This 'N That

By William A. Mayer

A lot of outrage this week - not much in the way of answers - I'm in a brutal mood.

None Dare Call It Debate

A two hour, jack-hammered, root canal is the kindest way to characterize the Democrat candidate’s confab held on Sunday January 4 - less than three weeks before the Iowa caucus on January 19.

Not really sure what terrible sin America must have committed that finds her deserving of such disingenuous cow-pie pitching as dished up by this group of losers, but it must have been grievous indeed.

One extreme lowlight.

Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun.

Oh sure…Ambassador…a twenty-four month appointment/payoff by the Clinton administration for kneepad services rendered by Carol during the impeachment of the maximum leader of the most ethical administration in history.

It is of course a given…Western Samoa is such a strategic ally nothing but the finest would do. Surely none would doubt that this was Carol's finest hour - that her ministration to this coral bound empire of fiddler crabs and breadfruit is the good Senator's crowning achievement.

So please - for diversity’s sake - let’s not delve into Braun’s campaign funds being used to clothe her less than reputable boyfriend/manager pimpdude - Kgosie Matthews – a paid agent of bloody Nigerian dictator Sani Abacha or the $250,000 she and Kgosie ripped off from the travel agent that booked those half dozen trips to Nigeria.

Braun really should send a thank-you note to ex AG Janet Reno, had it not been for her, the Ambassador would most likely have appeared on Sunday via closed circuit TV from the Federal Pen.

Did someone say penitentiary?

Where was Al Sharpton?

Out trading coke bindles for fatback baby ribs?

Busy applying his trademarked Tarwana-canine-caca-treatment to some half-idiot female child?

Why wasn’t this man investigated, tried and sent up the river years ago for the murders at Freddies Fashion Mart and at Crown Heights?

It’s pretty clear at this point that what the Democrat party needs is a thorough colon cleansing – and that Reverend Al is merely the place where you stick the nozzle.

US Visit Program

Those on the right, who are most actively engaged in bitching about how the Bush administration is simply Clinton/Gore without the humidor sessions, should take solace in the fact that starting on January 5 all foreign travelers carrying visas must be both facially scanned and digitally fingerprinted at their point of entry.

This data will then be added to the databases through which terrorists will hopefully be culled from the population. It’s a significant change in the way we deal with those who may potentially want to harm us here at home and though not the total solution it goes a long way towards finally bringing concrete measures to the fore on the domestic terror front.

For the life of my I can’t figure out why normally sane conservatives are so fast to sell out their own, when what they consider back stabbing doesn’t even register as a mosquito bite in lefty circles.

Maybe we just have congenital thin skin or need more beta-carotene in our diets, I don't know - I’m genuinely mystified.

The Book Of Dean

Religion to Dean is like a suction curette is to an abortionist.

It’s a crude tool; use it once, throw it away - try to avoid the dripping gore.

End of sentence.

Bush is Hitler

In a sane world the members of Move-On, their ideological kindred spirits - people like Ben & Jerry, George Soros and most “progressives" in general - should undergo forced sterilization as a public health measure if for no other reason.

Call it preventive maintenance, call it what you will all I know is that I have seen enough of these types up close and personal on the streets of San Francisco and little insular red outposts like Walnut Creek to relish the thought of performing the procedure myself with my own two hands and a rusty can opener.

Judicial Malfeasance Redux

Bill Frist to the white courtesy phone please.

Over the past few weeks various courts have killed a parental notification law, struck down the US Dept of Labor’s reporting requirements on union campaign spending, and are setting the stage to free Al Qaeda dirty bomber in training, Jose Padilla.

Senator Frist, we respectfully query you - what the hell is going on?

The federal judiciary is in full revolt against the constitution, they have set themselves up as un-elected legislators and you continue to blithely assume the position for Tom Daschle.

Mr. Frist that is neither an appealing image nor it is proper for the Senate Majority leader to allow his party, his president and the founding documents of this republic to be trampled underfoot by a diminutive little wuss while his wife, Linda, shakes down the American taxpayer for fun and profit.

Business as usual is morally indefensible; it’s way too late in the day for delicacy - to the ramparts!

Mars Landing

Not all is darkness - A red letter day for the triumph - once again - for American hard science and optimism, especially in light of the Euro-Lander’s ignominious failure a few days previous.

What this proves is that we can accomplish just about anything we want, as long the goal is just, that we are willing to make the commitment and finally, that we agree to properly fund the effort.

Optimism is one primary demarcation point between conservatives and progressives.

For progressives, faith in God, your inborn ability, your nation…even the future, is a foreign concept.

The war on terror is just too difficult, involves too many sacrifices, takes time away from “Sex in the City" re-runs or trying to give cowardly enemy combatants the same rights our fathers, sons, brothers, sisters, mothers and daughters died to protect.

Liberals/social engineers/collectivists lack noble purpose.

Their gospels were written by foolish men, they know this in their gut and are therefore incapable of summoning forth, inspiration or ultimate motivation.

For them it can’t possibly work, man is too small, too powerless, too fearful and lacking in confidence.

That is their defeatist refrain and that is why events like being able to successfully undertake and complete complex scientific missions a world away are so gratifying.

They stand in stark testimony against the negativism, the obsessive death cult that the left is at its core.

The Nuclear Suitcases Of Sheikh Osama Bin Laden - A Christmas Message From Daleel Almojahid

PipeLineNews - Editor's note: As we consider the heightened state of terror awareness, it may be instructive to read a sample of the type of "chatter" that has alarmed the intelligence gathering mechanism of the United States.

It comes from an Internet source called Daleel Almohahid which means roughly, Guide or Directive of the Jihad, in Arabic. Internet message boards such as this one have been increasingly cluttered with such ominous warnings.

This is a remarkable document. Many of the facts claimed by it are either not verifiable or provably incorrect - [nuclear yield figures, weight estimates, portability, etc] - still, if it contains nothing more than pompous boasting, it gives some insight into the Wahabi mindset and what we are up against in this Third World War which is being fought against Islamic fundamentalism.

We did nothing to change the content of this message, except a small amount of editing/formatting and a few clarifications which appear in brackets within the body of the message text.

For a short discussion about the nature of suitcase nuclear devices take the following link:

Do Suitcase Nukes Exist?

In the seventies Russian scientists were ordered to produce andmanufacture small nuclear bombs the size of suit cases by the (KGB) todestroy the enemy's major targets in the war, like electricityfacilities and bridges, and so on.

These small tactical nuclear suit cases have a destruction power ofabout 1000 tones worth of TNT, and that's about 10% of a conventionalnuclear bomb like the ones that America dropped on the cities ofHiroshima and Nagasaki.

So if Al-Qaida was able to smuggle these suit cases into the UnitedStates this means that its possible to destroy the Congress entirelyand everything as close as half a mile from it, and would eventuallyspread out nuclear dust in all the region of Washington!.

These nuclear suit cases have the capability to kill up to 100,000people from the nuclear dust it spreads, and the affected area will bea ghost town for a long time to come.

These nuclear suit cases weigh from 30kg to 45 kg [65-100lbs] per suit case, it'spossible for any one to carry it on his back, and it just needs oneperson to blow it up.

There is also another kind of nuclear suit cases that are made up ofonly nuclear radiation waste, these kind of bombs just need normalexplosives to spread out the radiation that will eventually destroylife in a wide area.

What does the American administration know and hiding from theAmerican public?

American Intelligence have noted that Osama bin laden has tried to buyenriched uranium in 1993, but other intelligence discovered that OsamaBin Laden was actually able of buying tactical nuclear weapons fromthe black market and that's directly after the collapse of the formerSoviet Union. These weapons were smuggled out from the factory's and production facilities that have been closed with out a watching eye.

Other intelligence have told the US that bin laden was able of buyingmore than 20 nuclear suit cases for an amount of 30 million USdollars, and the Russian mafia was responsible for the smuggling ofthese suit cases out of the former Soviet Union and they succeeded.

Other intelligence came out from a former Al-Qaida operative theSudanese Jamal Ahmad Al-Fadl that was held for the blowing up of thetwo American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, he noted to the French news paper (express) that he looked for nuclear material on the behalfof Al-Qaida in Sudan and was capable of finding what he was lookingfor, after that he called a high Al-Qaida operative and sent him thedetails of what he has found. Al-Fadl said that Al-Qaida was veryhappy from what he has found and sent him 10,000$ and told him we willcontinue the buying. And so they did!

In 1997, the American administration woke up from its sleep after apress release from General Alexander Leped [Alexander Lebed] the adviser of the formerRussian President Bores Yalitsen [former Russian President Boris Yeltsin] speaking in an interview with anAmerican news channel saying (the Former Soviet Union has lost 100small nuclear suite cases since the fall of the former Soviet Unionand that they don't know where they have disappeared to!!)

After that interview directly the Russians issued a statement sayingthat General Alexander Leped was lying and accused him of stupidityand that he was trying to have some political publicity.

But the strange thing in this story is that General Alexander Lepedwas killed later on in a chopper crash in Siberia in 2002! And theofficial statement from the Russian authority's to the cause of thecrash was that the shopper bulged into electricity cables due to badweather!!!

After the blessed attacks of 9-11 Osama bin laden was Quoted saying toa Pakistani news paper (Al-fager)

"Al-Qaida has nuclear and chemical weapons and these weapons are there for defense purposes" and added we would use them against the United States if they use against us any sort of weapons like these."

American intelligence also knows that Al-Qaida has NuclearCapabilities, after Bin Sheba was detained and through interrogationshe confessed that Al-Qaida does in fact have a small arsenal ofnuclear weapons ready to be deployed and used.

When Taliban started its fast evacuation from parts of Afghanistan itleft behind it traces of paper that indicated to the Americanintelligence that Al-Qaida has knowledge about nuclear and chemicalweapons. One of these papers that were found had the titled (the bigbombs) and it describes exactly how to produce a nuclear explosions inan easy method. It was then certain to the American intelligence teamthat Al-Qaida has probably been able of producing what's called ( anuclear radiation explosion bomb) which if deployed would make a hugearea a ghost town.

Why are we publishing all this to you?

