - Wednesday November 17, 2004

WHERE: Kissimmee Meeting Room at the Osceola Heritage Park Exposition Building, Kissimmee, Florida.

Web: https://www.pipelinenews.org/index.cfm?page=wasson1%2Ehtm

Osceola County, FL – The Kissimmee Christian Academy [KCA] has been subjected to hostile acts of religious intolerance in Osceola County Florida. This activity has caused great harm to the operations of that school.

Muslim-owned conglomerate, Super Stop Petroleum, by its own actions and the actions of its local agent, the Universal Heritage Foundation [UHF], constructively and wrongfully evicted KCA from its school and has sued the Academy and Pastor Lee Wasson, its Director.

Complainants have filed a counter-suit in this matter and are considering amending the suit by adding a Civil Rights claim.Representatives of UHF claim that they are moderate and devout Muslims. Towards that end, they have engaged in a broad public relations effort to convince the unaware that they are interested in interfaith dialogue, outreach to other religions and peaceful coexistence.

To the contrary, the actions directly taken by them against the Kissimmee Christian Academy and their public statements reveal that UHF is populated by some of the most radical Islamists in America. Many associated with the Universal Heritage Foundation have a record of hate speech directed against Christians, Jews and the government of the United States.

The Universal Heritage Foundation first made itself known to residents of Kissimmee with a December 2003 inaugural conference, “Islam for Humanity." Which featured speakers who have called for “death to worshipers of the Cross," refer to Jews as "the scum of the earth." who should be "annihilated," and who demand the imposition of “sharia" or Islamic law in the United States.

The conference turned into a fiasco when news of the radical nature of the speakers became known outside the Muslim community.

Wednesday’s press conference will feature a show of support by local ministers and Christian leaders from Central Florida who will be standing with Pastor Wasson to serve notice that they will not allow constitutionally guaranteed rights and religious liberties to be stolen by an extremist minority.


From the official flyer for Islam for Humanity conference.


Islam for Humanity

         December 19-21, 2003


Conference Flyer

(Adobe Acrobat req’d)


Hosted By: Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Shah, Chairman & CEO

Specially Invited Guests:
Shaikh Abdur-Rahman Al-Sudais Imam Ka’aba, Makkah



Meet Shaikh Abdur-Rahman Al-Sudais

As published May 12, 2004, New York Sun, "MEMRI REPORT: Top Saudi Cleric to Spread Hate Doctrine in Canada ," By Steven Stalinsky.

Mr. Stalinsky is executive director of the Middle East Media Research Institute

Sheik Abd Al-Rahman Al-Sudayyis, the Saudi government appointed imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, will give a series of lectures in Canada next week and attend the Islamic Society of North America conference in Toronto. Mr. al-Sudayyis’s position is one of the most prestigious in Sunni Islam.

His sermons hold significant weight throughout the Islamic world.

The themes of his sermons are characterized by confrontation toward non-Muslims. Mr. al-Sudayyis calls Jews "scum of the earth" and "monkeys and pigs" who should be "annihilated."

Other enemies of Islam, he says, are "worshippers of the cross" and "idol worshipping Hindus" who should be fought. Mr. al-Sudayyis has been consistent in calling for jihad in Kashmir and Chechnya, for Jerusalem to be liberated, and for the "occupiers in Iraq" to also be fought. He often claims that Islam is superior to Western culture.

At the Grand Mosque in Mecca on February 1, 2004, Mr. al-Sudayyis called on Muslims everywhere to unite to defeat the world’s occupiers and oppressors.

"History has never known a cause in which our religious principles, historical rights, and past glories are so clearly challenged…The conflict between us and the Jews is one of creed, identity, and existence."

He told those listening to "read history," in order "to know that yesterday’s Jews were bad predecessors and today’s Jews are worse successors. They are killers of prophets and the scum of the earth. Allah hurled his curses and indignation on them and made them monkeys and pigs and worshippers of tyrants. These are the Jews, a continuous lineage of meanness, cunning, obstinacy, tyranny, evil, and corruption…"

Mr. al-Sudayyis elaborated on the conflict between Muslims and Jews: "O Muslims, the Islamic nation today is at the peak of conflict with the enemies of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, with the grandsons of Bani-Quraydah, al-Nadhir, and Qaynuqa’ [Jewish tribes in the early days of Islam]. May Allah’s curses follow them until the Day of Judgment."

