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Late Breaking.......Kerry questions Cheney's daughter lesbanism....claims a political sympathy trick, demands proof...........BUSINESS ALERT.....National Enquirer backs out on take over bid of CBS...desire to maintain credibility an issue... ...........DNC Challenges Australian Election Results, DEMANDS recount............ .......... .John Kerry admits Genghis Khan is a role model during Dr. Phil taping .......................................

"It'sjust a jump to the left....and then a step to the right"

October 21, 2004 - GREETINGS FELLOW POSTERS! ..Welcome to a very special Election 2004Edition of the BUZZ File.  As Dan Rather would say, "A tipof the Stetson to you"...and if we can paraphrase him and his cornyTexanisms a tad....."This race between George Bush and John Kerry is hotand tight as a too-small bathing suit on a too-long car ride back from thebeach."..........The BUZZ FILE...The guilty pleasure of armchair punditseverywhere....If you wonder why John Kerry lets his woman run around with herdead husband's name...you are at the right place  ... AND....If youreally wonder why you can inadvertently do something but not vertently....youare definitely at the right place.... We were going todo something really special for this Election 2004 Edition....work and plans hadbeen going on for months and we had been planning to give away a new car toevery reader...but Oprah beat us to the promotion so we fell back to plan B.  Yes, fora limited time you can receive the new 2005 Unknown Poster SwimsuitCalendar ata whopping 50% discount......write the Pipe today and request to be put on thelist for this Limited Edition Collector issue......... The BUZZ wants to thank Alyssarah for sending in the most ironic picture of the month........gee,I don't know about the rest of you but I'm feeling pretty beat up as thiselection season comes to a close. I just don't know what to think anymore...it'stimes like this that I go back to my mentor and hero for inspiration....."Confrontedwith the choice, the American people would choose the policeman's truncheon overthe anarchist's bomb." Spiro T. Agnew.....whew...Ifeel better now,  it's on with the show!....wait......I was going to let itpass, but I just can't.  To all our Florida readers, YOU LIVE IN A HURRICANEZONE....don't buy a mobile home........ok, I feel betternow....hold on....and good grief, buy some plywood and put it under your house,what is with these day long lines at Home Depot...hello...it's called beingprepared......it's no wonder they can't even vote right down there......I guesswe should mention the fuss surrounding Bill O'Rielly....what with his currenttroubles and all......what really bothers me is now when we see him sittingbehind his little desk we will have to wonder if he is naked from the waistdown.......ok, ...let's get this over with.


*****FREE MARTHA*****



"A low voter turnout is anindication of fewer people going to the polls."
John F. Kerry


A Review of the 2004 Election

Technically brilliant and thoroughly entertaining. it caters toeveryone.  "Election 2004" is a pretty straight forward story that hasunfolded countless times throughout the  ages.  There is deception, power,lies, betrayal,....and even love.

At the core of the story are two competing gangs, the Republicans vs. theDemocrats. Each fighting over the same tired  turf.  But itisn't the landscape at all that drives the gangs, but a more basic lust forpower and control itself.  Unable to fight their way out of the slums ofthe Washington power corridors, they lock themselves in an eternal battle, eachneeding the other to prove themselves.  Whatever initial ideals that drovethe two gangs apart in the first place has been long forgotten, cast away in therubble strewn voting records and lost visions of their neighborhoods.  In asense, the gangs have evolved into a single machine, each fueling the other,although their machismo won't let them admit it. 

W, as he is known on the street (George Bush) is theleader of the Republican gang or Elephants, who are constantly havingrun-ins with Flip Flopper's (John Kerry) pampered Liberal gang, the Donkeys.Big and small don't mix, and things come to a head when the gangs throwthemselves big parties (conventions)


"BUZZ Side Story" is not a perfect classic, and not a dud. It is predictably in the middle of the spectrum. If anything troubles the viewer, it is wondering how these two gangs have survived."