We want the American people to start opining their eyes before it'stoo late to how their government is lying to them every day, althoughthey know who Al-Qaida is! They know its Capabilities. America thoughtthat it can be one day the strongest power in the world and that noone would be able to stand against her, but God has his ways also andknows how to break a huge nation with a few small and weak followers.

Wake up Americans, your country was trying to be the police man of theworld, taking everything for granted as if every one on this planet isits slave! But no, that will never be or happen, not now and not in amillion years to come.

America was made up with a huge army that would face and destroy huge

army's like her, but it could never win a war with ghosts that stand

everywhere and nowhere standing up for this so called great nation!!

Always keep in you're your mind that what goes around comes around.Always remember how your great nation dropped nuclear weapons without any kind of sympathy what so ever on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki killing millions of children, men, and women, what a greatnation!! So don't be surprised if God decides to send you the samerevenge!! God is fair don't you think!

Praise to God almighty as we move closer to a new Islamic era whether you like it or not.

Alaah akbaar


Florida Islamic Conference Outed As Jihad-Fest

By Beila Rabinowitz & William A. Mayer

(Washington) PipeLineNews - Although possibly viewed as heretical – in some quarters - it is really hard to ignore the fact that one of Mohammed’s prime intentions, when creating Islam was to unite the warring Arab tribes and factions into one nation.

This statement is not meant to demean the softer, more lofty side of the religion - especially considering that much of it is derived from the Bible – but it is really necessary to grasp this key fact - of Islam’s practicality and historic use as an organizing principle - if one is to understand both its promise and more darkly, its potential as a true threat.

We will leave the aspect of Islam’s promise to others, possibly better able to convey Islam’s beneficent side, since that doesn’t get people killed.

Much has been written since September, 11 2001 about Islam. Unfortunately much of what has been written is more influenced by the intellectual straightjacket enforced by the diversity crowd rather than by a cold and hard appraisal of the facts at hand.

Fact: There are adherents to a radical form of Islam and they comprise the majority of the terrorist threat against Israel, the United States and the Western democracies.

We can argue what percentage of this faith is represented by the radicals, but the existence of a virulent sect within Islam cannot be denied.

Here in the United States we take justifiable pride in accommodating many diverse cultures, lifestyles and beliefs. It is said ad-nauseum, that we are a nation of immigrants, and that is absolutely correct. However this very accommodation, this willingness to uncritically accept people at their word places us at potential great peril.

Pavel Sudaplatov, Soviet spymaster & Stalin’s personal intelligence operative who arranged the 1940 assassination of Trotsky in Mexico - characterized the nature of this danger very succinctly in his autobiographical work, Special Tasks.

“You in the West have your weaknesses as well. The diversity in America, the plethora of foreign-born immigrant communities within your population, are the pride of your melting pot. Yet within these communities we were able to enlist thousands of agents ready to destroy you in case war broke out between us."

Given our bitter recent experience with foreign born architects of domestic terror we no longer have the luxury to assume that all alien philosophies are harmless and that all immigrants mean us well – the weapons these renegades might wield, in a nuclear world, are far too fearsome and our highly integrated society – for all of its military and economic strength - too fragile, to be able to any longer afford the risk.

Set against such rumination we consider the new Universal Heritage Foundation - situated in Orlando’s tourist corridor – which will on Friday December 19, give locals an opportunity to combine both the fun of the Magic Kingdom with Islamic fundamentalism and the Muslim Caliphate.

Located just 15 miles from Disney World, the 31 acre campus of the Universal Heritage Foundation is sponsoring its “Islam for Humanity“ inaugural conference, which is expected to draw thousands of Muslims to Kissimmee Florida.

Editor's note: As we go to press, the final location of the conference - like many of the other facts surrounding the story - seems to be in flux. Reports have been circulated that now the event will be held at a site in Osceola, Florida called the Silver Spur Stadium at Ocseola Heritage Park, apparently having been moved - unexpectedly - from its original location, the UHF Center itself.

Various reasons for the sudden venue change have been offered, but the conflicting nature of these excuses merely provides further evidence of the subterfuge surrounding this event. In many ways, it simply provides punctuation to the question:

"What are these people trying to hide?"

The UHF campus is considered to be the largest tract of land owned by a Muslim organization in America.

The UHF is an Islamic “propagation" center founded by the Islamic Circle of North America and the Muslim American Society - two of the largest and most radical Muslim, organizations in the United States.

“They [Editor’s note: the Wahabi, or radical Islamists] control every major Muslim organization, including the Islamic Association for Palestine, the Islamic Circle of North America, the Islamic Committee for Palestine, the Islamic Society for North America, the Muslim Arab Youth Association, the Muslim Public Affairs Council, and the Muslim Students Association." The New Anti Semitism - Daniel Pipes

The “Islam for Humanity" conference flyer proclaims a message of brotherhood and understanding.

"We invite you to attend our Inaugural Conference…where…we will ask you to join hands with us as we walk up the road to new horizons…."

However, UHF director Zulfiqar Ali Shah and president Ashraf Shaikh who are hosting more than 25 participants, seem to have a decidedly different agenda. The roster of these participants reads like a Who’s Who of militant Islam and many of them represent institutions and organizations linked to international terrorism.

Actually to be perfectly factual, the roster of only a few days ago read more like the sinister Who’s Who list than the current one, and there is a reason for that. The organizers of the “Islam for Humanity" event know that they are being observed, and are making changes along the way to attempt to blunt in advance the growing criticism that the presence of such notorious people naturally brings about.

“We want to awaken the conscience of America: because if you remain on the side of injustice, the wrath of God will come," he told the crowd. “Please all Americans, do remember that, that Allah is watching everyone. If you continue doing injustice, and tolerating injustice, the wrath of God will come." - Muzammil Siddiqui, the former president of Islamic Society of North America, Imam of the Islamic Society of Orange County in California and hastily removed, previously scheduled speaker at the UHF Conference.

There are others.

“In a similar vein, CAIR board member Imam Siraj Wahaj calls for replacing the American government with a caliphate, and warns that America will crumble unless it "accepts the Islamic agenda." Wahaj, it should be noted, served as a character witness for Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, the Muslim cleric convicted for his role in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing." Front Page Magazine March 5, 2003 – Wahaj was also a scheduled speaker at the Conference who now appears to be AWOL from the event.

Possibly the most controversial “special guest" speaker scheduled - Saudi Sheik Abul Rahman Al-Sudais – has been apparently pulled also. Al-Sudais is the head Islamic cleric of Saudi Arabia. He has called upon Muslims to “kill Jews and American worshippers of the cross."

Previously scheduled speaker, Green Party leader Ralph Nader - who recently announced that he was launching an exploratory bid for the U.S. presidency - also will be a no-show at the conference - we are assuming that anyway - since his name was removed from the newest iteration of the speaker's roster.

We here at PipeLineNews, have been unable to confirm this with finality because his Washington DC office refused to answer the questions we posed directly about his appearance. They no longer return our telephone calls. In the same vein the UHF does not seem to have anyone capable of answering the telephone either and does not return voice-mail, at least from us.

Presidential hopeful Ralph Nader had been keynote speaker at a previous ICNA/MAS conference. At that meeting he criticized America’s war on terror declaring - “They used to be called communists , now they are called terrorists." Nader asserted that - “The U.S will lose this type of war because America has more to lose." Nader also dismissively referred to the 9/11 attacks as merely “an intelligence failure" as if Wahabi influenced, primarily Saudi nationals had nothing to do with those four airliners being hijacked that September morn, two years ago.

Ralph Nader's leftist critique of America is well documented but not even he apparently wants to be lumped together with people like Sheik Sudais, and other leading Saudi intellectuals who stated in 2002.

“We consider the United States and the current American administration the nurturer of international terrorism with distinction, and it, along with Israel, form the axis of terrorism and evil in the world."

Sudais' incitement and hate filled pronouncements are not just representative of his personal opinions.

As Islamic authority and journalist Kenneth Timmerman, explains.

“...these clerics are in fact employees of the state. No one can ascend to the minaret of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, as Sheik Abdelaziz Al Sudais does regularly, without the sanction of the king. After the terror attacks in Saudi Arabia, Al-Sudais was widely quoted for having declared that the perpetrators were 'un-Islamic' because their victims included Arabs and Muslims. At a sermon during the Haj in Mecca, Men and women of all ages, races and backgrounds, thronged to the Grand Mosque in Mecca at noon, to listen to an emotional sermon by Sheik Abdel Rahman Al-Sudais, appealing for support for the Palestinian Intifada [the uprising against Israel], against the Israeli occupation. Holding back tears, he said that he hoped for the day when Islam’s holiest shrine, the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, would be freed from the 'hands of the Zionist gang'..."

Support for the Palestinian Intifada implies funding, which also extends to Islamic organizations in the United States. While no direct link has yet been established between outright terrorist groups like Hamas and the Universal Heritage Foundation, the interlocking directorate which seems to guide these groups are fully supportive of Jihaddist theology.

For example: Critics, including terrorism expert, Steven Emerson, accuse the American based Islamic group [Islamic Circle of North America] as having ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the ideological godfather of all radical Islamic movements - including Hamas and Bin Laden's Al-Qaeda.

Documents show Hamas officials have participated in previous ICNA events. UHF director Zulfiqar Ali Shah is past president of the ICNA.

Ali Shah was also the principal at the Islamic School in Sunrise whose co-founder, Mohammed Javed Qureshi, was "dirty bomber" suspect Jose Padilla's direct supervisor at a local Taco Bell.

Padilla, whose Islamic name is Abdullah al Muhajir, is being held in solitary confinement at a military brig in Charleston, SC. The FBI believes he was recruited by Al-Qaeda to conduct a "dirty bomb" [radioactive material attached to a high explosive conventional bomb] attack, somewhere in the United States.

According to ABC news - "Al Muhajir later told him he had accepted Islam at a mosque and had taken the Muslim name Ibrahim. Qureshi said after that, he saw al Muhajir at the Mosque at the Islamic School in Sunrise and the Islamic Center of South Florida in Pompano Beach."

You connect the dots.

A recent article about the Saudi terror funding network described how “Saudi Arabia’s huge investment in financing the spread of Wahabi doctrine in the United States has been tied to the threat posed by Al Qaeda sleeper cells, in as many as 40 states."

Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) not one usually associated with spreading right-wing conspiracy theories, said that, "The Wahabi presence in the United States is a foreboding one…My fear is that if we don’t wake up and take action now, those influenced by Wahabism ’s extremist ideology will harm us in of yet unimaginable ways."

Regarding the Universal Heritage Foundation's patron organization, the ICNA [Islamic Circle of North America] counter terrorism expert Steven Emerson stated that:

"The ICNA’s hatred of the Jews is so fierce that it taunted them with a repetition of what Hitler did to them."

In his book - American Jihad - Emerson writes that, “The ICNA openly supports militant Islamic fundamentalist organizations, praises terror attacks, issues incendiary attacks on western values and policies, and supports the imposition of Sharia [Islamic code of law]."

The ICNA's own agenda belies Zufiqar Ali Shah’s claims in a recent news article that, “he wasn’t aware" of the fact that Sheik Al Sudais, who is slated to be the keynote speaker at the UHF inauguration, had been widely quoted in the media in 2002 calling the Jews - "the scum of humanity, the rats of the world, the killers of prophets, and the grandsons of monkeys and pigs."

Regarding the event , Shah went on to state that, “we would not allow anyone to say anything inappropriate" adding, “We’re trying to do something good".

Even more disingenuous is the fact that Shah’s own theological and political pronouncements rival that of Sheik Al –Sudais ’s for their anti-Semitic and incendiary content.

A tape of Shah for sale on the “Mecca-centric" website is his “Examination of the Old Testament" which explains" how many teachings in the Old Testament actually go against all logic and morality."

In an article in 2002, Shah stated

"That this [Palestine], was not just an Arab issue, but one for “the whole Muslim Ummah [nation]...If we are unable to stop the Jews now, their next stop is Yathrib [the prophet’s city of Medina], where Jews used to live until their expulsion by the prophet Muhammed...That’s the pinnacle of their motives...We need to take the Palestine cause as a “Fard" [religious obligation] and work whole heartedly towards it’s realisation."

At least there is loyalty within the brotherhood, the UHF's Webmaster is Tayebb Yunus, who is also an active member of the ICNA's Majlis al-Shura Committee [consultation council].

Steven Emerson testified at the 2003 9/11 commission hearings on terrorism that at the July 2000 annual convention of the Islamic Circle of North America, [ICNA] in Baltimore, speaker Tayyab Yunus pleaded with the audience:

“The youth is very important…And we all want to see our youth to succeed to become doctors, to become engineers; but how many of you can actually say that you want to send your sons to Jihad, to Chechnya?

How many of you can actually say that…How many of you actually want to send your child…How many of you can actually say that you want to send your youth to fight in Jihad or to send them to…these Islamic institutions to become educated? I’m sorry. Other then that I honestly believe in my heart that this is the right time, right now is the time"

M. Ashraf Shaikh, the president of the UHF, also runs the' Islamic Information Network' in Jacksonville, Florida, whose stated purpose is, "To serve humanity by providing accurate information about the religion of Islam, and by undertaking such other projects that promote a better understanding and respect for, and among people of all faiths."

Perhaps the best way to judge whether or not UHF’s claims to want to “promote a better understanding and respect for, and among people of all faiths" is to judge them not just by the preceding and rather harsh assemblage of vitriolic statements, but by their actions.

It is often said that the true character of an individual or in this case organization can be best judged by how they treat those of lesser social status, those of humble origin or those possessing nothing to covet.

If that is the case let us examine the ongoing story of Pastor Lee Wasson’s Kissimmee Christian Academy.

The Academy provides a faith-based curriculum from second grade through high school.

Unfortunately the Academy’s 6 acres of fenced grounds are adjoined by a 25 acre parcel that, by happenstance, serves as the location of the UHF compound.

Together, the 31 acre combined properties comprise what used to be David People’s, South Eastern Academy - a travel & culinary school - which eventually filed for bankruptcy.

It was in this bankruptcy proceeding that Super Stop Petroleum Company became the landlord to both UHF and the Kissimmee Christian Academy, the chief corporate officer of Super Stop?

Denise Qureshi. There is a possible alias with the name however, Muhammed K. Qureshi is another possibility.

Qureshi [or the Qureshis, as the case may be] own an impressive list of holdings, at least one, apparently with Shahida A Siddiqui.

Remember, now and repeat “respect for people of all faiths"

Since the Pastor’s landlord became Qureshi’s petroleum company, he has been continuously harassed and the particular form of harassment has taken its toll on the students, the parents and the financial health of the school.

Eviction proceedings, inexplicable power outages, cessation of running water followed by suspicious floods – all seemingly calculated to take place at or near the first of the month when tuitions are due, have resulted in the student population falling by nearly 50% since mid-summer, when the new land lord took over.

Wasson has a lease through the end of the school year, yet the harassment continues.

Because of circulating rumors of possible violence many parents are not allowing their children to even venture near the school, this Friday [the day the UHF event is slated to begin] simply because of their fear of possible extremist repercussions, so the school will again have to close, imperiling the educative process, not to mention the school's already shaky finances.

Keeping in mind that the location of the conference was changed after this statement, this is how Pastor Lee Wasson synopsizes the story.

"The Islamic conference in Kissimmee Florida is being held on property purchased by a "petroleum" company in south Florida. It is a 31-acre former college campus. This petroleum company has been trying [unsuccessfully so far] to evict our Christian School and small church from one of the buildings there. We lease a 10,000 sq. ft. building right in the middle of where this conference is scheduled and where Universal Heritage is opening their college.

They have actually pictured our building on their website and call it the "Islamic Training Center." We have sued them.

Now, according to the Islamic group as told to me today by Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Shah, the Universal Heritage Foundation has no association with the petroleum company save an old friendship with the company president which led them to the property."

We are being asked to believe that their is no link between the events and facts in this case, that the new landlord, Qureshi – who just happens, apparently, to be an Arab in the petroleum business – the Islamic UHF center, whose adherents just happen to spout anti- Semitic, anti-Christian hate speech and the now constant harassment of the Kissimmee Christian Academy, are totally unrelated.

As I respectfully told Pastor Wasson, and reiterated to my writing partner, Beila Rabinowitz, that simply does not pass the bullshit test.

Will this be picked up by the “straight media"?

Heaven only knows. One would think that in its totality such a story deserves, at the very least, a thorough public vetting by the mainstream press.

Unfortunately that press has been increasingly found wanting.

It has made itself subservient to that peculiar form of self-censorship that we alluded to at the beginning of this piece.

Call it an unwillingness to deal with uncomfortable truths, call it what you will. All we know is that if situations like this are allowed to fester we can forget worrying about the enemies outside our country because we will be slowly and insidiously disjointed by our enemies within, who have used our good-will skillfully against us while few dared even protest.

© 2003, Beila Rabinowitz & William A. Mayer, all rights reserved. May not be reproduced without expressed written permission of the authors. We can be contacted at 925.689.9492 for copyright inquiries.

Give my regards to Tikrit…Remember me to Baghdad Bob

By William A. Mayer

Saddam Hussein cornered, hiding like a cockroach in a hole under the floor of an unheated mud hut.

How fitting an end for the beast that has terrorized Iraq for 30 years, pursued day and night by a mini army of bad-ass Spec Op guys – on the run, never being given a moment’s rest, spending maybe three hours at a time in any one place, a hunted lice-ridden street crazy, devoid of hope, devoid of humanity but not in possession of enough courage, fortitude or defiance to end his own life with the side arm he carried or even put up much of a struggle - as his captors circled - with the two AK-47s he had in his possession.

In the final analysis, Saddam stands already convicted, before his Middle Eastern brothers, an obvious coward who demanded that last measure of devotion from all others yet depended on the mercies of his enemies to sustain him in his time of need.

In DC and America’s media centers the Democrat response machine has been cranked to 11, eccentric, sputtering candidates scuttling about - to and fro - seeking to minimize the damage, unaware of the fact that they are already mortally wounded, leaking juice and beyond hope.

They fail to realize that one great truth – if the American public understands and appreciates anything, it’s achievement, and the Hussein capture validates Mr. Bush’s policies in a visceral way, far beyond the capacity of words to convey.

It does so many things at one time that they really should be considered individually and so I offer a top ten list of observations regarding how Saddam’s apprehension will affect the 2004 race.

1. Fact: The folks supporting Dean are your every-day, basic, run-of-the-mill America haters, to them the capture of Saddam is a negative, in that it renders their surrenderist hokum meaningless. These people would gleefully cheer another 911 just as long as it was perceived as a negative for Bush. Because of this they will fight even harder to make Dean their nominee – falling victim to the old Chinese curse – they will get precisely what they want - but in this case with a damaged, near psychotic candidate out-of-step with the flow of history.

2. The Saddam news, absolutely kills Dean’s chances of being president, he will of course – and to our great delight - still be forced to carry on with the charade of running, but that sucking sound you now hear is Dean’s money drying up, though mercifully, for us, not in time to really endanger his nomination.

3. With last-weeks endorsement by the loser - Albert Gore - Dean’s stature within the democrat party was seen as being on the rise, for a few glorious days at least. Now however, the capture and its corresponding positive showcasing of the Bush war on terror, changes the whole Gestalt, shunting what was outward directed partisan fury and turns it slowly inward - percolating, seething.

The apocalypse is now clearly visible on the horizon but unavoidable.

Pity them...they should be seen as lemmings with 20-20 foresight.

4. Sensing his weakening position, Dean will be forced to start moderating his views - especially on the war. Already the Dean forces are pulling his most venomous sentiments from the campaign's various web sites. Soon he will be fitted for his own flight suit and start returning Mike Dukakis’ telephone calls.

This will no doubt disillusion many of his most ardent, vitriolic supporters who will then turn their attention towards a Nader candidacy, from whose camp rumblings can already be heard.

5. France, Germany and Russia must now be fully cognizant of how poorly they played what could have been a strong hand had they gone along with the program even reluctantly. At this moment they are being fitted for industrial strength knee pads and can be seen practicing that very slow, obeisant Franco-German crawl-like maneuver, so popular in the mid ‘40s.

6. This event throws the terror network into further disarray, leaderless and fearful – denied so much as a shred of evidence that its most charismatic leader, Bin Laden, is even alive - aside from murky tapes of questionable reliability.