"The nation must know that these are people with a disgraceful history and a black record… They want to establish the Greater Israel with Jerusalem as its capital. They also aspire to demolish the Al-Aqsa Mosque and build their alleged temple in its place. They want to liquidate the State of Islam and the Koran, and build the State of the Torah and Talmud on its debris. They will get what they deserve from Allah…"

"Our Al-Aqsa is crying out saying all mosques have been liberated, while I — a great holy mosque — am still being desecrated. Is the aspiration of over 1 billion Muslims to preserve their holy places [to be] considered savagery and terrorism? What a great lie, O Allah, O steadfast brothers in struggler and steadfast Palestine, the land of honor, loftiness, sacrifice, jihad, and bravery. The captivity of our Al-Aqsa in the hands of the tyrants makes us sleepless. May Allah please us with its liberation. Victory is coming soon, Allah willing."

"...Here are the flags of victory looming on the horizon. We can smell it. It is crowned by a brave jihad, an intifada, which is still the winning card and the lit candle in the hands of the devout sons of this nation…O nation of jihad and sacrifice, it is the duty of Muslims to support their brothers in creed in Palestine and elsewhere and to back them with material and moral support. Jihad with money sometimes supersedes jihad with soul, as mentioned in many Koranic verses and the prophet’s traditions."

In a sermon on April 23, 2004, regarding Iraq, Al-Sudayyis said that "our Muslim brothers in the Iraq of history and civilization are facing another bloody chapter, particularly in the brave, steadfast city of Al-Fallujah."

He called on Muslims everywhere to unite "to defeat all their occupiers and oppressors" for the destruction of the enemies of Islam, to support "our mujahideen brothers in Palestine," and to disperse "the unjust Zionists."

Discussing plots by enemies of Islam, who he identifies as Hindus, Jews, and Christians, Mr. al-Sudayyis delivered a sermon on May 31, 2002, which said: "Those whom Allah cursed, got angry with, and turned into monkeys and pigs, the tyrant worshippers among the Jewish aggressors and criminal Zionists.

"Their course is supported by the advocates of usury and worshippers of the cross, as well as by those who are infatuated with them and influenced by their rotten ideas and poisonous culture among the advocates of secularism and Westernization…

"The enemies of Muslims among the atheists insist on their arrogance and aggression against our people and our holy places in Chechnya? The idol-worshipping Hindus indulge in their open hatred against our brothers and holy places…in Muslim Kashmir, threatening an imminent danger and a fierce war in the whole Indian subcontinent?...O Allah, support our brother mujahideen for your sake and the oppressed everywhere. O Allah, support them in Palestine, Kashmir, and Chechnya. O Allah, we ask you to support our Palestinian brothers in Palestine against the aggressor Jews and usurper Zionists. O Allah, the Jews have oppressed, terrorized, and indulged in tyranny and corruption. O Allah, deal with them for they are within your power."

According to Mr. al-Sudayyis, Islam is superior to Western culture. He told worshippers in Mecca in February 2002: "The most noble civilization ever known to mankind is our Islamic civilization. Today, Western civilization is nothing more than the product of its encounter with our Islamic civilization in Andalusia [medieval Spain]. The reason for [Western civilization’s] bankruptcy is its reliance on the materialistic approach, and its detachment from religion and values.

"[This approach] has been one reason for the misery of the human race, for the proliferation of suicide, mental problems…and for moral perversion…Only one nation is capable of resuscitating global civilization, and that is the nation [of Islam]… While the false cultures sink in the swamp of materialism and suffer moral crises…our Islamic nation is the one worthy of grasping the reins of leadership and riding on the back of the horse of pioneering and world sovereignty."