Flip is trying to clean up his act, backing awayfrom all the political dancing on his old war record, but he is immediatelybashed in the head by one of his owngang, played by tough talking Zell Miller of Georgia who not only skips out on the Donkey bashbut lands with a thud at of all places ...W's hoe down.   Miller, notcontent to just 'hang' with his new homies skips the beat-in and delivers averbal barrage at his old gang....and even Flip himself.  The party'sover,  both gangs take stock of their standing and the Donkeys start topanic.  A Donkey and an Elephant cannot be friends, and since no one seemsto have read "Romeo and Juliet," no one knows what will happen.Eventually, the story does ape Shakespeare, partially.

The Democrat gang is in chaos and in desperation brings backold gang members (played by veteran James Carville and other pals of the formerDonkey leader 'Slick Willie').  They take control and change the image ofFlip and a series of song and dance numbers follow. It may seem silly to havepolitical gangs dance-fighting over the issues, but the pure athleticism on thepart of Flip and his partner, (played by boyish new comer John Edwards) is fantastic.Rarely have dance numbers side stepping political  issues been so physical,and so grand.

To its credit, Buzz Side Story does not shy away fromdifficult issues of the day. It explores both the senselessness of politicalgang strife and the hopelessness faced by us (the voters). Yet, by today'sstandards, its views on both seem a little dated.  However, the story'sapproach to violence is unique. Buzz Side Story is almost bloodless(compared to the recent past leaders of the Donkey Party where there own werebeing found dead and drained of blood, expertly played by Ron Brown and VinceFoster) - even the verbal stabbings and bomb throwing by 527 gangs, (lessergangs under the control of our two major players),   are sanitized.All the fights are highly stylized and divorced from reality. The charactersdance around each other while in the process of stalking and attacking. Yetthere's a real sense of menace to some of these scenes, due in large part to theoff camera  choreography by Republican gang consigliore played by Karl Rove and Democratcounterpart Terry McAuliffe. We end up feeling the violence more than seeing it.It doesn't always work - the power of the scenes in which characters duel (thedebate scenes) is arguably lessened by this approach - but it enables a grittierstory to be told within the political framework.

"We end up feeling the violence more than seeing it.It doesn't always work"

The Donkeys Camp it up

The language has also been toned down, and, by today's standards, seemspositively quaint. I'm not a big proponent of needless profanity, but hearingsilly euphemisms inserted to replace certain obscenities makes occasional linesof dialogue laughably absurd. Politician street characters talk tough; theyalways have and they always will. Buzz Side Story makes them soundlike choir boys. Certain statement also had to be softened to appease theelectorate. "Seared into my memory" loses a bit of its edge asa result.  There was one bright spot that made it way past the Mediacensors, the Republican enforcer, played expertly by veteran player Dick Cheney,let slip off camera a four letter barrage at a Donkey water carrier in theirclubhouse.  The viewer would have been better served by a more prominentrole for this character...and the camera loves him.

It's clear that the cast for Buzz Side Story was notchosen on the basis of pure ability. Lacking a woman of any prominent position,the female lead went to newcomer John Edwards, who was a big political box office drawafter earning millions in an off-Washington road  production of "Fleecingthe Health Care System". And, although Edwards gives a strong enoughperformance, it's legitimate to argue that he was miscast. An extreme suspensionof disbelief is required to accept him as a heart beat away figure from theleader of the gang,, and his shaky accent doesn't help. He doesn't look thepart; in fact, based on appearance, he would have been more at home as aRepublican comic figure. Edwards also did not do his own speech writing. Thatduty fell to professional James Carville, who had previously handled similarduties for legend 'Slick Willie' (Love Machine) and 'Al Gore' (The Lockbox and I).It's no wonder that Edwards sounds so much like a Stepford Democrat.