Fact: This tenth century shadow world of brutes now knows intuitively that Saddam will sing under interrogation like a bird with it’s tail afire – he will cop to being on Dallas’ grassy knoll in ’63, running the International Jewish Banker’s Conspiracy even masterminding the Lindberg kidnapping.

He will implicate his own mother in the white slave trade if given the opportunity.

No one will be safe - trust, the key element in the terror network, will be gone. Everyone will be suspect. Disinformation will rule the day breaking the organization down from the inside out.

7. It’s hard for us here in the West to imagine how a brutal dictatorship can influence an entire nation’s way of thinking and worldview but with Saddam removed, once and for all from the scene, moderating forces will be emboldened, maybe emboldened mightily.

8. Consider the Bush war on terror as being akin to a huge sausage-making machine, inexorable in its efficiency. Yes, the major enemy participants can run, squirm and even for a time, bribe themselves to the back of the mixing bowl but at some point they can no longer escape the murderous, self-sharpening cutters. They will find themselves atomized, digested, forced into sausage casings and eventually into the frying pan.

9. This level of total victory can’t help but embolden the Bush team. Nothing succeeds like success and Bush might just be getting tired of being kicked in the teeth by Daschle and his midget army of tormentors - not to mention those of us to his right. He may decide he has more than sufficient political capital to move forthrightly on the democrat judicial hammerlock, maybe even the spending issue.

10. Emboldened by the strong, almost historic, improvement in the economy now upon us, GW was already the 800-pound gorilla. With the capture of Saddam he is pumped with a level of vindication steroidal in its effect, rendering him minutely focused, awesomely powerful and in a mood to kick ass and take names.

Bottom line?

This is not going to be a pleasant time to be a member of the left, something that we should exploit to the fullest extent of our capabilities.

Piling on is an old American tradition, and we are, after all, traditionalists by heart.

Let’s roll!

Travel Log - Poverty Of The Spirit

By William A. Mayer

As some of you are probably aware, I’m an inveterate wood’s bum who is pretty comfortable in what remains of the West’s wild areas. My father taught me how to hunt as a youngster and I have carried that pursuit forward as a natural extension of appreciating the outdoor experience.

Here in California we are blessed with many species of game animals so something is always in season and thus the excuse to get away from it all, for a few days, always beckons.

On a recent trip to the North-most part of the state I had the occasion to spend some time in the Trinity Wilderness – a starkly beautiful but rugged and thoroughly unforgiving landscape - and the small towns surrounding it.

These places range from what are really small smoky villages with no commerce except maybe a gas station/general store to larger enterprises that boast moderate populations and the full gamut of services one would expect in similar towns across the land.

On these little expeditions, I look forward to talking to people, reading the local newspapers and soaking up as much of what is going on as I can, mainly to keep grounded and be able to place larger events into some sort of perspective.

Nestled just to the West of snow laden and towering Mt. Lassen - Red Bluff is similar to many small logging towns in Northern California.

It is a town in crisis - actually to be precise it has been in continual crisis for many years - due to political processes far beyond its control.

Observing first hand what is going on there and talking to local residents set me to thinking about a set of interrelations that bear upon the upcoming national election cycle - which will be upon us with a vengeance - starting with the Iowa Caucus on January 14.

While in town I noticed a young mother of two children.

She was apparently unmarried and was staying at a cheap motel. Her car was about 15 years old and in poor repair. The interior, from just a brief glance, resembled a trash can, containing bits of paper, plastic bags, small toys and a few open, half-eaten packages of crackers.

I have no idea if she was just passing through the area or living long-term in this single room – it doesn’t really matter.

For some reason it occurred to me to pose a question.

What do we conservatives have to offer this woman and millions of the similarly dispossessed?

I think it is an important question.

As a Catholic I am directed to look kindly on the poor. This is an important tenet in all Christian and Jewish thought actually, that the weak, helpless and less fortunate should be shepherded, not in a paternalistic way, but out of the bond of brotherhood and common humanity.

In Catholic dogma, we are bound together in the body of Christ, which comprises all of mankind.

As a caring society we have a similar charge that unfortunately has been misappropriated and twisted into an ideology that dictates central planning and income redistribution as the solution to everything.

Reading the local paper while in Red Bluff those few mornings back, I became aware that the city was being sued by the State of California because of supposed ecological violations.

The city had hired a grading contractor to reconstruct a ball field, some unexpectedly heavy rain occurred during the process - and despite the contractor’s use of prudent erosion control measures - silt was unexpectedly discharged into some of the local creeks.

Now it must be added that the silt was in no way toxic, it was just very fine particulate matter – fine claylike dirt.

Extra dirt in a creek - Oh My God!

The state claims that salmon spawning may have been negatively impacted and that plant growth may have been stunted as a result, therefore the assessment of a $500,000 fine.

The city maintains that it took prudent action, that no actual damage to flora and fauna occurred and that it shouldn’t be treated as some “for profit" company hell-bent on destroying the environment - they were after all just building an area for children’s recreation.

Now Red Bluff is not a wealthy town, it has been decimated by the anti progress faux environmental lobby which has killed its logging industry – an industry which primarily depended upon harvesting local federally owned stands of timber. Since the early 90s much of these lands are off limit or severely constrained as to use by Endangered Species Act litigation.

Down the road a bit, the green Nazis have taken over entire city governments, boards of supervisors, even the DA’s offices.

They have used this new, essentially unlimited, legal firepower to implement the Green agenda, turning their wrath against the already hard-pressed timber concerns, bringing the same type of nuisance environmental lawsuits that the state has brought upon the city of Red Bluff.

These new breed - thug District Attorney’s - aid and abet tree sitters in otherwise harvestable timber groves - further hampering what was the basis for the local economies. In addition this renegade prosecutorial power refuses to pursue the domestic terrorism being waged by the Earth First types against Dept. of Forest personnel who continually have to face having their homes invaded in the dead of night, animals let out of barns, pets killed and their vehicles smashed and spray painted with sinister threats.

It is legally approved, open warfare.

As a result, you have the omnipresent phenomenon of once-busting little towns of hard working, raw-boned pioneer types under attack by extremists using questionable environmental concerns combined with the daunting power of big government as justification for destroying a once honorable way of life.

Seen in this light I prefer to view the young unmarried mother of two as a victim of a belief structure purportedly constructed to help and assist her - of course the poor hand she was dealt was possibly compounded by less than adequate lifestyle choices but rather than being a mitigating factor, it’s merely an additional part of the indictment.

Who knows exactly how she came to be in her miserable circumstances, she may have once been legitimately married, but possibly to an abusive husband. On the other hand she may be a trollop and have only known the fathers for a short time.

One can only speculate.

What can be rightly observed however is that this woman has little hope, most likely little education - maybe not even a high school degree - and without knowledge you have no chance in this society.

So if I may once again pose the question, what can we as conservative offer to this woman?


Not the phony hope of marginally increased government payments for AFDC, SSI. Not more coupons for free birth control pills, USDA warehouse cheese or whatever.

Not the fallacious - envy the rich - shell game exemplified by the bitter social contract with the American people first entered into by FDR and the Democrat party.

That road has been well traveled now for 70 years and found that, not only has it not improved the common good, but that it has destroyed millions of families and reduced whole classes of citizens to virtual serfs addicted to a permanently lactating federal piggy.

This system has condemned those who are not among the elite to substandard government education that has failed by all reasonable measures.

One only has to look at the most recent international TIMSS test results.

19th place in mathematics - Singapore, Republic of Korea, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong SAR, Japan, Belgium, Netherlands, Slovak Republic, Hungary, Canada, Slovenia, Russian Federation, Australia, Finland, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Latvia, USA

19th place in science - Chinese Taipei, Singapore, Hungary, Japan, Republic of Korea, Netherlands, Australia, Czech Republic, England, Finland, Slovak Republic, Belgium, Slovenia, Canada, Hong Kong SAR, Russian Federation, Bulgaria, Latvia, USA

Imagine offering such a service to the American people then making the twin demands that it have no competition and that it receive increased funding and support in perpetuity.

Also imagine that those who comprise the educative process, such as it is, unionizing and becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of the dominant political/media complex, along the way abusing IRS regulations and numerous court decisions governing campaign contributions with impunity.

What the GOP and conservatives need to be able to articulate is all of the above and more.

We need to show our agenda advances and aids us all - the downtrodden, those on the middle rungs of the economic ladder as well as those who are successful. It has to be demonstrated in concrete but simple terms that we are, as a society, lessened and demeaned by the paternalism of what has become Democrat orthodoxy.

We need to indict the institutions created in furtherance of the collectivist nanny super-state. They need to be outed as morally bankrupt and plainly show how their sole output is hopelessness and wrecked lives like that of the young motel-mom who desperately suffers – a societally invisible, utterly hopeless casualty of a profound lie.

Kicking Ass At The DNC

By William A. Mayer

For the Democrats, these are truly the worst of times.

Not in the last hundred years have forces turned against their fortunes with such single-minded fury.

Within their tomb-like headquarters at S. Capitol Street, DC, one can only guess the mood and wonder if poor Terry McAuliffe has been placed on suicide watch.

In any case, during his comings and goings, he had better steer a wide berth around Fort Marcy Park – the hand of the Clintonistas is long indeed.

Imagine how, what passes for the DNC brain-trust, must feel.

They face a popular, straight talking and respected President in a time of national crisis who has deftly used events - that might easily have broken less skillful politicians - to his and the nation’s advantage.

This week’s continued strong economic reporting - and not so coincidental 118 point rise on the DJIA - are only the latest data bits to suggest that the “you aint better off argument" will not fly, to the Democrat’s chagrin, next year.

And what are the Democrats busy doing?

Well they fancy themselves in the driver’s seat, if one is to judge by their official website.

Yes folks, believe it or not, the Democrat response to the heap of woe and misfortune that has been so indecorously dropped on their porch has been a forced and self-conscious cultivation of a ridiculous bravado unequalled since the classic Monty Python scene – The Duel in the Black Forest.

The newest feature on the DNC website is a daily blog-type running commentary called, “Kicking Ass" - the choice of words just another sorry indication of how whacked-out the hard-core Dems have become.

