The Mau-Mauing of US Street Crime & Other Sorrows

By William A. Mayer, Editor & Publisher -

Police reports - in of all places ? Boston, Mass. confirm a troubling trend.

The incidence of machete attacks by street thugs has grown to represent a serious public safety issue, even in this highly urbane locale.

Let?s place the full blame for this disgusting phenomenon squarely at the feet of its source, multicultural perverse diversity, while at the same time observing that it is altogether fitting and well deserved that this occur in the very nerve center of liberal contagion.

Since the 1970s, proponents of multiculturalism have argued - disingenuously - that diversity strengthens a society. Inherent in this argument is the assumption that all cultures are morally equivalent, that what a poor campesino from Colombia brings to to Norte America differs not from what an educated Western European used to offer.

This assumed beneficence of multiculturalism is entrenched in the United States, it permeates almost every aspect of society from the media - where the newsroom hiring process often hinges on ethnic makeup as does story selection by editors, to the courts - where bad law has woven overt discrimination into the woof and weave of society, to academia - where any stringy-haired crackpot of color can get an assistant professorship at Harvard for teaching Third Reich racialism, as long as whitey is the scapegoat.

Multiculturalism is in many ways an end-run around traditional morality, especially Judeo-Christian morality, the ethical underpinning for our way of government.

Such morality posits ultimate truths and inalienable rights endowed by a Creator, not bestowed by jack-booted totalitarians.

Inalienable rights can never be taken away, not so the dictates of the maximum leader.

That street toughs would adopt one of the most barbaric forms of attack from hell-holes like Rwanda, speaks loudly not only to the lack of moral equivalency between various cultures but chronicles a definite cultural decline here in the United States.

What?s next?

Necklacing parties organized by Terry McAuliffe?

George Soros leading Hutu inspired workshops?

As the United States falls further victim to the assault of alien, reprehensible ways this type of outrage will gain both form and frequency, where it will go eventually is something I personally don?t have the stomach to contemplate at the moment.

This is merely another reminder why it is increasingly becoming essential to stop not only illegal immigration, but all immigration, period. Call it racist, call it prescriptive relief; we have a moral responsibility to pass on the Founding Father?s grand experiment to our grandchildren, not piss it away in a shameless display of self-congratulatory fantasy.

Prophetic words

Over the weekend I had the occasion to catch part of the David Gold radio talk show. I have heard him in the past, it?s pretty much typical conservative boiler-plate, preach-to-the-faithful type stuff, good & solid, but not on the level of transcendence that a Limbaugh, or Savage or Beck can achieve when the stars are in perfect alignment.

To his credit, Mr. Gold made an observation, a prediction really, that has already come true.

He stated on his Sunday afternoon show that within 24-48 hrs the usual media suspects would be digging through Florida?s relief shelters for assorted whiners, professional crybabies - and in general ? ingrates to allege that the Bush brothers were screwing up the aid effort, of course in hopes of influencing the presidential vote in this key state, now just months away.

Reuters was among the first to provide vindication for Mr. Gold?s prediction ? in less than 24 hrs, with a story headlined ? ?Floridians who lost homes to Charley frustrated" the ending sentence and tag line being ? ?I don?t know, they say they are going to pump billions of dollars in here, but I don?t have a lot of hope."

This type of story has become all too common at Reuters and at the Associated Press. Sometimes it is so blatant that one must simply chuckle, knowingly, to remain sane.

It?s blatant partisanship but defensible on its face, just as long as you take the messengers assertion of journalistic devotion as the defacto truth and not the lingua franca of deceit.

OD?d On Kerry

Where can one go to escape from the curse of having to confront the daily influx of examples of John Kerry?s pathological lying?


Surely you jest, they not only talk and think like him on the Continent, but they have that same, sullen drawn-face equine look about them also.


Not likely, you can even bump into pictures of the 4 month Vietnam Veteran in Hanoi, sharing wall space with notable Winter Soldiers like Jane Fonda.

Nope, there is no escaping it, and the constant water torture drip of revelations which are now assuming Clintonian stature.

I have half a dozen books before me for review on various Kerry related subjects and they all tell the same depressing story - the vainglorious man who will now never be king.

What compounds this mental torture is knowing that the drumbeat is only now picking up, that the Bush harvest of Kerry slime just starting to rain ? can we?please?just fast-forward to November 3, have a few drinks and re-start afresh the war on terror in a totally insensitive manner?

Calling Marcus X

One of our moles, Marcus X, looks forward to his daily briefings from various lefty 527s and he observes much commotion from over Berkeley way ? where the folks at are feeling the heat of the Kerry meltdown - running amok, crashing into themselves like ants on a hot griddle.

Offering their favorite conservative - the craftily crazed John McCain - as lead spokesman in their smear campaign against the Bush ?smear campaign against those who wore the uniform" ? impressively, they rely on the rock solid research from certain future Pulitzer nominee Joe Conasen and Washpost suck-butt Dana Milbank.

Oh well?

Considering that it is a Federal crime for to coordinate 527 activities with the official national campaigns, MoveOn might want to rely less on quotes and talking points lifted directly from the Senator?s website, it sends a bad message, regardless of their, no-doubt, sterling intent.

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