The role of 'Flip' went to French looking John Kerry, who didn'thave much of a career before  BUZZ Side Story. (Fans of the cultseries "Absent Senator", might remember him however, since he had arecurring part as a sometimes present Senator.) The reason is simple - he's not avery good leader. His performance in BUZZ Side Story is exaggerated,which works well in the dancing away from issues sequences, but strikes thewrong note more than once in the quieter, dramatic moments. He and Edwards alsodon't display much chemistry. However, Kerry is athletic enough and shows goodtiming and fluid movement, which makes him a natural for the side steppingnumbers. Like his Donkey co-star, his vocals were dubbed (by other figures).

BUZZ Side Story remains the best known and mostatypical modernization of what the founding fathers wanted for us. And, eventhough their constitutional vision of the modern nationwide stage productiondoes not play quite as well today as it once did, it still represents a braveand effective fusion of serious and fantasy elements, and offers almost a fullyear and a half of solid entertainment.   BUZZSide Story" is not a perfect classic, and not a dud. It is predictablyin the middle of the spectrum. If anything troubles the viewer, it is wonderinghow these two gangs have survived. Admittedly, there are times when BUZZ Side Story strikes acampy or discordant note, but those instances are overbalanced by the morefrequent moments when it offers its own brand of political magic.

.....playing everywhere until Nov 2nd.




The BUZZ wants to introduce and welcome our newestmember of the team.  For a long time now we (I) have been bugging ThePublisher here frankly for a little help.  I do want to thank him forspending the money and bringing in more staff.  The BUZZ  isvery pleased and in our tradition of Fair and Imbalanced reporting,  topresent our new Style and Political Editor.  Ms. LucyRamirez.  Lucy came to our attention after the debate between Dick Cheneyand John Edwards where Cheney mentioned that he had never met Edwards prior tothe debate.  Lucy sent us these photos that prove Cheney  out and outlied.  Photo 1,.....Photo 2,...... Photo3.   

We are taking the time to present her resume here to sort of acquainteveryone with her, and look forward to her unbiased  political reporting..

5324 Partisan Drive
San Antonio, TX 21450
(202) 863-8000

Bachelor of Arts, Ball State University,
Boston, MA
Political Dirty Tricks and Ballot Stuffing March, 1997
Received academic honors in doublespeak and dirtygamesmanship; Honor Member of Socialist Worker's Party of America; Significant Presentations include "Liberalism, the First Step Toward World Conquest" and Democracy is for Suckers." Group projects include sit in demonstrations and terroristic tactics against the establishment; Reports, and independent research resulted in $1M Federal Grant to study the effects of homelessness on lesbian tree squirrels.

Dallas RatPack,
Dallas, Texas
Disruption Cell Leader 11-97 to 6-98

  • Resulted in 16 Arson fires, 3 unsolved shootings at local police and 3M damage to Republican Fat Cat business property.
  • Our group was instrumental in the Dallas Days of Rage in which power outages and vandalism brought emergency services to a near standstill. Skills acquired include Molotov cocktail and shrapnel pipe bomb making, jellied gasoline production and miscellaneous sniper training occurrences.
Poor and Disenfranchised Minority Recruitment,
Ft. Worth, Texas
Assistant Cell Leader. April - 1994 to March 1995.
  • Established telephone banks and recruited helpers to portray outraged citizens demanding money be allocated for Krispy Kremes for minorities.
  • Organized sit ins to block hospital emergency rooms in protest of lack of colored bandages and Dolls of Color for children wards..
  • Organized student riots over rumors of direct enlistment to all minorities taking ESL.

Highest Priority Professional Competency
Demonstration Organization, Explosives and Arson, Forgery and Credit Card Fraud, Literate in Spanish, Farsi, and Korean.

Second Highest Priority Professional Competency
Ability to entice unsuspecting white men into providing forged documents to mass media outlets.



Justice is often swift on the Pipe and nobody wants to end up making a motion before Her Honor Litigate's bench.