Now if the message board was entitled, “We’re Getting Our Asses Kicked" or possibly “We Can’t Even Find Our Asses" that might indeed reflect the true state of the party.

Anyone with half a wit knows that Howard “Dr. Death" Dean’s real function will be to serve as the official coroner of the Democrat corpus if he is nominated - and at this point that seems a foregone conclusion.

Noted Clinton insider and sometimes voice of moderation, Leon Panetta, has in the last few days signaled with alarm the disastrous effect that a Dean candidacy will have on the party – as if it shouldn’t be obvious that fielding a dope smoking, draft dodging, smug New York abortionist – with an incendiary temper - just may not resonate with the American voter.

That this critique has not already been used as justification to abandon Howie at the nearest Planned Parenthood, is just another marker on the road to oblivion for the party of Jefferson.

Yet the boys and girls who make up the Democrat foot soldiers are behaving as if its 1099 and they are members of the First Crusade – poised at the gates of Jerusalem – with the Holy Sepulcher within their grasp.

It’s an attitude that is almost frightening in its sheer disjunction from reality.

As noted here last week - when commenting on the goings on at the WashPost bbs - for whatever reason, stupidity, brain disease, ideological blindness/fervor or simple rage, these people will never get it no matter what befalls their party.

They are incapable of seeing the world as it is and will therefore continue to bleed the party until it ceases to be a major force, and that point is on the horizon.

There is a very serious reason however, why we as conservatives, should consider ourselves stakeholders – interested parties if you will – in this process.

That is aside from the sheer satisfaction of watching such sanctimonious fools go down to another bitter defeat.

The minority party - held captive by its most vehement left-leaning members actually forces the GOP in the same direction - because the center is also therefore shifted in that direction.

A more moderated Democrat party will allow conservatives to stake out positions more ideologically consistent with the needs of liberty and freedom because the center will then have been dragged back towards the right again.

Watching Dean’s children’s army heading off to a certain rude awakening, we might take a certain additional amount of comfort in the fact that not only will their upcoming defeat hopefully drive a stake through the center-mass of the leftists who have controlled the party since 1972, but it will also help realign the two party structure in general.

This gentle nudging of the GOP towards its more conservative roots will hopefully allow the dialogue on the most appropriate manner in which to dismantle the nanny state, to finally begin in earnest.

Dancing With The Enemy

By William A. Mayer

Over the past week or so I have - purely for investigative purposes, since I knew it was going to be painful – doubled my blood pressure medication and done a bit of slumming over at the Washington Post’s political forum.


Because I wanted to get a better understanding of where the more responsible members of the left were politically, especially regarding the war on terrorism.

It was my supposition that just reading what was being posted would not be as instructive as attempting to engage those in the forum by presenting opposing viewpoints and since I already knew what the mental cases, at places like democrat underground were saying, concentrating on a “legit" site seemed to be the proper way to go.

I had expected some degree of reasoned and heartfelt disagreement with the Bush administration’s handling of the war, especially the post war effort to stabilize Iraq.

What I found were the same crazies you would expect at the psycho-sites, generating the same type of “lefties on crack" reasoning. I also found little to differentiate the “site administrator" - assumedly an employee of the Washington Post - from the rest of the riff-raff.

I mention the site administrator because aside from eventually removing my posting privileges [when I had the temerity to suggest that what was being said, with regard to the Al-Qaeda bombings of Jewish synagogues in Turkey, was indistinguishable from that which the Nazis were saying back in the ‘30s and 40s] it appeared that her sole function was to serve as a cheerleader for the nutcases. The effect of this makes the content/perspective of the forum far more extreme than the Post’s editorial policy.

So with about three days of give and take under my belt and upon a certain amount of reflection there are some - for lack of a better term - tenets of faith that those who are in opposition to the war [and if I may extrapolate a bit, the left in general] share, as judged by the comments of those participating in the various threads on the Washington Post site.

I logged hundred of posts for reference and have tried to, without overburdening the reader, include a few of them to punctuate the piece.

Hatred of Bush - all the angry people, where do they all come from?

This one area alone could suffice as fodder for a month’s worth of columns; it is the one common factor linking the anti-warriors in their self-righteous bund.

In my opinion, the degree to which Bush is despised by the left and the depth of that feeling is really without precedent in modern American politics.

And I really do mean hate, not some mild sense of upset, or reasonable partisan anger.

Nope, we are talking seething, red-faced, bulging-eyed, carotid-popping rage - the kind that can dump enough central nervous system stimulants into the blood stream to jump-start a dead mule.

"Bush deserves a much worse fate because he killed 10,000 innocent Iraqi's. He deserves that same fate as someone who kills 10,000 innocent Americans."

How quickly they forget - whereas Clinton had his initial coterie of detractors, there was nothing, in the administration’s early days, to rival what George W. Bush has had to contend with from election eve onwards.

In 1992, Clinton ran as a moderate Democrat not as a progressive, so many people were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, for a while at least.

It was only as his administration coalesced over time, starting first with Hillary being put in charge of nationalizing the health care industry, that brick by brick he constructed - with ill-considered activities and conduct unbecoming any chief executive, let alone the most powerful one in the world – the “vast right wing" of opposition which has served to hound and reduce his presidency to the punch line in a smutty joke.

Despite this, not one major protest was ever organized against Clinton – none – ever – didn’t happen.

Not for his “imperialist" occupation of Haiti, his saber-rattling with regard to Saddam, his “preemptive" bombing of aspirin factories and certainly not for his lead role in NATO’s attack against the United States’ anti-Nazi allies from World War II – the Serbs – in Yugoslavia.

And lest we forget - total silence from the GOP on the lack of a Balkan war “Exit Strategy" – now some five years and counting into this little bit of foreign intrigue.

Not a whimper, not one bullhorn being sounded in Trafalgar Square by Trotskyites and Jihadist apologists.

Since the Bush administration has failed so miserably in measuring up to the lofty Clintonian “standard", it would seem that justifying such a high degree of loathing would require extraordinary evidence.

Not so.

The starting point of the left’s critique of Bush is rather simple and specific; they have convinced themselves that his presidency is illegitimate - that he is the “appointed “ president.

References are replete regarding the Florida fiasco and the alleged unseemly entry into the controversy by the US Supreme Court. It is dogma amongst those participating in the flame war atmosphere on leftist political forums that the GOP appointees on the Supreme Court acted intentionally and conspiratorially to appoint Bush over the “real" winner, Gore.

These people blissfully ignore the fact that in every [including the one done by the New York Times] audit of the Florida partial vote recount, Bush has been declared the winner and that the SCOTUS only entered the fray after the partisan Florida high court raised equal protection and other issues by siding with Gore’s phalanx of DC attorneys.

Additionally, it’s charitable to characterize as “less than intelligent" how the left views Bush’s reasoning ability - the most gentle of his critics refer to him as “Dumya."

“…binary thinking of a simpleton - what else would we expect from Bush?

Lord knows what is meant by binary thinking, but we can assume it’s not a compliment.

Furthermore, they point out, often in grade school manner, the President's lack of elocution and supposed intellectual dullness - this despite Mr. Bush’s undergraduate degree in history from Yale and his Harvard MBA.

“…a petulant, poorly-spoken, failed businessman and recently dried out alcoholic of mediocre intellect and limited world view."

So, to that extent, the well has been poisoned by and for people of this political stripe.

There is no policy that Bush could advance that would not be met with instant skepticism driven by this extreme sense of animosity.

In order to understand how deep this feeling is, it’s possibly illustrative to note that, for example, when making the point that what Clinton said regarding Saddam’s overall threat is nearly identical to that which has come out of the Bush administration, the left is now at last perfectly capable of turning on Clinton.

After the fact of course, few rise to even defend him.

Point to remember - when your usefulness to the cause has run its course, prepare to be left out on the ice without so much as a “thank you."

Its only natural to observe that much of the anger felt by the left is really self-generated - they turned themselves into punching bags for the right because they made a carefully calculated but poor decision to become mindless Clinton sycophants. That can’t help but form painful scar tissue, and if you factor in the outrage generated by Gore’s narrow loss in 2000, the overall effect has been to drive them nearly insane and no longer capable of clear reasoning.

Simplistic and reflexive anti-Americanism.

There is a corollary to the hate Bush phenomena.

Hate America.

“Ugly Americans who want to run the world, Ugly Americans who think stealing resources is okay, Ugly Americans who will lie to get what they want, Ugly Americans who will kill to get what they want, Ugly Americans who think brown babies don't count, Ugly Americans who maim and kill brown children, Ugly Americans with no shame, Ugly Americans with no conscience."

As can be seen, the above is not representative of political judgment; it’s merely vituperative iteration sans any thought process whatsoever.

Unfortunately this passes for sagacity in some circles.

The level of animosity towards US servicemen and the lack of compassion for the common Iraqi is pretty difficult to paraphrase so I won’t.

My post - "Well I think I have to be clear on exactly what you are saying before I make a point. Are you saying that you support the efforts of the Iraqi/Al Qaeda terrorists to kill American soldiers and place those little children back into a totalitarian/Saddam type society once again so they can be raped and tortured in front of their parents? Is that what you are saying? "

The reply – “YEP that's what I’m saying...finally someone that knows where I'm coming from..."


My post - "root for the underdog" So you are rooting for Al Qaeda? That your point?"

The reply – “YEP, you got that right."

Simply chilling.

This above poster claimed to be ex-military and on the verge of becoming the leader of his local VFW group. He also maintained that his VFW brothers felt much the same as he did about the war and Bush.

Sorry, that simply does not pass even the least stringent bullshit test.

It’s one of the left’s oldest tactics and one demonstrated routinely on the internet and on talk radio [Rush calls them “seminar" callers] where lefties portray themselves as being Republicans, conservatives, former supporters of George Bush, or even former military people.

On C-SPAN they call in on the GOP line.

To them its just part of the game to convince the true majority that they are numerically insignificant or that they are “just like you" but just have a different viewpoint, one that you should really consider since it is you who are “out of step."

It’s deception, the type evident in the UK last week at the “peace" demonstrations which were in reality anti-capitalist, anti-west, pro-terrorist riots, organized by Marxists-Leninists, Trotskyites, Fabian socialists, garden variety socialists, and Islamo-Fascist sympathizers.

