Ron Reagan Is Dead Wrong on Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research


Washington, DC - PipeLineNews - "The sad passing of President Reagan does not change thefact that his son's statements promoting human embryonic stem cell researchare wrong-dead wrong," said Judie Brown, president of American Life League,in response to Ron Reagan's speech at the Democratic National Conventiontonight. "The ends, no matter how well-intentioned, can never justify themeans. It is never acceptable to end an innocent human being's life. Theacquisition of human embryonic stem cells does exactly that."

Brown is dismayed by the ongoing disinformation campaign being waged by themedia, many in the scientific community and allegedly "pro-life" officialssuch as Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah). "This deception fails to make thedistinction between immoral, unethical human embryonic stem cellresearch-which will always take the life of an innocent human being-and theethical forms of research using cord blood stem cells and adult stem cells.Clinical research has overwhelmingly concluded that these ethical forms ofhuman stem cell research have yielded better results and continue to showmore promise than human embryonic stem cell research."

Reagan's ignorance of the scientific facts was made crystal clear when heclaimed, "no fetal tissue is involved in this process. No fetuses arecreated, none destroyed.those who stand in the way of this remarkablefuture.argue that [human embryonic stem cell research] is tantamount tomurder."

"Ron, it is murder," said Brown. "It is human sacrifice. It is an acceptedscientific fact that a human being's life begins at fertilization. A humanembryo, from fertilization, has unique DNA and distinct individualcharacteristics. Put simply, this is a living human being. Reagan's fancifulclaims amount to nothing more than science fiction designed to misleadAmericans into accepting the utilitarian mindset that one life is moreimportant than another."

In addition to issuing the Personhood Proclamation, President Reagan wrotethe book, Abortion and the Conscience of America. His statements onpersonhood make it clear that Ronald Wilson Reagan would have opposed humanembryonic stem cell research. "It is unfortunate that President Reagan's sonhas chosen to take a public position on human embryonic stem cell researchthat is deceptive and erroneous. His actions are disingenuous and dishonorthe memory of a great man," said Brown.