The O'Reilly Case


For the Prosecution Paradigm

"I can't believe the stupidity of O'Reilly knowing that Soros will pay any amount to nail him. O'Reilly could have gotten away with having a prostitute pull him through a knothole if that is what he wanted but he has to play phone sex games with a reluctant employee and expects not to be taped?? Incredible naiveté from a guy that has an ego the size of the Empire State Building. What a moron and what a DOG he chose to play games with. He deserves to be dumped by Fox and I predict it will happen unless he successfully refutes that any such conversations took place. If that were so he would have categorically denied the charges which he did not. He is a dead man walking. I do believe he was set up by the democrats but he fell right into their trap........The problem is that the fool left himself open to a tape recorder and when that is proven to be him he bears some guilt which will ruin his reputation and causing Fox to dump him for violating the harassment rules of the company. The monetary penalty for the harassment will be nothing compared to his loss of power and position at Fox."

For the Defense: Henny

"Hell, she should have been in an operating room.....or on an airline flight or coding computers at night ...nothing here but really truly tacky Irish Catholic lack of understanding about sex (with many of the very SAME hang ups that the Jewish Mother gives her "Baby Boy")

Heck I am embarrassed FOR HIM...just think go through life with sufficient money to spend months in the South Pacific having some starlet feed you caviar and lick your toes ...If that is yo'button...and with all that money all you can do is TRY and FAIL to get some lesbian turn-coat to talk dirty to you !!

What a begetting waste of time and women......O'Reilly has committed no crime ..SHE is doing that, terminally tacky it may be (if true)...but this bitch looks like she was put up to it by the Rats.... HER LAWYER IS THE BROTHER OF THAT NASTY PIECE OF FAT UPPER ARMED, JEWISH BITCH....that is the rat spinner yo see on all the shows.. Even that increasingly stupid assed FOX puts her lies up several times a week... Fox usually matches her up against some poor college student or Glopper of the first order."


Judge Litigate's Ruling: - "as for O'Reilly....if he really did have these conversations, he has signed his own death warrant... read the complaint and the allegations and a couple of things come to mind...sensationalism...and public flogging was a total set up...most complaints do not contain the specifics this one did.. you throw in thecomplaint that the defendant did make inapposite and sexually specific comments, but you usually don't repeatedly state what they were...you save that stuff for negotiating points to settle the suit... am only speculating, but experience would tell me this lady, and I use the term loosely, was a very willing participant in these conversations. If he was so bad to work for why did she return to his employ for the same money she was making at CNN? Does that make it right? Hell no. He is a married man, and was her boss. Shame on him, he should know better. Will she win a suit? The network will quietly settle to make this go away if they have anything on tape and O'reilly will get canned, as well as watch his marriage dissolve if his wife has any brain cells working..."

...hmmmmm...death warrant....public flogging....oh my!...




WORLD EXCLUSIVE: - the BUZZ is proud to present an allegorical piece dedicated to those that fight the good fight against murderous odds. Caution, mommas, lock up your babies and other small mammals.


Joseph Le`Berstat
Doctor Agrabian
Terrance M`Caleffe

Midnight...I hear the mournful click clack of my horse's hooves echo across the cobbled streets. Glouchester, a foul dank November evening and I away from my hearth for too long already.

Why had he sent for me? He must certainly have known that I could not aid him.

In his message he sounded so sad, so spent, heart broken really...in the end, I could not deny him.

The revelry of the election still coloured my thoughts...such a resounding victory. But as our partisans celebrated, those on the Left Bank wailed in bitter acrimony - such anticipation dashed aside as a pumpkin on the morrow of All Souls eve...

How would I find him? Half mad and seeing mystical visions?

Or maybe, inconsolable, palid - dirk drawn tight to his temple...it mattered not.

Now I entered the theatre district - usually gaily lit and turned out at this hour with patrons, stars and starlettes mingling in delicious and salubrious intercourse - but not the case tonight it seems, the bitter news of their idol's defeat was still weighing heavily on their brow and demeanor.