Steering Committee Members, Stop The War Coalition - Mohammed Aslam Aijaz of the London Council of Mosques, Lois Austin of the Socialist Party, Lindsey German of Socialist Review, John Haylett of the British Communist Party newspaper Morning Star, Mark Hoskisson of Workers Power, John Rees of the Socialist Workers Party, Carlos Rule of the Socialist Labour Party, Tanja Salem Al-Awda of the Campaign for Palestinian Rights, and Wolf Wayne of the Green Socialist Network and Socialist Alliance.

And of course we can’t leave out Mr. George Galloway, ex MP and a paid agent [the left, incredibly, claims that Galloway was framed by the Mossad, just another facet of the Neo-Con-spiracy] of Saddam Hussein.

Anti-Semitism out of the closet - the Neo-Con duality

The rise of the new anti-war movement has been accompanied by the ascendancy of Neo-anti-Semitism.

From burning synagogues in France - and warnings about the inadvisability of even wearing Yarmulkes in public - to the bombed synagogues in Turkey and finally to the general lessening of the social constraints normally arrayed against Jew hating – it’s now almost chic to be anti-Jewish.

This isn’t really surprising since the really big political players in the anti-war movement are all old-line Stalinist apparatchiks and as we have observed in only the last few weeks, the unrelenting oppression against Hebrews in Mother Russia - now by the Puttin government – continues unabated.

There is still a minimal level of social unacceptability about the expression of such views within "polite" confines and as a result it’s most often done under the guise of being “anti-Zionist" or against particular players – Ariel Sharon is a favorite whipping boy - all of whom – not so surprisingly – just happen to be Jews.

And so it is much the same with the newest elocution, the “Neo-Con."

“…young Americans who were sent into Iraq to do the dirty work for the neo-cons and Ariel Sharon…pro-Israeli bias of the president's top advisers…Wolfowitz, Feitch, Abrams, and Perle are all Jewish and all very important advisors to the Prez…The newest neo-con baloney…the neo-cons taking us to war…our taking sides militarily with the Israelis…“Bush and Wolfowitz intervened in Iraq for petrol and Israel, not to fight Ben [sic] Laden…Given the heavily pro-Israeli bias of the president's top advisers…"

Merely pointing out that such sentiment looked rather anti-Jewish, received the following response.

“I find your question to [poster’s name] to be cheap Jew baiting in reverse, a favorite sport of the Israel lobby in the States.“

Interesting…Jew baiting originates within the Israel lobby.

Among these brain surgeons it seems to be common knowledge that it’s the Jews themselves who are responsible for anti-Semitism - if they would only just go away.

A profound ignorance about American institutions and history.

As an ideological driven movement, it stands to reason that the left is, if nothing else, extra-nationally focused. Postulants reject the traditional definition of national sovereignty – granting nation states the right to make their own determinations regarding what might be most beneficial to them and their citizens.

Among this crowd there is the belief that the UN, the European Economic Union, the World Court and world public opinion should given at least equal consideration with regard to forming US national security policy as are the constitutionally prescribed players.

In most instances these organizations and the ideas they advance - such as the Kyoto Accords - are assumed to have a claim to moral superiority. Yet the left has no problem whatsoever in arguing that selected totalitarian governments [the Soviet Union, Ortega’s Nicaragua, Castro’s Cuba, Saddam’s Iraq] should be sheltered from ethical judgment, and at all costs, shielded from American military pressure.

It is in this sense that the war in Iraq is divisive simply because the Bush administration made the decision not to allow forces outside the US to be given veto power over our actions.

Leftists view recent political history through an odd filter.

They reason that our support of Iraq in the war (1980-1988) between it and Iran [a rather brilliant chess move in a game where it was to our advantage to pressure Iran - in the immediate wake of it having taken 52 Americans hostage - but keep both of the antagonists occupied and killing each other] means that we are responsible not only for Saddam but also for his barbarism.

The theory continues that since Saddam is “our boy" he deserved to be immunized against any military action against him on our part.

Equally baffling is the left’s studious ignorance of the events of 1998, the statements the Clinton administration made when making the determination that Saddam possessed WMDs, the issuance of a White Paper setting such forth, using data compiled primarily by UNSCOM and making a forceful case that indeed a threat existed. A fact that - primarily led by the Republicans, but endorsed by the majority of Democrats – prompted Congress to formulate legislation quite similar in form to that which gave the Bush administration authority to act against Saddam.

This is how the anti-war crowd responds to such:

My post - You seem to be a bit overheated, all I am doing is asking questions. You claimed that there were no WMDs in your post #25 - "the Bush rhetoric about "dead enders and imported terrorists" is just as misleading as the pre-war nonsense about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction"

I merely pointed out to you that WMDs had been outlined, including tons of Sarin, as early as 1998 by the democrat president, thus negating your claim that no WMDs existed.

[name witheld’s response] – “I'm not all that overheated. We were taken to war based on lies about weapons of mass destruction, not claims."


The following is a “refutation" by the only participant willing to even touch the subject:

[name withheld’s response]- “This White Paper gives a sober assessment of what were thought to be Iraqi weapons programs in 1998, but it seems devoid of the highly charged rhetoric about Iraq that characterized George Bush's radio addresses, his address to the UN Security Council and his speeches where he fanned the flames for war and made claims about an Iraqi threat to the United States. If George Bush claims that he took the nation to war based on a government white paper written 5 years ago, he deserves to be impeached.

Of course it’s devoid of any “highly charged rhetoric", it’s merely a set of tables and graphs incontrovertibly detailing Saddam’s WMD stockpile, put together by a Democrat administration.

Intellectual snobbery

To a large degree this aspect is merely an outgrowth - an extension if you will - of the “Bush is dumb" theory, in this case broadened to become part of the larger leftist critique that if you are not only familiar with Noam Chomsky and Gar Alperovitz but in agreement with their revisionist historical fabrications, then you are hopelessly incapable of really understanding why “the war in Iraq is Vietnam all over again", except far worse because its prosecutor is a Republican.

On the Washington Post forum, I lost count of the number of times that I was told that I was ignorant of this, that or the other thing. I was constantly referred to publications and Internet resources within the left’s political sphere – lunatic sources really, such as or Islamic run Russian websites - for supposed edification.

What these people tend to mistake is that mere disagreement is not necessarily based upon being ignorant of the other side’s points or arguments. Moreover, since many activist conservatives migrated from the left they may actually be more thoroughly conversant with that side of the argument than those doing the finger pointing.

It really boils down to arrogance, of which the left is massively guilty.

On the surface it’s exemplified by Howard Dean’s dismissal of Southern culture, with a silly reference to gun racks and pick-up trucks, but it goes as deep as one wants to venture, to “flyover country" ivy league schools, faith and patriotism.

It is demonstrated daily in the echo-chamber effect - the upshot of which results in lefties not even having acquaintances who, for example, regularly attend church, oppose abortion or who voted for George W. Bush or [heaven forbid] Ronald Wilson Reagan.

These folks only talk to each other, along the way constructing a world in which no opposing viewpoints make themselves visible.

As Bernard Goldberg explains in his book “Bias", it’s not necessarily a conspiracy that the media veers left, its just that politically most of them are left of center and that perspective is bound to find its way into editorial content and news coverage.

What is funny about all of this is that for all the fire and fury, the left is sanguinely aware that it is losing.

They know that the tide has turned and that many who have voted for their candidates in the past now no longer trust them, especially on national security issues.

The more hysterical the left gets, the more it sees its prospects fade. The fact they can’t perceive that simple cause and effect is suggestive of the degree to which their cognition has been subverted by their rage.

In the aftermath of the 2002 elections - in which the Democrats lost control of the Senate - the prevailing analysis was that they didn’t go hard enough left, that they did not challenge the president sufficiently - they did not express their hate of Bush with great enough ferocity.

Having taken their own advice one now must observe, with some measure of mirth, the rabid pack of vertically challenged crazed Maoists running hither and yon, soliciting votes for the Democrat nomination, even as intervening contests have proven their methodology to be dead wrong.

Maybe the ultimate result of this will be that the winning candidate will need to campaign in a straight jacket, just to prove his bona fides.

The prospect of Howard Dean, barely restrained by a few yards of canvas and Velcro, kicking, kneeing and screaming like a psychopath during the debates and possibly even offering to personally perform partial birth abortions on his campaign bus, might prove to be some of the most priceless political moments that we may ever be privy to.

Tragic French Offensive Stalled On Beaches

By William A. Mayer, Editor & Publisher -

Normandy, France - June 6, 1944 - Pandemonium, shock and sheer terror predominate today’s events in Europe.

In an as yet unfolding apparent fiasco, Supreme Allied Commander, General Dwight David Eisenhower’s troops got a rude awakening this morning at Omaha Beach here in Normandy.

Due to insufficient planning and lack of a workable entrance strategy soldiers of the 1st and 29th Infantry as well as Army Rangers are now bogged down and sustaining heavy casualties inflicted on them by dug-in insurgent positions located 170 feet above them on cliffs overlooking the beaches which now resemble blood soaked killing fields at the time of this mid-morning filing.

Bodies, parts of bodies and blood are the order of the day here, the screams of the dying and the stillness of the dead mingle in testament to this terrible event.

Morale can only be described as extremely poor - in some companies all the officers have been either killed or incapacitated, leaving only poorly trained privates to fend for themselves.

Things appear to be going so poorly that Lt. General Omar Bradley has been rumored to be considering breaking off the attack entirely. As we go to press embattled U.S. president Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s spokesman has not made himself available for comment at all, fueling fires that something has gone disastrously awry.

The government at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is in a distinct lock-down mode and the Vice President’s location is presently and officially undisclosed.

Whether the second in command should have gone into hiding during such a crisis will have to be answered at some future time, but many agree it does not send a good signal.

Miles behind the beaches and adding to the chaos, U.S. Naval gunships have inflicted many friendly fire casualties, as huge high explosive projectiles rain death and destruction on unsuspecting Allied positions. The lack of training of Naval gunners has been called into question numerous times before and today’s demonstration seems to underlie those concerns.