"Read history," Mr. al-Sudayyis said in another sermon in May 2002, "and you will understand that the Jews of yesterday are the evil fathers of the Jews of today, who are evil offspring, infidels, distorters of [others’] words, calf-worshippers, prophet-murderers, prophecy-deniers...the scum of the human race ‘whom Allah cursed and turned into apes and pigs...’ These are the Jews, an ongoing continuum of deceit, obstinacy, licentiousness, evil, and corruption..."

The concluding supplications of Mr. al-Sudayyis’s sermons are often filled with statements concerning current affairs. He consistently calls for "Muslims to humiliate the infidels [non-Muslims], as well as their destruction."

For example, on November 1, 2002, he stated "O Allah, support our mujahideen bothers in Palestine, Kashmir, and Chechnya and destroy the aggressor Jews and the tyrannical Zionists, for they are within your power."

In a June 21, 2002, sermon, Al-Sudayyis gives supplication: "O Allah, support them in Palestine, Kashmir, and Chechnya. O Allah, deal with the Jews and Zionists for they are within Your power. O Allah, scatter their assemblies, make them a lesson for others, and let them and their property be a booty for Muslims."

In another sermon in May 2003, Mr. al-Sudayyis condemned what he termed the "serpents" to "spit their venom" by harming the Islamic religion, ridiculing the pious, and blaming the school curricula and religious and welfare institutions.

Mr. al-Sudayyis said: "O Lord, support our brother mujahideen for your sake everywhere. O Lord, support them in Palestine. O Lord, deal with the aggressor Jews and sinful Zionists. O Lord, deal with them for they are within your power. O Lord, deal with the enemies of religion and show us the miracles of your power on them."

Also, on July 11, 2003, he said: "O Allah, support our mujahideen brothers everywhere. O Allah, help them score victory over the unjust Jews and aggressive Zionists in Palestine. O Allah, destroy the Jews and their supporters. O Allah, destroy them, for they are within your power. O Allah, disperse them and make them prey for Muslims."

According to statements beginning in June 2003 made by Saudi Embassy spokesman Adel Al-Jubeir, "Hundreds of imams [in Saudi Arabia] who violated prohibitions against preaching intolerance have been removed from their positions and more than 1,000 have been suspended and referred to educational programs."

Clearly, this is not the case with Saudi Arabia’s leading imam, Sheik Abd Al-Rahman Al-Sudayyis, who continues to preach incitement from the most holy site in all of Islam.

Meet The Universal Heritage Foundation

Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Shah - Director, Universal Heritage Foundation, Former ICNA President--Kissimmee Florida

  • Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Shah was president of the Islamic Council of North America [ICNA]. ICNA has already been documented as voicing support for Hamas, violent jihad and as engaging in jihad fund-raising. It is sometimes called the North American branch of Jama'at-I-Islami or is described as "allied" or "linked" with Jama'at-I-Islami.
  • Referring to the invited speakers at the “Islam for Humanity" …said that "I personally have never heard any of these individuals say anything hateful" although he as appeared at or hosted conferences with them since before 2000
  • Quote by Dr. Shah:"If we are unable to stop the Jews now, their next stop is Yathrib (The Prophet's city of Medina), where the Jews used to live until their expulsion by Prophet Muhammad. That's the pinnacle of their motives."
  • "If the Jews can put so much pressure on U.S. policy, why can't the Muslims?
  • "We need to take the Palestine cause as a Fard (a religious obligation)
  • When he was president of ICNA, Shah said that President Bush must stop associating with people who, like Jerry Falwell, are prejudiced.
  • Imam Siraj Wahhaj - Universal Heritage Foundation Board Member and guest speaker - Kissimmee, Florida