Fie on them I thought, if it were up to me the ringleaders would have already had their neck's streched on the morning of the third.

Now, cantoring around a knotted clump of dispirited humanity, I engaged a young dandy's gaze, he coldly stared then turned away as if he could read my thoughts, which perhaps he could...

The sharp crack of steel against stone now grew dull as we neared the piers, ancient timber beneath us now, stretching ahead for as far as the fog permitted me to see. The streetlights became less numerous, their topaz glassed sides contained incendiary flames which danced with divers shape and form seemingly in time with my steed's foot falls. The chill set its moist tendrils upon me as I cinched up my wool longcoat.

Around the corner I spied my destination, the Denier Nationale Container company. With my eye thus set, in my haste I almost over-ran a dirty pauper who looked like death warmed over, lips drawn back in a feigned snarl. He rushed me then fell back awkwardly hitting the stone masonry wall. Even from this distance he smelled of cheap port wine.

He was babbling, incoherently...more fallen timber I surmised...

Link To "Interview With The Liberal"


Remembering JFK...No, Not That One...

By Alte Hawg 

I?m a contrarian on Pipeline. I?m not a Republican, nor a Democrat. I?m a ?small L" libertarian. Not one of the ?Big L" Libertarians, who I can?t stand. I don?t think that dope should be legalized nor should 12 year olds be allowed to have abortions without parental consent.

Anyway...enough of that

I?m a Vet as well. A Viet Nam vet, in fact, but as a Southeast Asian Vet as well.. From 1964 to 1976 I was in SEA, or getting ready to go to SEA, or training other soldiers to so there.

I love Southeast Asia. The landscape is not all that fantastic, but it is beautiful in so many ways. A mountain stepped in paddy fields is gorgeous to behold. The ivory green of the hills and valleys is beautiful.

I love the grit of the Southeast Asian people. They are not political, they just want to be left alone, so they can farm their fields, and make a small living. They appreciate it if someone comes by, and shares a bottle of liquor or a cigarette with them. But they are not political?

As a Vet who spent a lot of time on the ground in Southeast Asia, getting to know the various peoples, which surely includes the Vietnamese, I?ve a real problem with John F. Kerry.

By all accounting, the prick never once actually set foot on dry land, and got to know a Vietnamese person. He never got around to talking to the people he was supposed to be helping defend themselves from the Communists ? he became an enemy to them.

John F. Kerry never shared anything with the people of Vietnam or any other part of Southeast Asia. Not an opinion, not an idea and certainly not a drop of sweat?

Some of us did, though, and we don?t like Lt. Kerry, and his claims to hero status as a member of the last of the Imperial Services in the US.

Sorry, dude, your membership as a Naval Officer doesn?t impress most Soldiers and Marines. It may have an impact on some Airmen and Sailors, but what do they count for, in the bigger scheme of things????? Soldiers and Marines get down and dirty with the people who want to mess with America.

That?s right, Soldiers with a Capital S. We are no longer going to be subsumed to second class status, with a small s to spell our names. And we Soldiers don?t like or trust Mr. Kerry. We also don?t like or trust Mrs. Kerry, but that is a different issue.

By all accounts, Mr. Kerry, you spent all your time ashore in the Officers Quarters. If I?m wrong about this, please correct me, and give me the name of he bars and whore houses you visited?.

But, living in the luxury of Naval Officers Quarters was probably so good that you didn?t need to go ?down town?, as the troops did, for entertainment, if you get my drift. You had all you needed or wanted delivered to you on a silver platter, including access to the Corpsman?s Station for what ever medical facility that was there, to take care of your venereal diseases, and the occasional (doubtful) combat wounds.

You, and your supposed service, Mr. Kerry, are a major embarrassment to the rest of the service members who served in Viet Nam.

You?ve got it all wrong.

The ?Best and Brightest? didn?t stay at New England Ivy League schools. They served in Southeast Asia. They fought long and hard to win America?s battles, and gave blood and limbs and lives to that cause, while you collected medals you do not deserve.