At Utah Beach the situation is also grim, elements of the 82nd and 101st Airborne seemed to be in disarray as they missed their primary drop zones behind the area believed to comprise the militant’s front lines. Errant paratroopers have been hung up in trees, breaking arms and legs, rendering themselves easy targets for those defending this territory.

On the beach front itself the landing area was missed, catapulting US forces nearly 2,000 yards South of the intended coordinates, thus placing them that much farther away from the German insurgents and unable to direct covering fire or materially add to the operation.

Casualties at day’s end are nothing short of horrific; at least 8,000 and possibly as many as 9,000 were wounded in the haphazardly coordinated attack, which seems to have no unifying purpose or intent. Of this number at least 3,000 have been estimated as having been killed, making June 6th by far, the worst single day of the war which has dragged on now - with no exit strategy in sight - as the American economy still struggles to recover from Herbert Hoover’s depression and its 25% unemployment.

Military spending has skyrocketed the national debt into uncharted regions, lending another cause for concern. When and if the current hostilities finally end it may take generations for the huge debt to be repaid.

On the planning end of things, experts wonder privately if enough troops were committed to the initial offensive and whether at least another 100,000 troops should have been added to the force structure before such an audacious undertaking. Communication problems also have made their presence felt making that an area for further investigation by the appropriate governmental committees.

On the home front, questions and concern have been voiced. A telephone poll has shown dwindling support for the wheel-chair bound Commander In Chief, which might indicate a further erosion of support for his now three year-old global war.

Of course the President’s precarious health has always been a question. He has just recently recovered from pneumonia and speculation persists whether or not he has sufficient stamina to properly sustain the war effort. This remains a topic of furious discussion among those questioning his competency.

Today’s costly and chaotic landing compounds the President’s already large credibility problem.

More darkly, this phase of the war, commencing less than six months before the next general election, gives some the impression that Roosevelt may be using this offensive simply as a means to secure re-election in the fall.

Underlining the less than effective Ally attack, German casualties - most of them innocent and hapless conscripts - seem not to be as severe as would be imagined. A German minister who requested anonymity stated categorically that “the aggressors were being driven back into the sea amidst heavy casualties, the German people seek no wider war."

"The news couldn't be better," Adolph Hitler said when he was first informed of the D-Day assault earlier this afternoon. "As long as they were in Britain we couldn't get at them. Now we have them where we can destroy them."

German minister Goebbels had been told of the Allied airborne landings at 0400 hours.

"Thank God, at last," he said. "This is the final round."

How To Lose A Nation

By William A. Mayer

"By our own act we were drained of morality, of volition, of responsibility, like dead leaves in the wind." - T. E. Lawrence

What lurks behind the ACLU’s decision to come to the aid of Michael Schiavo in his attempt to legally murder his wife?

At first blush, the ACLU does seem to have an affinity for seeking justification for harming nature’s most defenseless, but that does not seem to be their primary purpose in pursuing this case, it appears to be much more elemental, although from what I have seen of these jokers it’s tough enough for them to resist the temptation to beat up three-year olds just because they can do so with relative impunity.

Despite what the spin-meisters claim, the Schiavo case to them is merely another small front opened in a larger battle of the war being waged to ensure that a despotic judiciary - which the ACLU and similarly disposed groups have had a large hand in creating - continues unchecked.

The progressive/collectivist statists want to ensure that a rogue legal system continues to run roughshod over both legislative and executive authority – thus giving them the ability to deliver and enforce edicts with little accountability.

The reason being, that the left realizes that its position of power is in mortal danger. In less than 10 years it has lost the presidency, both houses of Congress and the majority of the governorships including that of the nation’s crown jewel, California – that to a manly Austrian superhero who spouts Hayek like he really means it.

Emboldened, “reactionaries" are now loaded for bear and gunning for Roe v Wade, which is very much now in their crosshairs. As a first step, a bill banning partial birth infanticide will momentarily be signed into law by a young pro-life president. On the fundraising front the left is hopelessly overmatched having cut their own throat with phony campaign finance reform and must stand flaccidly by as their once mighty institutions of thought control in the media suffer successive and withering attacks as talk radio and Internet activists combine to beat their brains out on a daily basis.

Consider it a red-hot fork in the eye, one that drives their failure home in a very personal way.

These people have correctly ascertained that the judiciary is their sole remaining venue of control – a mighty one at that – which explains why they are fighting like cornered rats, because that is precisely what they are.

Predictably, they press on…how did it come to pass that the Pledge of Allegiance could conceivably come into question as being potentially violative of the First Amendment, that elections could be halted on crazy prior restraint twaddle and that the Boy Scouts would be declared a religious organization simply because they have the audacity to follow a moral code?

How could an entire Circuit Court of Appeals be ruled in error over two-thirds of the time yet continue to crank their dung out unabated?

It really didn’t start that long ago - which itself is testament to the ferocious nature of the assault. If left undefended, constitutional democracy will be drained of life in much the same manner as Terri Schiavo might be by the one who stands to benefit monetarily from her untimely demise.

Though change is often not attributable to a single causative factor, it’s hard to find a more singularly deserving point of origin for what amounts to a full-bore constitutional crisis than that infamous court headed by Earl Warren - all fingers point in that direction.

Most honest scholars and even casual observers of the judiciary will be hard pressed to disagree with the judgment that the Warren iteration of the Supreme Court was arguably the most activist in history.

Warren used the high court to push a leveling vision of society - what the progressives openly now refer to as the “equality project." This is something quite alien to traditional jurisprudence and marks the true beginning of the culture war.

While Warren was actually viewed by the left as a dull man and a dull judge, his agenda was not, and that is why they have lionized his memory.

Warren’s lasting damage to the constitution really is twofold. First the creation of new law out of whole cloth - using whatever means clever clerks could craft - to attain certain ideological ends and second, the introduction of an even more revolutionary type of thinking that argues that the traditional limits of the legal system should no longer be a constraint on itself since it is no longer adequate to bring about the flowering of the “equality project."

Stretching legal boundaries – using whatever flimsy chicanery may be erected as a cover - to the point where our most important founding document becomes devoid of any constancy at all - is reflective of and an outgrowth of that same push in the society which seeks to obliterate standards and demarcations once thought inviolable.

“Indeed, for Calmore the language of the law is inadequate to the task of reforming contemporary culture. He posits cultural studies as an essential addition to the nation’s ongoing equality project. Professor Calmore explains:

‘…I see the turn to cultural studies as both necessary and proper because social injustice has overwhelmed the ability of law to redress it…Further, legal scholarship, in the narrow sense, seems quite inadequate to address what we need to know to open our society, to promote a multi-racial democracy and to establish a more just order. These values were the major culture shifting ambitions of the Warren Court’s race jurisprudence…’ John O. Calmore – The Law and Culture Shift – Race and the Warren Court’s Legacy 2002 as quoted in Remembrance of Things Past – Reflections on the Warren Court and the Struggle for Civil Rights - Ronald J. Krotoszynski, Jr.

We should take some time to consider what the Warren apologists are really saying.

It must be realized just how un-self consciously the traditional philosophical strictures against employing unjustifiable means to attain ‘just" ends are brushed aside.

This vexatious meddling is really a wrecking ball aimed at the triad upon which Western civilization has been so painstakingly assembled – liberty, limited government & personal property. The results of pursuing this far-flung conception of democracy results in a tyranny of the minority:


  • Massive and increased Federal meddling to address purported historical slights – judges even assuming physical control of school districts and levying taxes to redress endless grievances.
  • Forced association
  • Encouragement and empowerment of dissent against the prevailing culture - to the extent where, as in New York Times v Sullivan – 1964 – the purported socially positive value of dissent is given such a high standing that mere veracity no longer matters as long as “reckless disregard of possible falsity" cannot be proven – thus awarding the NY Times its own personal, constitutional right to deceive
  • Elevation of group rights over individual rights.

  • A tendentious anti-religious attitude and concomitant effort to remove every last vestige of anything to do with religion – primarily the Christian religion - from every sector of the society that can be shown to be even tangentially associated with government – hence if you live in California and your school receives so much as a single dollar from the federal government you had better not let the Boy Scouts [having been ruled a religious organization] hold meetings on school property.
  • Decreased personal responsibility.

  • Disproportionately inflated rights of the criminal over the victim.

  • Fewer constraints on individuals and less responsibility on the part of the individual for his actions within the society.

  • Creation of rights not in evidence either in our seminal written documents or the legislative debates leading up to them.
  • Warren’s attack on individualism elevated group identities to supremacy - ethnic minorities, those deemed economically or otherwise deprived, those engaged in organized dissent, those interested in pushing the envelope in public morality, those charged with breaking the criminal law, those interested in disestablishing religion, all these and more fell under Warren’s approving gaze.

    What was put into play is the segmentation of society - division into political constituencies tailor-made for the pimping of votes in exchange for power. This is the core concept binding the Democrat party together. It is what leftists mean when they talk about diversity and multiculturalism. They seek to replace an homogenized/pluralistic society with one that is stratified in a very specific way beneficial to themselves.

    We are expected to believe that it is the proper purview of nine un-elected individuals to move beyond anything even remotely resembling the sphere of interpretation and we are also expected to accept the general direction that these new codes push culture.

    It has brought about a society quaking and reeling from decision to decision each more derivative than the previous, each a further departure from precedent and stare decisis.

    We need look no farther than how the so-called establishment clause of the First Amendment as it has “evolved" over the last 40 years to see the errors inherent in pretending that the Constitution doesn’t mean what it says, by equating “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion" with barring all public religious activity and then elevating this new conceptualization over the clause “or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" which follows it.

    Much, on the left has been written about this controversy, as if the words of the Constitution aren’t clear enough, but referring back to Professor Calmore’s take on such matters, what language actually exists, if the end can be rationalized, is merely a minor impediment around which semantic games provide the necessary avenues of escape .

    As we have oft argued here, the Warren interpretation of the establishment clause merely substitutes the new age religion of the state for that which it so deceitfully claims to offensive.