  • "Take my word; if 6-8 million Muslims unite in America, the country will come to us."
  • Has proclaimed that the “real terrorists" are the FBI and the CIA
  • "In time, this so-called democracy will crumble, and there will be nothing. And the only thing that will remain will be Islam."
  • He also praises Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman, the blind Egyptian cleric who visited Wahhaj’s mosque several years before he [Rahman] was convicted in 1995 of conspiring to bomb New York City landmarks.
  • he said that America would fall unless it accepts the Islamic agenda
  • In 1993 two members of his mosque pleaded guilty in connection with charges of plotting to kill the secretary-general of the United Nations, a U.S. senator and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, and blow up major buildings and tunnels
  • He has told his followers that a society governed by strict Islamic law, in which adulterers would be stoned to death and thieves would have their hands cut off, would be superior to American democracy…
  • Muzammil H. Siddiqi - Universal Heritage Foundation Board Member and speaker

  • Siddiqi and Wahaj spoke at the Islamic Circle of North America's 2001 convention in Cleveland together with Saudi Shaikh Abdur Rahman al-Sudais, senior imam at the Grand Mosque in Mecca, who has been quoted vilifying Jews as the "scum of humanity" and "the grandsons of monkeys and pigs." The three were scheduled to speak again in December at an Islamic conference in Kissimmee, Fla.
  • has spoken at pro-Hezbollah and pro-Hamas rallies, and has supported an Islamic state in the U.S., while praising martyrdom for the Islamic cause
  • Siddiqui spoke at an Oct. 28, 2000, "Jerusalem Day" rally in Washington, that media reported degenerated into a hate-fest in which the crowd chanted, "Death to the Jews!"
  • Abdurahman Alamoudi, the former American Muslim Council president arrested last year on terrorism-related charges, appeared with Siddiqi at the 2000 protest rally. And he proclaimed: "Hear that, Bill Clinton! We are all supporters of Hamas. I wish to add that I am also a supporter of Hezbollah."
  • Dr. Talat Sultan - Islamic Circle of North America President and Guest speaker Universal Heritage Foundation, Kissimmee Florida


  • a group that is under investigation by FBI counterterrorism agents for terror ties
  • a group that published material supporting suicide bombings against Israel
  • a group whose past conference speakers face terror-related indictments
  • a group who has explained that "martyr operations are not suicide."
  • Imam Abdul Malik - Guest Speaker Universal Heritage Foundation, Kissimmee Florida

  • voiced empathy and support for suicide bombers,
  • denied Muslims were involved in 9-11,
  • characterized the war on terror as a conspiratorial Zionist
  • blamed attacks on affirmative action on "the rise of the Jewish cracker,"
  • urged a crowd of roughly 500 to 800 to "stop calling them suicide bombers
  • Stated that Palestinian mothers are supporting their children who are suicide bombers, saying, 'Go honey, go!'"Stated that Israelis ought to return "to Germany, to Poland to Russia. To the Jews: “The Germans should hook y'all up. You should go back to Germany."
  • praised the terrorist group Hamas

    Sheik Abdul Rahman al-Sudais - Senior Imam at the Grand Mosque in Mecca and Invited guest speaker Universal Heritage Foundation, Kissimmee, Florida

  • said Arabs should bid farewell to peace with the Jews…"the scum of the human race, the rats of the world, the killers of prophets and the grandsons of monkeys and pigs."
  • called on the Muslim world to unite against a vast conspiracy of Jews, Christians and "idol-worshipping Hindus
  • The Jews "have tyrannized, terrorized, and indulged in tyranny and corruption," …[the Jews] whom God cursed, got angry with, and turned into monkeys, pigs, and tyrant worshippers... Their course is supported by the advocates of credit and worshippers of the Cross."

  • prayed to God to “terminate" the Jews and urged Arabs and Muslims to abandon efforts to make peace with Israel.
  • “We must say farewell to peace initiatives with these people (the Jews),"
  • Tayabb Yunus - Muslim Youth leader, Webmaster and guest speaker for Universal Heritage Foundation Kissimmee, Florida

  • In 2000, Muslim Youth leader Tayabb Yunus urged parents at an ICNA conference to "send your children to fight Jihad in Chechyna."