..Kiss My Ass, John Kerry?


"Quite frankly, teachers are theonly profession that teach our children."
 John F. Kerry




Animal Kingdom.....A duck's quack doesn't echo and no one knowswhy....Turtles canbreathe through their butts.....It is possible to lead a cow upstairs... but not downstairs....Donkeys kill more people annually than plane crashes.

Ratherand Drugs ......"I had someone at the Houston police station shootme with heroin so I could do a story about it. The experience was a special kindof hell. I came out understanding full well how one could be addicted to'smack,' and quickly."....."I've tried everything. I can say to youwith confidence, I know a fair amount about LSD. I've never been a social userof any of these things, but my curiosity has carried me into a lot ofinteresting areas."......
--Dan Rather in Ladies' Home Journal.



This is a heads-up announcement that the longawaited Pipelogue Blog function is now up and in betatesting.  The link we are providing shows what can be done with this new functionality. We have designed a format that you will give our PipeLoguers a lot of power, it is HTML enabled and has a ton of editing functions.

Shortly,  we will be doing a major roll out on this new and excitingaddition to the Pipe.   We want to especially thank Phoenix for doing major testing and debugging for the program. The Pipelogue he has put together Border Crossings, can be seen via the link below as an example.  If you are interested in a personal Pipelogue, contact one of the admins here at PLN.





 The Americans With "NoAbilities Act"

May 23, 2005

WASHINGTON, DC: -Congress approved sweeping legislation,whichprovides new benefits for many Americans. The Americans With No Abilities Act (AWNAA),signed into law by President John Kerry shortly after its passage, is beinghailed as a major victory by advocates of the millions of Americans who lack anyreal skills or ambition.

"Roughly 50 percent of Americans do notpossess the competence and drive necessary to carve out a meaningful role forthemselves in society," said Kerry, a longtime AWNAA supporter.

"This is why many of them voted for me.We can no longer stand by and allow People of Inability to be ridiculed andpassed over. With this legislation, employers will no longer be able to grantspecial favors to a small group of workers, simply because they do a better job,or have some idea of what they are doing", said Kerry.

President Kerry pointed to the success of theUS Postal Service, which has a long-standing policy of providing opportunitywithout regard to performance. Approximately 80 percent of postal employees lackjob skills, making this agency the single largest US employer of Persons ofInability.

Private sector industries with good records ofnondiscrimination against the Inept include retail sales (72%), the airlineindustry (68%),and home improvement "warehouse" stores (65%).

President Kerry has also set an example,personally selecting hundreds of Nonabeled people for top government positions,including many cabinet-level jobs.

Under the Americans With No Abilities Act,more than 25 million "middle man" positions will be created, withimportant-sounding titles but little real responsibility, thus providing anillusory sense of purpose and performance.

Mandatory non-performance-based raises andpromotions will be given, to guarantee upward mobility for even the mostunremarkable employees. The legislation in top positions, and gives a tax creditto small and

medium businesses that agree to hire one cluelessworker for every two talented hires. Finally, the AWNAA contains tough newmeasures to make it more difficult to discriminate against the Nonabled, banningdiscriminatory interview questions such as "Do you have any goals forthe future?" or "Do you have any skills or experience which relateto this job?" and "Are you awake?"

"As a Nonabled person, I can't be expected to keep upwith people who have something going for them," aid Mary Lou Gertz, wholost her position as a lug-nut twister at the GM plant in Flint, MI due to herlack of notable job skills.

"This new law should really helppeople like me." With the passage of this bill, Gertz and millions ofother untalented citizens can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Said Kerry, "It is our duty as lawmakersto provide each and every American citizen, regardless of his or her adequacy,with some sort of space to take up in this great nation."