    “For a compulsory state educational system so structures a child's life that if religious exercises are held to be an impermissible activity in schools, religion is placed at an artificial and state-created disadvantage. Viewed in this light, permission of such exercises for those who want them is necessary if the schools are truly to be neutral in the matter of religion. And a refusal to permit religious exercises thus is seen, not as the realization of state neutrality, but rather as the establishment of a religion of secularism, or at the least, as government support of the beliefs of those who think that religious exercises should be conducted only in private." Justice Potter Stewart’s dissent in Abington School District v. Schempp, 1963.

    That such twisted legalisms are being employed to advance an agenda is beyond question, the liberal jurists who justify it are in complete agreement and remarkably candid:

    “More often than not, if the end was sufficiently important, the means used to get there did not terribly concern the Warren Court…" - Remembrance of Things Past – Reflections on the Warren Court and the Struggle for Civil Rights - Ronald J. Krotoszynski, Jr.

    Their only pause for concern is that the expansive powers sapped from the electorate and awarded to themselves via judicial fiat is a two edged sword that is, in small measure finding a voice in Justice Scalia and Thomas and to a lesser extent Rehnquist.

    “…A careful scholar of the Constitution and constitutional jurisprudence should have serious misgivings about the Warren Court’s willingness to accept and embrace of the role of political institution…" - Remembrance of Things Past – Reflections on the Warren Court and the Struggle for Civil Rights - Ronald J. Krotoszynski, Jr.

    This realization should be more than enough to goad the timid GOP into taking affirmative action of their own, we need to address the imbalance, the lack of diversity on the Federal bench and redress what Robert Bork refers to as:

    "the recent ascendancy almost everywhere of activist, ambitious, and imperialistic judiciaries."

    But this is merely a point of departure. Thinking about such subjects always leaves us with the question of where it will all lead, how far could it go?

    If the proverbial handwriting on the wall at this juncture is not sufficiently clear we do not have to argue about or imagine what the cultural landscape might be if this judicial sedition continues unchecked. We have a very good example in the High Court of Israel – the countries de-facto Supreme Court – and its dictatorial leader Ahron Barak

    Like Marley’s ghost in A Christmas Carol, the Israeli experience should provide us with another glimpse into just how far unchecked judicial power corrupts.

    "I wear the chain I forged in life," replied the Ghost. "I made it link by link, and yard by yard; I girded it on of my own free will, and of my own free will I wore it. Is its pattern strange to you?"

    Many Americans have little knowledge or even little curiosity about what goes on in much of the outside world. To a certain degree some of this benign contempt is justified - much of what happens “abroad" has more in common with pre-industrial society than anything else and therefore of little concern to we denizens of the post-industrial engine of ideas we live within.

    But it would do all of us a bit of good to consider Mr. Barak’s court, which has as Judge Bork points out:

    "has set a standard for judicial imperialism that can probably never be surpassed, and, one devoutly hopes, will never be equaled elsewhere."

    The Israeli High Court derives is mandate from two laws passed in 1992, in the dead of night with a bare quorum present and from these the High Court has constructed an elaborate theory wherein it becomes the overseer of society under the aegis of judicial review.

    Barak is openly contemptuous of his contemporaries and claims that his guided decisions on the court are:

    “...faithful to the views of the enlightened population..."

    The court has essentially totalitarian powers it can over rule just about any law passed by the Knesset.

    It may come as a shock to average Americans who assume that Judaism would be unassailable in a Jewish state but though that appears logical it is certainly not correct as Barak it has set the stage for the eventual and complete dismantling of the symbols of the Jewish faith in Israel, along the very same lines that are being pursued by the anti-Christians here in the US.

    The High Court is of a singular mind because almost 100% of its members are drawn from the same law school (Barak’s Alma Mater) and none of them have degrees other than that in law making them stereotypical white tower types.

    Unbelievably the Israeli high court chooses its own members, who then serve on good behavior or until they attain the age of 70.

    This would be Franklin Roosevelt’s ultimate court-packing wet dream - a self-perpetuating legal oligopoly where there exist no checks and no balances.

    We are quite far down that path ourselves. A society, even one with an exquisitely crafted constitution such as ours, in which courts sets themselves up as judge, jury and executioner - rendering far reaching decisions that are inviolable - cannot in the end be differentiated from a society which has no constitution at all, because in the latter as their exist no foundational documents to be plumbed for meaning, in the former those documents are simply ignored. In larger measure such societies can not be differentiated from those who are manifestly totalitarian.

    The most frightening thing is the realization that those so fervently committed to this forced social engineering actually feel that after all the changes wrought over the last 40 years that they have still failed.

    They feel that American society is still almost criminally racist, sexist, homophobic and lacking in those vague qualities called economic and social justice. This is easily discernable from the literature produced by those in the liberal universities, law schools and by the decisions rendered by jurists of this ilk.

    Unfortunately much of the general discourse among the GOP members of the Senate Judiciary Committee is still stalled at a level that does not take into account what the extremists are saying, which is that courts must resort to measures far beyond expansive interventionism and activism even tenuously based upon precedent.

    What these people want is the ability to simply impose radical egalitarianism because that is the only type of society they view as just and in order to have that power at their disposal a star chamber judiciary is what is called for.

    When and if that day comes somewhere Stalin will be smiling in his grave secure in the fact that he won the long war without a shot having been fired, reassured by the fact that Terri Schiavo will have been mercilessly crushed by the state.


    Why “No WMDs Found" Isn’t The Point

    By William A. Mayer

    The opposition press murders the truth every day in many clever ways.

    One of its favorite methods is incorrectly synopsizing – a sin of commission - lengthy briefings, reports or white papers – since few of us have the time or inclination to weigh through them in any great detail.

    We are left then at the mercy of those who do not have our best interests at heart.

    The press of course understands this and that is the genesis of their casting of David Kay’s initial report the way they have.

    “The interim report of David Kay, leader of the hunt for Iraq's weapons, strongly suggests that important parts of the case made by President Bush and his aides before the war were wrong." Washington Post - October 5.

    That is the key talking point being circulated by the left - that we went to war on intentionally false claims.

    First we must keep in mind that the Kay team has sifted through less than one-tenth of the documents so far amassed – over 600,000 tons of already discovered weapons remain unexamined. More of both are being collected all the time with only a tiny fraction of the eventual whole having even been given the briefest of looks. Kay is only three months into a project that will take years to complete.

    “We are still very much in the collection and analysis mode."

    That what Mr. Kay actually says is not reconcilable with the nay saying of the administration’s critics is not surprising.

    “We have discovered dozens of WMD-related program activities and significant amounts of equipment that Iraq concealed from the United Nations."

    Kay’s statement goes on.

    “With regard to Iraq's nuclear program, the testimony we have obtained from Iraqi scientists and senior government officials should clear up any doubts about whether Saddam still wanted to obtain nuclear weapons. They have told ISG that Saddam Hussein remained firmly committed to acquiring nuclear weapons…At least one senior Iraqi official believed that by 2000 Saddam had run out of patience with waiting for sanctions to end and wanted to restart the nuclear program. Several scientists - at the direction of senior Iraqi government officials - preserved documents and equipment from their pre-1991 nuclear weapon-related research and did not reveal this to the UN/IAEA. One Iraqi scientist recently stated in an interview with ISG that it was a "common understanding" among the scientists that material was being preserved for reconstitution of nuclear weapons-related work…The ISG nuclear team has found indications that there was interest, beginning in 2002, in reconstituting a centrifuge enrichment program."

    Lest we forget, Saddam’s weapons program spanned over 20 years and was designed from its origin to be concealable. Through terror and compartmentalization, the huge program could be broken into smaller, more easily hidden pieces.

    In the days immediately following the start of operation Iraqi Freedom, coordinated looting, document destruction and hardware smuggling have been the order of the day. It’s important to further realize that Kay's team is looking for an almost infinitesimally small amount of material in an area the size of California.

    “It is important to keep in mind that even the bulkiest materials we are searching for, in the quantities we would expect to find, can be concealed in spaces not much larger than a two car garage."

    The situation on the ground in Iraq has hardly been stabilized enough yet to conduct searches that are more than armed forays into a low intensity war zone, a situation which mightily and negatively affects data collection. The search teams have been actively targeted by remnants of the regime – with the help of the "outsiders" [Al Qaeda and others] – with the expressed purpose of slowing down or even halting the search.

    Reading Mr. Kay’s statement itself rather than relying on being spoon fed by those who have already made clear their anti-Bush leanings one must ask the question why was it necessary to attempt to destroy the documents of a non-existent weapons program and launch an ongoing guerilla campaign against those doing the searching?

    Why indeed.

    Remnants of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons research and production programs have all been found - centrifuges buried in scientist's back yards, vials of biological toxins secreted in their homes, dual-use mobile facilities identified.

    Iraq had active, ongoing missile development programs underway, they had also been actively engaged in obtaining from North Korea, the 1,300 km range No Dong missile and had even made a $10 million dollar down payment on one.

    It is clear that Saddam was engaged in a dizzying array of theoretical research, and practical engineering to both produce and deliver WMDs.

    In making the connection between the threat and the Bush Administrations choice to go to war it must be underlined that the President never said that it was US policy to wait until the danger from Saddam's Iraq or any other terrorist nation became an imminent threat, as his mealy mouthed critics now charge - distinctly the opposite:

    "Some have said we must not act until the threat is imminent. Since when have terrorists and tyrants announced their intentions, politely putting us on notice before they strike? If this threat is permitted to fully and suddenly emerge, all actions, all words, and all recriminations would come too late. Trusting in the sanity and restraint of Saddam Hussein is not a strategy, and it is not an option." State of the Union Speech - January 28, 2003

    The unambiguous bottom line, and the overview of Kay’s preliminary report, combined with what we absolutely know to be historical fact - is just as clear:

  • Saddam had and used WMDs in the past numerous times against military and civilian targets.

  • He was actively pursuing dozens of programs to produce them and the means to deliver them again.

  • His regime had deceived the United Nations inspection team on a massive scale over the existence and nature of these programs.

  • Evidence exists that clearly shows that data and hardware was smuggled past Iraq's porous borders.

  • Post operation Iraqi Freedom, terrorist remnants have engaged in a systematic, ongoing, program of document and information destruction designed to thwart further light being shed on WMD development efforts.
  • That is enough to convict in any US courtroom, unfortunately the forces of appeasement are not bound by the simple rules of evidence - what remains is grade school level revisionism.

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