  • How many of you can actually say that you want to send your youth to fight in Jihad or to send them to…to these Islamic Institutions to become educated? …I honestly believe in my heart that this is the time, right now is the time
  • Imam Maulana Shafayat Muhammad - Invited guest speaker Universal Heritage Foundation – assisting with current fund-raising for UHF’s Kissimmee purchase

  • Principal of the Darul Uloom Institute & Islamic Training Center in Pembroke Pines. Dirty-bomb suspect José Padilla who is accused of plotting with al-Qaeda to explode a bomb containing radioactive materials in the United States attended his mosque.

  • his mosque was also the place where two individuals were said to have plotted attacks on a National Guard Armory and South Florida electrical power stations. All three are in custody today; the latter two have been convicted. And the local Darul Aloom is part of a worldwide network of Darul Alooms, many of which have been cited as having had ties with al Qaeda.

  • Shafayat Mohamed, on his website, has a picture of himself shaking the hand of Ahmed Deedat. According to the FBI, Deedat has received millions of dollars from Osama bin Laden. And his own son claims to be a friend of bin Laden's. In fact, the picture of Shafayat Mohamed with Deedat was taken in what was then called the Bin Laden Center, located in Durban, South Africa.
  • ISNA's North American Islamic Trust - Two Universal Heritage Foundation Board members were previously on this Board and the third a guest speaker at Kissimmee, Florida

  • Orlando [Kissimmee] conference invitees Abdullah Idris Ali, Siraj Wahhaj (the unindicted co-conspirator of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing), and Dr. Muzammil Siddiqui have all served as members on the Board of Trustees for ISNA's North American Islamic Trust.

  • The North American Islamic Trust, which owns the Albany, NY Central Avenue mosque raided by authorities, controls a growing number of mosques in the United States, a handful of which have been linked to terrorist activities, according to published reports.

  • Last year, an Islamic school in Florida owned by the trust was described as a base for a local terrorist cell in a federal indictment. Another trust-owned mosque outside Chicago was investigated last fall for terror-related money laundering, according to local news reports.

  • And this past December, the trust was added to a massive federal lawsuit filed in New York City by insurance companies and survivors' families over the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.
  • Sayyid M. Syeed - Invited guest speaker Universal Heritage Foundation (Secretary-general of the Islamic Society of North America)

  • Former director of academic outreach at the International Institute of Islamic Thought. Federal agencies raided the institute last year on suspicion of funneling money to suicide bombers.---major donations made, while Syeed was there, to an organization founded by Sami Al Arian, who was arrested and charged with racketeering by federal prosecutors in February. A 50-count indictment accuses Sami Al Arian of leading Palestinian Islamic Jihad, a U.S.-based terrorist group suspected of funding and helping to organize suicide bombers in Israel.

  • "Many participants, [Kissimmee Conference] such as Dr. Syeed, belonged to an extremist party based in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan called Jama'at-I-Islami. It is the parent group of several organizations indicted as terrorist groups..

  • "Jama'at-I-Islami helped Osama bin Laden in the creation of al-Qaida, and he wrote that from 1980-84 he [Syeed] used to frequent one of their headquarters to hand over donations."
  • Sheikh Wagdy Ghunaim - Guest Speaker Universal Heritage Foundation

  • He had also referred to Jews as "monkeys" and "pigs" during a Brooklyn College conference of the American Muslim Alliance on May 24, 1998.

  • Before leading the audience in anti-Jewish verse, Ghuneim said: "The Jews distort words from their meanings. ... They killed the prophets and worshipped idols.

  • Speaking about suicide bombings that took place in Israel in 1996: "Those young people who explode themselves to kill the Jews were not committing suicide but jihad," Ghuneim said, "They are mujahedeen because there is no way to struggle and fight the Jews except that way. Allah bless those martyrs."

  • On May 24, 1998, for example, CAIR co-sponsored an incendiary rally at Brooklyn College that featured speakers spouting anti-Jewish rhetoric. One speaker was Wagdy Ghuneim, a radical cleric from Egypt. He told listeners, "Allah says he who equips a warrior of jihad is like the one makes jihad himself." He led the audience in a song with the lyrics: "No to the Jews, descendants of the apes."