Britney Spears talks to BlondeStar® whiletraveling

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....figowitz- on growth - "I'm wondering what has happened to me. I was a mild,easy-going guy who waited his turn, dutifully paid his taxes, and did what I hadbeen taught was right. I've become a different man. I am sick and &tired of these liberal knuckledraggers taking my country away a little piece ata time, wiping their filthy asses on my flag, and arrogantly telling me I'm thefool".......QUIP OF THE MONTH...goes to brynna88- "Speaking of wood and trees--who can forget that WOODEN dummy called AlGore in 2000?"..Kerry appears to be cut from the same tree."..notbad, not bat at all.....Steadfastlove- on geography - ."I'm surrounded in the sea of Bush/Cheney haters inthe NE...who just stare blankly at me in disbelief whenever I parrot RushLimbaugh with something like: "you don't compromise with liberals, youdefeat them at the polls"....They think I'm talking about tracking polls ortelephone poles...In fact the only reason they know where New England is isbecause they live there.. (There just can't be that many people who arestupid enough to vote for Kerry. The ones that are that stupid don't seeanything in it for them this time around and won't vote! , Don'tunderestimate the stupidity of the American people, especially in this neck ofthe woods.There are lots of them..college educated, doctors, dentists, insurancesalesman, hair dressers"......liberals aren'tstupid Steady...they are just 'special'..........AKELAon polling  ="The latest AKELAPOLL predicts a landslide for"W" There are MILLIONS of people out there who prefer a warriorpresident to a snotty, elitist lying punk."...talkabout a push poll....


RANT OF THE MONTH: On Cats vs. Dogs swampy....."I'lltake a good dog any day. During my whole life the only times I didn't have onewas when one died and I was looking for another.I can't stand being without one.They're the best companions one could ask for. Yeah,they can be a pain in theass at times but it's worth it.Now for cats. My wife is a cat lover and we havea Maine Coon that's a total pain in the arse. All it does is puke and serves nopurpose except except to watch birds from the sunroom window. Other than thatit's worthless. Several years ago I bought a new drum set and the damn thingcrawled inside the drum through the microphone port and pizzed in it. A brandnew $600.00 drum was ruined. I finally replaced the whole kit 2 weeks ago.The dogis lying here at my feet just like a good dog does. I haven't a clue where thecat is right now. Where ever it is,I hope it stays there.Dogs are far superior,make better companions, are more intelligent and actually listen to you andobey."....thanks for the take on Pup Culture..........HONORABLEMENTION: TheTruthSquad- on the sensitive side of men.....   "Iknow its not v macho, but i prefer kitty cats, they are cuddly, easy to takecare of and smarter than many dogs........don't get me wrong....I have owned dogstoo, but since I travel more than I want, a kitty is easier to take careof....you just leave them a big bowl of food and a bunch of water and they arefine for a week"..........awwwww......




Dear Unknown 'Poser',

As a proud Black man I was offended by your last month Special DiversityEdition Buzz File.  Who cares about white African-Americans and theiraccomplishments.  There is no such thing as a whiteAfrican-Americans.  They can only accomplish because my people make itpossible.  This is just another reason why we don't like white people andnever will.

Denver Co.

Dear Denver,   I dohave to make an apology.  We received several letters after our lastDIVERSITY issue where we highlighted the accomplishments of WhiteAfrican-Americans.  Some, like you,  indicated a divide that willnever heal.  Here at the BUZZ we reject that philosophy.  We dowish to pass on that many African-Americans do in fact like whitepeople.   Take Sally and Johnny for example and their website BlackPeople Love us.......let's us all just get along ...ok......



That's a wrap homies and homettes....beforewe go let us Liberals and Conservatives come together now and join George Bushand John Kerry in lifting our voices together in an uplifting rendition of ">This Land......the BUZZwill be taking our annual break for Ramadan, the Jewish Holy Days, Wicken HighCelebration week, the Goth sacrifice period to the Black Sages,  and of course....Kwanzaa......which only leaves a smallwindow, so be sure and look for our upcoming Winter Holidays issue sometime inDecember....TUP


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